Brake Service
We provide brake repairs for light, medium and heavy-duty & trucks, trailers and buses. We stock a variety of brake lining and parts, so the down time in limited with quick brake repairs.
Drivetrain and Driveline Service
Does your truck vibrate while driving down the road? Your drive shaft may be out of balance or you may have worn or damaged u-joints. We repair and balance drive shafts at our service facility. We can make and repair all types of driveshafts.
Engine and Truck Maintenance
A solid truck and trailer maintenance schedule can increase gas mileage while also adding years of service to the engine. Oil changes and lube service does involve spending some money up front, but doing so can prevent costly repairs in the future.
Exhaust Repairs
If you have exhaust problems with your truck, we stock and can quickly repair everything from basic clamp replacement to installing new pipes and stacks.
Electrical Repairs and Troubleshooting
Don’t spend hours of valuable time chasing electrical problems. Let one of our certified mechanics efficiently troubleshoot and repair everything from trailer lights, brake controllers, and general electrical problems to complete trailer rewiring.
Fifth Wheels and Component Repairs
Whether you have a large fifth wheel on a Class 6, 7, 8 truck or a smaller weekend hauler 5th wheel on your pickup, our service department in Saginaw, MI can make the repairs and installations you need.
Trailer Landing Gear Repair
If you trailer has worn out landing gear or it just doesn’t work like it should, stop by our Saginaw, MI service facility and we can get your trailer back in top working condition. We stock both Jost and Holland landing gear and repair parts.
Truck and Trailer Leaf Spring Repair and Replacement
Have a broken leaf spring or need one repaired? Does you truck or trailer lean to one side? Have our service department repair, re-arch or replace your truck or trailer leaf spring at our shop in the great lakes bay region.
Suspension and Steering Repairs
We perform suspension repairs of all types for trucks, trailers, motorhomes and recreational vehicles. The fact that we are warehouse distributors for suspension parts and have axle rebushing capabilities gives your quick, quality suspension repairs.
Vehicles We Repair
Our service department in Saginaw, MI works on all types of trucks, trailers, busses, RV’s and vans. We have 14 service bays and can handle just about any size truck, motorhome or trailer. We work on everything from Ford F-150’s and to Volvo semi-trucks.

When it comes to truck and trailer repairs in Saginaw, MI you can be sure that Michigan Truck will provide your vehicle with repair services you can trust. We provide complete vehicle service for light, medium and heavy duty trucks, busses and recreational vehicles.

Our Service Department provides everything from essential preventative maintenance, federal inspections to installing new lift axles. Our large in-house inventory and well trained service technicians allow for quicker repairs and less downtime. We operate two shifts during the week so your vehicle is where it belongs as soon as possible - on the road.

Our technicians are provided with continuous training and development. Let our licensed, professional technicians provide your vehicle with the necessary repairs to ensure it remains in optimal running condition.

If you are in the Saginaw, Bay City, Flint or Midland, Michigan area we would love the opportunity to show you our service facilities and provide you with a quote. We have a comfortable waiting room and can provide you with a loaner vehicle if needed. We are open until 11:00 pm during the week and until 1:00 pm on Saturday.  Call us at 1-800-358-4751 or 989-755-0561 with your service questions or to schedule an appointment.