Bilstein SZ Series Motorsports Shock Absorber - S9Z-7030 9 inch Standard Body Steel

SKU F4-B46-0207-ZY
Bilstein SZ Series Motorsports Shock Absorber - S9Z-7030 9 inch Standard Body Steel - F4-B46-0207-ZY
Bilstein SZ Series Motorsports Shock Absorber - S9Z-7030 9 inch Standard Body Steel - F4-B46-0207-ZY
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The SZ, SL & SLS Series Bilstein racing shocks are designed for Modifieds, Late Models and Stock car's/Hobby Stock applications. These shocks can be converted to coilover applications.

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Bilstein SZ/SL/SLS Series Shock Absorbers

Please Note: Pricing is for (1) shock. It is recommended that you replace shocks in pairs (both front shocks, or both rear shocks).

46mm diameter sealed steel body, converts to coilover applications

The product benefits at a glance:
  • Monotube gas pressure construction
  • Plated for durability and rapid heat dissipation
  • Bilstein's famous consistent, fade-free performance
  • Custom valving is available
  • Available 4-Bar Dirt Modified Race Shock Kit Packages includes shocks, instructions and recommended set-ups
  • Applications: Modifieds, Late Models and Stock Cars/Hobby Stocks
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Monotube Technology - the Number-One Choice in Motorsports

This photo dramatically illustrates the size difference between the larger working piston inside a Bilstein monotube shock and smaller one found in a typical twin tube shock.The original and best mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers all wear the Bilstein name, because Bilstein shock absorbers are the best there is. The number-one choice in motor-sports and for series-production sports cars, the monotube shock absorber has a unique design that affords the freedom to choose the ideal installation position or location.

  • Monotube shocks feature a large surface on the working piston which increases the damping power and provides better handling.
  • The design of the monotube shock improves the dissipation of heat which improves the life of the shock and enables a consistent and dependable level of absorber performance.
  • Bilstein's Upside-Down Technology creates a safer functioning shock absorber.

Gas Pressure Technology - Full Damping Power Under Extreme Stress

This photo illustrates how gas pressure keeps the shock's oil from overheatingBilstein's gas pressure technology has become an established standard in the automotive industry. By employing a chamber of high pressure gas to keep the oil in the absorber under pressure, Bilstein's Gas Pressure Technology prevents the shock from becoming over-heated. Over-heating can cause the oil within the shock to begin foaming. Because this technology prevents over-heating, Bilstein shock absorbers provide full damping power even when the shocks are placed under extreme stress. This feature is most evident in the self-lowering piston.

  • The gas pressure technology allows for a faster responding piston which allows for a higher level of traction and more precise handling.
  • With improved traction and handling comes a safer driving experience.
  • Ideal in performance and sport suspensions.

Road-Tested by Bilstein - for the Ultimate Driving Experience

In order to achieve the perfect driving experience, Bilstein engineers design their products with the driving experience in mind. This allows them to create innovate technologies which provide a safe comfortable ride even under extreme performance conditions. All Bilstein shock absorbers and suspension kits are rigorously tested to perfection.

Bilstein shocks are tested on the Nürgring-Nordschleife In the German town of Nürburg is the Nürburgring motor sport complex. This complex features the Nordschleife, a track where formula one and other races are often held which is comprised of varied driving conditions. This extreme environment is where Bilstein pushes its shocks, struts and suspension kits to the limit. Only when these products can withstand the hardships of this course do they earn the Bilstein label.


Bilstein: A Trusted Name Worldwide For Superior Product Technology

Proven design technology, a superior manufacturing process and a commitment to quality control characterize the Bilstein shock absorber production process. At Bilstein over 40% of the production personnel are involved with quality control to maintain their industry-leading level of shock absorber efficiency and long life performance.

In this pursuit of excellence, Bilstein has received worldwide acclaim for quality shock absorbers that have set new industry standards. Setting high standards has always been a top priority with Bilstein and a consistent set of parameters and performance guidelines go into the development of each Bilstein shock application.

Bilstein engineers meld proven methods with advanced technologies for products that pass the test of time.

For more information on Bilstein shock absorbers and struts, or call us at 1-800-358-4751.