Bilstein Shocks for Circle Track & Road Racing for 1990 Buick LeSabre Vehicles

Part#: F4-BE5-E250-M0
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1990 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon
Position: Rear
Series: AK Series
The Bilstein F4-BE5-E250-M0 shock absorber is engineered for: Buick Century 1981-1973, Commercial Chassis 1996-1991, Electra 1984-1977, Estate Wagon 1983-1975, LeSabre 1986-1977, LeSabre 1990-1988, Regal 1987-1975, Roadmaster 1996-1991, Cadillac Brougham 1990-1987, DeVille 1984-1980, Fleetwood 1990-1980, Chevrolet Caprice 1977-1975, Caprice 1996-1979, Chevelle 1973-1968, El Camino 1972-1968, Impala 1985-1975. View more vehicle applications on the Vehicle Fit section of the product details page.

AK - 36mm & 46mm Stock Sealed Shock Absorbers
Bilstein 36mm/46mm diameter sealed steel body stock mount shocks and struts for Pure stock, Enduro, Street Stock (stock mount) & Mini-Stock Racing Applications.
SG - Coilover Ready Sealed Shock Absorber
Bilstein 36mm diameter sealed steel body shock absorbers, converts to coilover applications for Stock Cars, IMCA/UMP Modifieds, Midgets, Mini-Sprints, Modified Lites and Dwarf Car Racing Applications.
SZ & SL & SLS - Coilover Ready Sealed Shock Absorbers
Bilstein 46mm diameter sealed steel body shock absorbers, coverts to coilover applications, off the shelf valvings for Modifieds, Late Models, Stock Cars & Hobby Stock Racing Applications.
SN & SNS - Rebuildable Steel Shock Absorbers
Bilstein 46mm diameter sealed steel body shock absorbers, aluminum billet cap with schrader valve, linear or digressive piston, rebuildable shocks for Modifieds, Late Models & Sprint Car Racing Applications.
ASN - Rebuildable Aluminum Shock Absorbers
Bilstein 46mm diameter threaded aluminum body shock absorbers with schrader valve and circlip rod guide, linear or digressive piston, rebuildable, optional adjustable shaft Modifieds, Late Models & Sprint Cars.
BGT - Rebuildable Aluminum Shock Absorbers
Bilstein 46mm diameter threaded aluminum body shock absorbers with 60mm nitrogen compartment, 14mm piston shaft, rebuildable, for Late Models, Super Late Models, Sprint Cars, Dirt Late Models and Big Block Modified Racing Applications.

Why Race on Bilstein Shock Absorbers?

A monotube piston
  • Because the valvings are consistent, your set-ups will be more precise.
  • Bilstein's larger piston and deflective disc valving develop control force when you need it, at the slightest movement of the suspension. You’ll get weight transfer when you need it, better control under braking and your tires will stay on the track through the rough spots.
  • Bilstein shocks don’t fade. Your chassis will handle as good at the end of the race as it did at the start.
  • Bilstein shocks are rugged. They last for years and are rebuildable and revalvable.
  • When the advantages of Bilstein gas pressure shocks are tallied up, you will have spent less money on shock absorbers and collected more money at the pay window.

Bilstein Racing FAQs

Why is the shaft on a Bilstein shock always extended?

As monotube gas shocks, Bilstein shocks are under gas pressure to deliver the most responsive valving for ultimate control. This pressure, called the gas reactive force, and Bilstein’s perfect internal seals force the shaft to be extended.

Is the car more difficult to scale with Bilstein shocks?

Bilstein shocks have no effect on the results as you weigh the four corners. The gas reactive force in Bilstein shocks may raise your car’s ride height slightly. Simply adjust the chassis downward to the desired ride height.

Does Bilstein offer specific applications for the various dirt and asphalt racing series?

As the set-up charts in this catalog indicate, Bilstein has shocks specifically valved for both dirt and asphalt surfaces of various track lengths.

Are Bilstein shocks difficult to understand and use?

After reviewing the various set-ups in this catalog, you’ll be ready to select the proper shocks for your specific race car. Bilstein valving is precise. Once you purchase your Bilstein shocks, you can be certain they will perform at peak efficiency throughout their long life.

I can buy twin-tube shocks for less money than Bilstein shocks. Why should I spend the extra money?

As we point out in this catalog, Bilstein shocks are fabricated from the highest quality components for long life performance. Typically, Bilstein shocks are only slightly more expensive than twin-tube brands. Since they will far outlast conventional shocks, Bilstein shocks cost much less over the long run. Bilstein shocks are the least expensive way to lower your lap times.

The companies that sell only twin-tube (low pressure gas) shocks say their design out performs monotube (high pressure gas) shocks. How can I know the truth?

Take a trip to a local discount department store that sells replacement shocks for cars and trucks that drive on the street. You’ll find shocks priced from about $8.99 to $29.99. All of the shocks on display will be twin-tube shocks. Their price reflects the fact that twintube technology is relatively unsophisticated and very low cost to produce. At a new car dealership you’ll find that low cost base line cars and trucks are factory equipped with twin-tube shocks that add very little to the cost of the vehicle. Factory installed Bilstein shocks can also be found on Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota TRD, Roush and many other high performance vehicles around the world. Finally, take a stroll through the pit area at a NASCAR Cup, Busch, Craftsman Truck, CART, IRL or Formula One race and you’ll find not a twin-tube shock in sight! The top racing engineers in the world always use monotube gas shocks! By searching out the facts, you will know the truth...and the truth will make you faster!