Convoluted Air Spring

Convoluted Air Spring

Convoluted air springs are made with single, double or triple bellows and are used in a variety of applications and suspensions. These air bags are found on all types of trucks, trailers, and industrial applications. They are available with a wide variety of load capacities, ride heights and mounting top and bottom plates.

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SKU W11-3510

AirTech W11-3510 double convoluted air spring is a direct replacement for Firestone 7424 and Goodyear 2B12-300 air bags.   Details

Availability: Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Firestone Part Number:W01-358-7424
  • Hendrickson Truck Number:13043
  • Holland (Neway) Number:905-57-014
  • Navistar Number:554785C1
  • Triangle Part Number:4327
  • Taurus Number:6316
  • Watson & Chalin #:AS-0009
  • Note:LoadGuard SC2024, R&S Truck & Body 1090215
  • MPN: W11-3510
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SKU W11-5070

AirTech W11-5070 triple convoluted air spring is a direct replacement for Firestone 7818 and Goodyear 3B14-359 air bags.   Details

Availability: Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Firestone Part Number:W01-358-7818
  • Firestone Bellows Number:313
  • Goodyear Part Number:3B14-359
  • Triangle Part Number:4325
  • Granning Number:1014
  • Ridewell Number:1003587818C
  • Watson & Chalin #:AS-0025
  • EZ Ride Number8030180
  • MPN: W11-5070
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SKU W21-760-8781

Firestone Red Label replacement air bag 8781. This bag is used in Red Label extreme duty air spring kit W21-760-2700.   Details

Availability: Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Note:Generic image. product may vary from image shown.
  • MPN: W21-760-8781

Convoluted Air Springs

Convoluted type air springs are visually and functionally different from a reversible sleeve type bag. They bulge outward when compressed, moving the rubber out of the way to avoid damage. With a very low compressed height and larger diameter options these bags are heavy lifters that can fit into tight spaces. Convoluted air springs come in three types; single, double, and triple convoluted.

How to Identify and Measure Convoluted Air springs

  • Single Convoluted - Have a single chamber and look like a tire laying on its side. Single Convoluted air springs will have a short range of travel and they are commonly used on applications that sit at a fixed height like a vehicle body or an air-cushioned hitch.
  • Double Convoluted – Have two chambers and look like two tires stacked on top of each other. The center of the bellows has a ring that defines the two sections and gives the bag a set location to pivot when dealing with the angular difference of the bead plates. Double convoluted air springs are commonly used on up and down bags for lift axles.
  • Triple Convoluted – Have three chambers and look like three tires stacked on top of each other. There are two rings where the bag tapers inward and the three sections of the bellows are defined. Triple convoluted air springs have the greatest amount of travel potential and the greatest tolerance for angular difference of the bead plates, these are mostly used as down bags on lift axles with large amounts of travel.
  • Video Tutorial

    Video demonstration on how to measure and identify convoluted airbags. How to Measure and identify convoluted air springs

    Where are Convoluted Air Springs Used?

    Convoluted type air springs are used primarily on lift axle suspensions as up and down bags and industrial applications where they are used to absorb vibration. Their low compressed height and tolerance for high angles make them ideal for cramped mounting locations and larger diameter options give them greater support capacities.


      Combo Stud – This is a threaded bolt with a hollow center. The outer part will accept a nut and the center accepts an air fitting to allow for the inflation and deflation of the spring.
      Standard Stud – This is a threaded bolt that is permanently installed in the bead plate. They will accept a nut.
    truck springs
      1.) Bellows – This is the rubber portion of the air spring. It is permanently crimped to the upper and lower bead plates.
      2.) Girdle hoop – This is the ring in the center of the bellows on a double and triple convoluted air spring. It pulls the rubber inward and offers added structural integrity.
      3.) Bump Stop – This is a solid rubber structure that is inside the air spring and prevents damage during full compression. The upper bead plate will rest on this when the air spring is deflated.
      4.) Tapped Hole (Blind Nut) - This will be a threaded insert that will accept a bolt. It is closed off from the interior of the bag and air will not flow through these holes.
      5.) Air Port – This is a threaded insert that is open to the interior of the spring. It will accept an air fitting and allow for the inflation and deflation of the spring.
      6.) Bead Plate - All convoluted type air springs will use a bead plate on the top and the bottom of the assembly. The bead plates are completely flat and they are crimped around the rubber of the bellows making a permanent connection. On these bead plates, there will be attachment points built in. It is important to take note of the type attachment points and the measurements between them when looking for a replacement.

    Air Bag Identification Tips

    Replacing worn out or broken air springs? Need help identifying which air springs or air bags you need for your heavy duty truck, trailer or bus suspension? Review this air spring identification guide or call 1-800-358-4751to speak to a air spring specialist.

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