Door Strikers

Door Strikers

Door strikers are what keep your semi-trucks door tight and safely closed. The door striker is designed to create a tight fit between the door and the seal on the semi truck’s cab. The striker plate is made of hardened metal that prevents wear when the door is open and shut and the more this happens the quicker they can wear out. In addition, the striker plate also helps to hold up the vehicle's door as the striker pins wear.

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Striker Latch Pin | Mack HLK2365

Mack striker latch pin HLK2365 with integral sleeve replaces your worn or damaged pin. Fits CH/CL/CX/CV. Replaces Mack 234QS23AM and 25160508.   Details

2 In Stock as of October 22, 2020 4:44 PM EST.
  • Application:Mack
  • Length:50mm
  • Thread Size:M12-1.75
  • Thread Length:26mm
  • Mack Number:234QS23AM, 25160508
  • UPC: 889626188381
  • MPN: HLK2365
Striker Latch Pin | Mack HLK2366

Mack striker latch pin HLK2366 replaces your worn or damaged pin. Fits model MR,. Replaces Mack 25624851 and 62QS1114R. 45.   Details

2 In Stock as of October 22, 2020 4:44 PM EST.
  • Application:Mack
  • Length:45.5mm
  • Thread Size:1/2" - 20 UNF
  • Thread Length:20mm
  • Mack Number:25624851, 62QS1114R
  • UPC: 889626188398
  • MPN: HLK2366
Door Striker | Mack | CH613 HLK2590

Mack door striker HLK2590 replaces your worn or damaged door striker. Fits model CH613, CH, CL, CX and CV. Replaces Mack 234QS23QM and 84168159. 49.   Details

2 In Stock as of October 22, 2020 8:36 AM EST.
  • Application:Mack
  • Length:49.5mm
  • Thread Size:M12-1.75
  • Thread Length:28mm
  • Mack Number:234QS23QM, 84168159
  • UPC: 889626280436
  • MPN: HLK2590
Door Striker | Mack | MR HLK2591

Mack door striker HLK2591 replaces your worn or damaged door striker. Fits model MR. Replaces Mack 62QS1114R and 84168196. 1.781 inch length, 0.   Details

6 In Stock as of October 22, 2020 8:36 AM EST.
  • Application:Mack
  • Length:1.781 inch
  • Thread Size:1/2" - 20
  • Thread Length:0.875 inch
  • Mack Number:62QS1114R, 84168196
  • UPC: 889626280443
  • MPN: HLK2591

What are Truck Door Strikers?

Door strikers are the latching point for the mechanism to lock onto when the door is closed. Every time the door is opened and closed the latch and striker make contact, and over the years the striker and latch will wear. Given enough time and use the striker or latch will eventually need replacement.

Door strikers are a hardened bolt with a custom-sized shoulder and head. The length and diameter of the shoulder are sized to work with the latch and fit tightly. Depending on the truck, the sizing may be metric or standard. Some replacements can be found by measurement if an OEM number is not available for cross-reference. There are three important measurements to consider when replacing a door striker.

  • Thread – Thread diameter and pitch will follow standard metric and imperial sizes. The door striker will thread into an insert in the door jam and tighten against the jam. Some strikers may include spacer shims used to set the depth of the striker for smooth door operation.
  • Shoulder – The diameter and length of the shoulder will be specific to the application and the door latch. The shoulder may be much larger than the thread and it may not follow conventional shoulder sizing as a standard bolt would have. The shoulder of the door striker will be sized to fit securely in the door latch when it is closed to avoid rattling.
  • Head – The head of the door striker may contain the drive to install the striker or it may be completely smooth. If the drive is on the head, it will use a 12-point socket or a Torx bit. If there is no drive on the head a hex drive will be positioned before the shoulder and an open-ended wrench will be the tool of choice to install and remove the striker.

Replacing a worn door striker can be a small but significant upgrade to the comfort and safety of your truck. If you are unable to find the striker that you need, please reach out to us at or call us at 1-800-358-4751 and we will be glad to help.

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