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Alternator | Bepco | Remanufactured | 90 Amp | Ford Medium/Heavy Trucks

SKU 80-7712X

$189.95 - Includes $60.00 Core Charge
1 In Stock as of 9/19/2021 1:45:02 AM EST.

Bepco 90 amp Remanufactured Alternator 80-7712X fits Ford B, F and L Series medium and heavy duty trucks. 12 volts.

Product Specs for Bepco 80-7712X

  • Condition:Remanufactured
  • Application:Ford
  • Manufacturer:Ford
  • Manufacturer Series:1G BLUE BACK
  • Design:ER/EF
  • Volts:12
  • Amps:90
  • Rotation:BI
  • Pulley Design:V2
  • Pulley Outer Diameter:0
  • Note:Replaces Bepco 4210X
  • Bepco Number:80-7712
  • Lester Number:7712
  • Cross References:AC DELCO 334-2223
    BEPCO 80-7712
    CUMMINS 3604675RX
    DELCO REMY(ENG'R) 10459364
    EUCLID E-820301X
    FORD(ENG'R) 87HU10300AA, 87HU-10300-AA, 87HU10300BA, 87HU-10300-BA, 87HU-AA, E2HF10346BA, E2HF-10346-BA, E2HF10346DA, E2HF-10346-DA, 2HT10300EB, E2HT-10300-EB, E2HT10300GA, E2HT-10300-GA, E2HT-EB, E2HT-GA, E2HZ10346C, E2HZ-10346-C, E2HZ10346E, E2HZ-10346-E, E4HT10300AA, E4HT-10300-AA, E4HT-AA, EZHT10300EB, EZHT-10300-EB, EZHT10300GA, EZHT-10300-GA, EZHT-10346-EB, F0HF10346FA, F0HF-10346-FA, F0HT10300KA, F0HT-10300-KA, F0HT10300LA, F0HT-10300-LA, F0HT10300MA, F0HT-10300-MA, F0HT10300NA, F0HT-10300-NA, F0HU-10346-CA, F0HU10346DA, F0HU-10346-DA, F0HU10346EA, F0HU-10346-EA, F0HU10346FA, F0HU-10346-FA, F0HZ10346D, F0HZ-10346-D, F0HZ10346E, F0HZ-10346-E, F0HZ10346F, F0HZ-10346-F, F0HZ10346FRM, F0HZ-10346-FRM
    FORD(MOTORCRAFT) GL-216, GL-216A, GL-218, GL-218A, GL-264, GL-264A, GL-288, GL-289, GL-289RM
    HALDEX RA501001RX
    LESTER 7711 LESTER 7712
    MIDLAND RA501001X
    REMY 52192
  • Core:Price Includes $60.00 Core charge, refundable with return of core.
  • MPN: 80-7712X
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Bepco 80-7712X Details

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Bepco, Inc has been in the Heavy Duty Trucking Industry since it's inception in 1958.

Bepco started by rebuilding air compressors and valves and has since grown to over 20 different product lines. They offer remanufactured products as well as new product. They offer the best product at the best possible price to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market.

Bepco Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

On all Bepco products against defects in workmanship or material

What the Warranty does not cover

Damage from accidents, corrosion, improper installation, incorrect applications, overloading, and custom applications that are not specified under the OEM cross references. This warranty does not cover loss of freight, loss of profit, equipment, or personal downtime.

How to get service

Bepco Products handles all of its warranty claims, please contact Bepco customer service by phone 1-336-760-0740

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