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Travaon Classic Skin Defense Cream TVC1L features as unique dual action formulation that protects the skin from oil-based workplace substances and effective skin cleansing. The special blend of surfactants enables the removal of most soiling with just use of a light hand cleanser. Great for use in industrial and automotive applications. 1 liter cartridge. Requires PRO1LDS dispenser.

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Product Specs for SC Johnson Professional TVC1L

  • Dispenser Required:Stoko Protect
  • Stoko Brand:Travabon
  • Stoko Size:1 Liter
  • MSDS:Travabon TVC1L
  • Product Information SheetTravabon TVC1L
  • Manufacturers Part Number:TVC1L
  • UPC: 691240070481
  • MPN: TVC1L
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SC Johnson Professional TVC1L Details

Travabon Classic - TVC1L (1 Liter Cartridge)

Watch this video demonstration about how Travabon Classic pre-work cream will help remove oil, grease, carbon black and paint quickly from your hands. Travabon Classic pre-work cream


  • Special soil-suspending emulsifiers allow the removal of soil by first pre-rinsing with clean water and then use of a light hand cleaner to remove the remaining soil
  • High mineral content allows the formulation of a physical protective layer on the skin to help prevent soil and contaminants from entering the skin
  • Unique dual action formulation protects the skin from oil-based substances and effectivly cleans skin
  • Contains the natural film-building hydrocolloid Algin to help in strengthening and reinforcing the protective layer on the skin for greater durability

For use on:

  • General Dirt and Grime
  • Heavy, oil-based contamination
  • Lacquers, Varnishes and Coatings
  • Synthetic and Petroleum Based Oils, Greases and Lubricants
  • Tar, Carbon Black, Bitumen, Graphite and Metallic Dust

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SC Johnson Professional

Deb / Stoko, now part ofSC Johnson Professional, has been a world leader in occupational skin care and hand hygiene for over 80 years. Our purpose is to set higher standards in leading the fight against occupational skin disorders and for hand hygiene to Make Hands Matter in the Workplace.

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