Wheel Seal | TriSeal Leather Series | 19,000 lbs. Trailer Axle

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TriSeal Severe Service Leather Wheel Seal 70561 outperforms nitrile seals in cold and contaminated environments. Application: 19,000 lbs. Trailer Axle, Dana, Eaton, Meritor, Standard Forge.

Product Specs for TriSeal 70561

  • Wheel Seal Type:Trailer
  • Application:19,000 lbs. Trailer Axle, Dana, Eaton, Meritor, Standard Forge
  • TriSeal Unitized Series:65261U
  • Stemco Number:372-7098
  • Manufactured In:United States
  • MPN: 70561
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TriSeal 70561 Details

TriSeal Severe Service Leather wheel seals outperforms nitrile seals in cold and contaminated environments.

  • Embeddable seal lip absorbs grit.
  • Performs well with all natural and synthetic oils and greases.
  • Severe Service sleeve protects the hub from damage during seal removal and provides a new running surface for work or damaged axle spindles.
  • Oversized metal OD direct heat transfer away from lip into the hub bore.
  • Galvanized inner and outer cases are corrosion proof and coated with black bore sealant.
  • Polymer impregnated leather lip performs better in difficult and harsh conditions. (-65°F to 170°F)

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TriSeal Corporation specializes in heavy duty wheel end products which include wheel seals, hub caps and gaskets, pinion seals, and tools used for the correct installation and calibration of wheel end products.

TriSeal was founded in 1985 and today provides wheel products to OEM’S and the independent aftermarket. TriSeal products are assembled in the USA.

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1 Year Warranty

Triseal offers a 1 year warranty on all Triseal products. Triseal warrants to the first purchaser that the products sold by it, when properly installed, will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

What the warranty does not cover

Normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, misapplication, improper or faulty repair or installation, improper or faulty maintenance or lubrication, any alteration or neglect, excessive loading or other excessive operating conditions, or for defects caused by or resulting from purchaser’s specifications or designs or otherwise caused by purchaser.

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