199296-CP | Connect Air Spring Replaces Firestone W01-358-9296
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Reversible Sleeve Air Spring | Connect | Composite Piston | 9296

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Connect 199296-CP reversible sleeve air bag is a direct replacement for Firestone 9296 and Goodyear 1R12-400 and 1S12-022 air springs. (Firestone part number: W01-358-9296, Firestone bellows: 1T15M-6).

Product Specs for Connect Air Springs 199296-CP

  • Replaces:1T15M-6
  • Firestone Part Number:W01-358-9296
  • Goodyear Part Number:1R12-400
  • ContiTech Number:9 10-16 P 416
  • Triangle Part Number:8416
  • Volvo Number:8061151, 8169868
  • MPN: 199296-CP
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Connect Air Springs 199296-CP Details

testing connect air springs

Connect Air Springs are guaranteed to be tough and durable. Manufactured with state-of-the-art vapor technology, Connect Air Springs are vulcanized in the ideal time, with electronically controlled and stabilized heat and pressure. These air springs are then extensively tested to rigorous standards. The results of these tests are examined by the research and development department. These processes results in high quality replacement air springs for heavy duty trucks.

the parts of a connect air spring
  1. Air Inlet

    Provides air entrance into the air spring. It is sold fitted on to the product and can be fitted as replacements as well.

  2. Top Plate

    Provides the air spring to be fitted onto the chassis of the vehicle. The sheet of the plate can be conical, compressed or vulcanized according to the specifications of the product.

  3. Installation Bolt

    Is the bolt that provides the air spring to be installed onto the chassis of the vehicle.

  4. Bumper

    The rubber bumper protects the metal pieces and prevents the vehicle from falling onto the piston by limiting its spring distance.

  5. Bottom Bowl – Stretch Sheet

    The piece that provides the air spring to be fitted onto the piston.

  6. Inner/Outer Rubber

    A specially developed rubber layer which provides leak proofing and wraps the cord fabric.

  7. Cord Fabric

    A special type of fabric which allows the air spring rubber to work in the desired strength and conditions.

  8. Piston

    The piece which the air spring works and suspends on. It can be connected with a bolt to the conical shaped stretch sheet or bottom bowl. Pistons can be made from formed, plated or dyed metal sheet with plastic or aluminum material.

Customer Q&A - Connect Air Springs 199296-CP

Connect Air Springs

Connect Air Springs is a division of the Mekpa Automotive Company. They have been manufacturing only air springs from 1986 to today and therefore have succeeded in becoming one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey with their production and sector experience.

Connect Air Springs market share is increasing day by day with their investments in technological infrastructure and highly experienced employees, which has resulted in superior quality products, better service, quality, excellent value and a competitive price policy. Connect Air Springs are currently sold in 5 continents and 55 countries around the globe through Mekpa Automotive Import Export Ltd. which we established as a group company in 2005. Connect Air Springs stands behind their products. All air springs manufactured at Meklas Automotive Ltd. are warranted against errors in manufacturing workmanship and materials. These warranty conditions are not valid in cases stated below. Products which are installed incorrectly or used in the wrong place Errors caused from working environment conditions (chemical effect Ect.) Errors which can occur from choosing the wrong installed product rather than the original in trucks, trailers and buses. Warrants given from individuals other than the sales representatives authorized by the manufacturing company.

Connect Air Springs Warranty

2 Year Warranty

Connect Air Spring warrants its products against defects in workmanship or material for a period of 2 years.

What this warranty does not cover

Damage from accidents, corrosion, improper installation, incorrect applications, overloading, and custom applications that are not specified under the OEM cross references. This warranty does not cover loss of freight, loss of profit, equipment, or personal downtime.

How to get service

If a Connect Air Spring failure results from a manufacturer defect, contact us at Michigan Truck Spring for support. You can contact us by phone at 1-800-358-4751 or by using our contact form.

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