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Mystik JT-6 Multi-Purpose Grease Aerosol | 1 Box - 12 Cans

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Mystik JT-6 Multi-Purpose Grease Aerosol spray is both water resistant and water insoluble. This spray grease is ideal for hard to reach points and precise placement. It provides excellent anti-seize protection under high loads.

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Customer Q&A - Mystik 665007002090

Is this product recommended for use as lube 5th wheel grease?

It could be used on a 5th wheel. In our shop we use Slik-Pac 5th wheel grease part number 01010. If you do a search for Slik-Pak on our website you will see it.


Mystik Lubricants has been manufacturing high quality grease and lubricants since 1922. Mystik offers high performance lubricants that are designed to meet the demand for all types of vehicles. Mytisk makes high quality grease and oil for everything from snowmobiles and atv’s to agriculture and farm equipment.

Mystik manufacturers brands name oils like JT-7 and JT-8 Oil and JT-6 Grease that you can trust with your vehicles and equipment. We are warehouse distributors for Mysik grease and oil. We stock everything from small tubes of Mystik grease to 55 gallon drums. If you are looking for large quantities or have any questions about Mystik grease or oil, feel free to call us at 1-800-358-4751 or 989-755-0561.

Mystik Lubricants Warranty

Mystik Lubricants warrants that its lubricants meet the standards and specifications set forth on the product. If the Product fails to conform to this warranty, Mystik shall be responsible for the reasonable costs of repairs to equipment, which are directly caused by such failure. Written notice of such failure is provided to Mystik within thirty (30) days of discovery.

You can view the full details of Mystic Lubricant’s warranty here.

How to get service

Contact Mystik Fluids Technology Manager 1-855-469-7845.
Mystik Lubricants
1293 Eldridge Parkway
Houston, TX 77077

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