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King Pins

The king pins and its components play a vital role in your trucks steering. We have years of installing and shipping steering king pins and all the replacement parts.

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  1. 6.360 inches
  2. 7.150 inches
  3. 7.153 inches
  4. 7.270 inches
  5. 7.470 inches
  6. 7.511 inches
  7. 7.880 inches
  1. 7.970 inches
  2. 8.035 inches
  3. 8.070 inches
  4. 8.250 inches
  5. 8.740 inches
  6. 8.750 inches
  7. 8.844 inches
  1. 8.920 inches
  2. 9.050 inches
  3. 9.060 inches
  4. 9.070 inches
  5. 9.120 inches
  6. 9.188 inches
  7. 9.200 inches
  1. 9.230 inches
  2. 9.500 inches
  3. 9.550 inches
  4. 9.594 inches
  5. 9.870 inches
  6. 9.880 inches
  7. 9.970 inches
  1. 9.975 inches
  2. 10.060 inches
  3. 10.070 inches
  4. 10.120 inches
  5. 10.400 inches
  6. 10.410 inches
  7. 10.531 inches
  1. 10.780 inches
  2. 10.787 inches
  3. 10.940 inches
  4. 11.040 inches
  5. 11.210 inches
  1. 1.179 inches
  2. 1.229 inches
  3. 1.250 inches
  4. 1.359 inches
  1. 1.434 inches
  2. 1.498 inches
  3. 1.499 inches
  4. 1.500 inches
  1. 1.607 inches
  2. 1.625 inches
  3. 1.771 inches
  4. 1.794 inches
  1. 1.810 inches
  2. 1.811 inches
  3. 1.813 inches
  4. 1.873 inches
  1. 1.921 inches
  2. 1.999 inches
  3. 2.046 inches

King pin kit FKP-119-B for International and Ford applications. 2.046 inch outer diameter x 10.120 inch length king pin. Thrust bearing T208S.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:DD (Opposite Side Draw Key)
  • Application:International
  • Application:Ford
  • Application:Bluebird Bus
  • Outside Diameter:2.046 inches
  • Length:10.120 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:T208S
  • Automann Number:460.262B
  • Blue Bird Number:8305211
  • Dana Number:140KK100
  • Dayton Number:300-277
  • Euclid Number:E-9942B
  • Flagg Number:FKP119B
  • Ford Number:4C4O3B252AA, 4C4Z3111AB
  • IHC Number:1668412C91
  • Kaiser Number:50.140.09, 70.140.19, K140S
  • Meritor Number:R201427
  • Moog Number:8657B, K603C
  • Newstar Number:S-13563
  • MPN: FKP-119-B

King pin kit FKP-121-B for GMC and Isuzu applications. 1.614 inch major diameter, 1.309 inch minor diameter, 8.035 inch length.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:SP (Stepped)
  • Application:GMC
  • Application:Isuzu
  • Major Diameter:1.614 inches
  • Minor Diameter:1.309 inches
  • Length:8.035 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:M88048.10
  • Automann Number:460.266B
  • Dallas Number:K618C
  • Elgin Number:KB-857
  • Euclid Number:E-10104B
  • Federal Mogul NumberK618C
  • Flagg Number:FKP121B
  • GMC Number:12540328, 15619560
  • Isuzu Number:8125403280
  • Kaiser Number:K80G
  • Meritor Number:R200282
  • Moog Number:8659B
  • Newstar Number:530-1194, S-F091
  • Trayer Number:TK640
  • TRW Number:KP3100
  • UCF Number:SKB-640
  • UPC: 889626060441
  • MPN: FKP-121-B

King pin kit FKP-122-B for GMC and Isuzu applications. 1.892 inch major diameter, 1.500 inch minor diameter, 9.188 inch length.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:SP (Stepped)
  • Application:GMC
  • Application:Isuzu
  • Major Diameter:1.892 inches
  • Minor Diameter:1.500 inches
  • Length:9.188 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:M801346.10
  • Automann Number:460.268B
  • Chevrolet / GM Number:12540329, 15619561
  • Dallas Number:K619C
  • Dana Number:2621641
  • Dayton Number: 300-288
  • Elgin Number:KB852
  • Euclid Number:E-10105B
  • Flagg Number:FKP122B
  • Isuzu Number:8125403290
  • Kaiser Number:K110G
  • Meritor Number:R200283
  • Moog Number:8660B
  • Newstar Number:S-F092
  • Spicer Number: 530-119
  • Trayer Number:TK641
  • TRW Number:K619C
  • UCF Number:SKB-641
  • UPC: 889626060458
  • MPN: FKP-122-B

King pin kit FKP-123-Bfor GMC and Isuzu applications. 1.892 inch major diameter, 1.500 inch minor diameter, 9.594 inch length.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:SP (Stepped)
  • Application:GMC
  • Application:Isuzu
  • Major Diameter:1.892 inches
  • Minor Diameter:1.500 inches
  • Length:9.594 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:M801346.10
  • Automann Number:460.492B
  • Dallas Number:K620C
  • Elgin Number:KB-858
  • Euclid Number:E-10106B
  • Flagg Number:FKP123B
  • GMC Number:12540330, 15619562
  • Isuzu Number:8125403300
  • Kaiser Number:K120G
  • Meritor Number:R200284
  • Moog Number:8661C
  • Newstar Number:S-D819
  • Spicer Number: 530-1196
  • TRW Number:K620C, KB858
  • UCF Number:SKB-642
  • UPC: 889626060618
  • MPN: FKP-123-B

King pin kit FKP-127-C-B for Volvo applications. 1.892 inch major diameter, 1.500 inch minor diameter, 9.594 inch length.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:TT (Tapered & Threaded)
  • Application:Volvo
  • Major Diameter:1.969 inches
  • Minor Diameter:1.496 inches
  • Length:9.880 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:TR
  • Automann Number:460.250C
  • Dayton Number:300-291
  • Euclid Number:E-10166N
  • Flagg Number:FKP127C, KP3185, TK723
  • Volvo Number:270912, 271142, 276023, 276031, 3090266
  • UPC: 889626060335
  • MPN: FKP-127-C

King pin kit 460.542N for International applications. 2.046 inch outer diameter, 10.940 inch length.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:DD (Opposite Side Draw Key)
  • Application:International
  • Outside Diameter:2.046 inches
  • Length:10.940 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:T208S
  • Automann Number:460.506B
  • Dallas Number:K627
  • Dana Number:220KK100
  • Elgin Number:KB854
  • Euclid Number:E-11785B
  • Flagg Number:FKP130B
  • IHC Number:1685405C91, FAK5457
  • Kaiser Number:50.160.19, 70.160.19, K160S
  • Meritor Number:R200279
  • Moog Number:80074B
  • Spicer Number: 2621651
  • Trayer Number:TK651
  • TRW Number:K627
  • UPC: 889626060687
  • MPN: FKP-130-B

King pin kit FKP-131-B. 1.794 inches outside diameter, 10.060 inches length.   Details

3 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:SD (Single Draw Key)
  • Outside Diameter:1.794 inches
  • Length:9.060 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:T182S
  • Automann Number:460.286B
  • BWP Number:M-2397
  • Dayton Number:300-297
  • Eaton Number:328342
  • Euclid Number:E-11394B
  • Flagg Number:FKP131B
  • Kaiser Number:50.122.05, 70.122.05, K122E
  • Meritor Number:R200281
  • Moog Number:80076B
  • Newstar Number:S-D562
  • Spicer Number: 5301201
  • TRW Number:K628
  • MPN: FKP-131-B

King pin kit FKP-132-B for International applications. 1.870 inch outer diameter, 9.070 inch length. Replaces Eaton number 329405 and 824530.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:SD (Single Draw Key)
  • Outside Diameter:1.873 inches
  • Length:9.070 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:T188S
  • Automann Number:460.510B
  • Dayton Number:300-294A
  • Eaton Number:329405, 824530
  • Elgin Number:KB865
  • Kaiser Number:K146E
  • Moog Number:80077B
  • TRW Number:K629
  • UPC: 889626060717
  • MPN: FKP-132-B

King pin kit FKP-142-C for GMC applications. 1.794 inch outer diameter x 10.410 inch length king pin. Thrust bearing T182S.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:DD (Opposite Side Draw Key)
  • Application:GMC
  • Outside Diameter:1.499 inches
  • Length:7.511 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:T1490S
  • Automann Number:460.530C
  • BWP Number:M-5096
  • Dallas Number:K873C
  • Dayton Number:300-316
  • Euclid Number:E-11812C
  • Flagg Number:FKP142C
  • GMC Number:88936011
  • Kaiser Number:K80R
  • Meritor Number:R201474
  • Trayer Number:TK715
  • UCF Number:SKB-715
  • MPN: FKP-142-C

King pin kit FKP-37-B for Ford applications. 1.794 inch outer diameter x 9.120 inch length king pin. T182 thrust bearing.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:DD (Opposite Side Draw Key)
  • Application:Ford
  • Application:International
  • Outside Diameter:1.794 inches
  • Length:9.120 inches
  • Automann Number:460.519B
  • Batco Number:20-2530
  • BWP Number:M-2322
  • Dana Number:262-1507
  • Dayton Number:300-182
  • Dodge Number:2808618
  • Eaton Number:KP2292
  • Euclid Number:E-4442B, E-9312B
  • Flagg Number:FKP37B, FKP50B
  • Ford Number:C3TZ3111B, C9TZ3111C, D0HZ3111B, D1HZ3111C.
  • IHC Number:303139C91, 870148R91, 870148R92, 870148R91, FAK4544, Fak4551
  • Meritor Number:R200172, R200190, KIT 172
  • Moog Number:8489B
  • Newstar Number:S-6947
  • Spicer Number: SP621507
  • MPN: 50.901.12

King pin kit FKP-52-B for Ford, GM International and Mack applications. 1.999 inch outside diameter, 11.040 inch length.   Details

Availability: Typically ships in 3 to 4 business days.
  • King Pin Type:DD (Opposite Side Draw Key)
  • Application:Ford
  • Application:International
  • Application:GM
  • Application:Mack
  • Outside Diameter:1.999 inches
  • Length:11.040 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:T208
  • Automann Number:460.128B
  • Chevrolet / GM Number:2452865
  • Dana Number:2621513
  • Dayton Number:300-210
  • Eaton Number:KP2297
  • Ford Number:C5TZ3111D, D0HZ3111E
  • IHC Number:303140C92, 966157R92, FAK4542, FAK4542
  • Mack Number:205SQ12, 301SQ44
  • Meritor Number:KIT170, R200128, R200170
  • Moog Number:8518B
  • Spicer Number: SP621513
  • TRW Number:K541B
  • MPN: FKP-52-B

King pin kit FKP-71-B for International applications. 1.999 inch outer diameter, 11.210 inch length.   Details

6 In Stock as of September 25, 2020 8:13 PM EST.
  • King Pin Type:DD (Opposite Side Draw Key)
  • Application:GM
  • Application:Ford
  • Application:International
  • Application:AutoCar
  • Outside Diameter:1.999 inches
  • Length:11.210 inches
  • Thrust Bearing:T208
  • AutoCar Number:110083
  • Automann Number:460.166B
  • Batco Number:20-2690
  • BWP Number:M-2339
  • Chevrolet / GM Number:15585841, 2036352
  • Dana Number:KP2314, 262-1554
  • Dayton Number:300-216
  • Eaton Number:2621554, KP2314
  • Euclid Number:E-4458B
  • Flagg Number:FKP71B
  • Ford Number:D5HZ3111C, D5HZ-3111-C
  • Hendrickson Number:001442
  • IHC Number:474520C91, FAK4558
  • Kaiser Number:78.931.12, KB547, KH931L
  • Meritor Number:KIT198, R200198, R200285
  • Midwest Number:WAK547, WAK572DC, KB547, TRP SK538
  • Moog Number:8571B
  • Newstar Number:S-6949
  • Spicer Number: SP621554
  • TRW Number:KB547
  • Volvo Number:V1110083
  • UPC: 889626059902
  • MPN: FKP-71-B

What is a Truck King Pin?

King Pins are the connection between your steer axle and the steering knuckle on heavy-duty, medium-duty, and older light-duty trucks with a straight axle. The king pins themselves are large, hardened steel pins that are centered in the axle beam. The king pins protrude out of the axle on the top and bottom where the steering knuckle wraps around the axle and king pin. The steering knuckle contains bi-metal bushings which wrap around the king pins and maintain a tight clearance to prevent steering play. The king pins and bushings manage a large amount of force while holding the knuckle in correct alignment.

What causes King pin wear?

King pin wear will occur from a lack of maintenance or physical damage from a collision. In an ideal scenario, the king pin and the bushings will never make contact and a fine film of grease will act as a protective layer. If the wrong type of grease is used or if the king pins are not greased often enough the protective layer will break down and the softer bronze of the bushing will begin to wear away. An impact from a collision could also force the grease out and cause king pin to bushing contact but most likely other damage would keep the truck from operation and the loose king pin and bushings would be replaced during the accident repairs.

King pin and bushing wear will be noticeable as problems in the steering system since the steering knuckle is not being held in the correct alignment angles. Normally this will present itself as tire wear and a pull. The pull may be described as a wander because the camber and caster are able to freely change within the wear on the king pin and bushings. If there is a 1/8” of play at the king pin this can translate to many degrees of change in camber and caster settings that can vary with the road or steering direction. With proper maintenance, you may never need to replace king pins and bushings, but for most trucks, king pins will need to be replaced at least once in their lives.

Types of King Pin Kits

Performing a king pin rebush job is a major undertaking so it is best to be prepared for the task with a replacement king pin kit. There are two main options for king pin kits to accomplish the job of replacement.

Spiral bushing kits

Spiral bushing kits use a coiled, spiral-shaped bushing. These bushings can be installed by twisting into the spindle using an installation tool and they do not require reaming. Spiral kits are the ideal kit to use if you do not have the capability to press new bushing into the steering knuckles and ream them to fit the pins. You can avoid a machine shop using a spiral bushing kit so if you are servicing your own truck this is the kit to use.

Standard King Pin kits

Standard king pin kits use solid bi-metal bronze and steel bushings. Steel is used for the outer portion of the bushing to allow it to be pressed into the steering knuckle without deforming the inner bronze area. Bronze is used on the inside portion of the bushing due to its anti-friction and wear-resistant properties, bronze will only become damaged if lubrication is not present. The bushings included in a standard king pin kit will need to be reamed to fit the new pin after they are installed in the steering knuckle. Standard king pin kits are typically used by shops since special tools are required to line bore the bushings in the steering knuckle. If you are self-installing, it will require the assistance of a machine shop to fit the pins to the steering knuckle.

King pin kit components

King pin kits are specific for each axle model and the kits will include all necessary components to refurbish the axle and steering knuckle. Most king pin kits will include the following items:

  • King pins – Large Hardened steel pins. These may be a single or double keeper (using one or two keeper bolts) The diameter and length of the pin are critical to finding the correct replacement kit. King pins are machined to fine tolerances to fit the axle precisely.
  • Steering Knuckle bushings – Bushings will be included that are installed in the steering knuckle. There will be four bushings, two for each spindle. The type of kit that you have purchased will dictate whether you have spiral bushings or standard bi-metal bushings.
  • Caps – King pin caps will be included when needed. The caps install in the top and bottom of the spindle and seal in grease while providing threads to install a grease zirc.
  • Seals – Seals install at the top and bottom of the king pin to retain the grease. It is important to install the seal in the correct direction to allow the grease to flow through the bushings. Incorrectly installing the seals may block grease from reaching the bushings.
  • Shims – Shims are used to control play between the steering knuckle and the axle. Shims will be used on the top of the axle between the spindle and the axle. Truck manufacturers will have specifications for each model on how much travel is allowable and shims will be added or removed to meet this specification.
  • Keeper – Keepers are bolts that have a wedge-shaped head and retain the king pins in the axle. As the bolt is tightened the wedge squares the king pin against the axle.
  • Thrust bearings – Thrust bearings are roller bearings that sit at the bottom of the axle against the steering knuckle. The weight on the axle rests on these bearings. Thrust bearings should be pre-packed before you install them to ensure proper lubrication.

Axle damage

In some situations, the axle itself can become damaged and the axle will no longer fit the king pin tightly. If a new pin is installed and it is loose, it will continue to damage the axle over time. Using the truck with a loose king pin to axle connection will cause the same alignment issues and tire wear that loose knuckle bushings will. Ignoring a king pin that is loose in the axle may lead to the entire axle needing to be replaced. If the damage is noticed early enough a shop with the correct tools can bore and re-sleeve the axle. There are oversized bushings that can be installed in the axle that allow you to bore the axle to fit the larger bushing and an original sized pin. This is a specialized job and not all shops will be able to complete it in house.

Both types of king pin kits are complete and will contain all the parts required to complete the install. There are several special tools required for either type of king pin kit, so it is important to keep this in mind before starting the work. If you have questions about a king pin install or need help locating a kit we can help, we have years of experience installing king pin kits, line-boring spindles, and machining axles. Please reach out to us at or call us at 1-800-358-4751 and we will be glad to help.

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