Safe Shopping

Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information.

Because your credit card security is a high priority, we have taken numerous steps to ensure that your payment information is processed confidentially, accurately and securely. uses ScanAlert. ScanAlert's HACKER SAFE certification is the only security scanning technology recognized to meet both the U.S. government's benchmark FBI/SANS security test and the security standards of all major credit card companies - including Visa' CISP and AIS, MasterCard' SDP, American Express' CID, and Discover Card' DISC security audits.

ScanAlert's unique patent pending security auditing technology allows the HACKER SAFE mark to appear on only when its site's current security status meets the highest published government standards. uses McAfee Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption technology that protects your credit card information. SSL encrypts all ordering information (name, address, credit card number) so no one can read it as it travels over the Internet.