Tow Couplers for Over-the-Road, Industrial and Aviation
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Model Mount Max. Vertical Load Max. Gross Trailer Weight Max. GTW w\ Max. Vertical Load
of 500 lbs. (227 kg)
    lbs. kg lbs. kg lbs. kg
Couplers for Over-the-Road Applications
CP-400-H Rigid 7,500 3,402 30,000 13,608    
CP-360 Rigid 3,000 1,361 52,000 23,587    
CP-740 Rigid 20,000 9,072 100,000 45,360    
PH-990ST71 Swivel 3,000 1,361 100,000 45,360    
BH-50 Rigid 8,000 3,628 80,000 36,287    
Couplers & Lunettes for Industrial & Aviation Ground Support Applications
CP-400-GSE Rigid 7,500 3,402 30,000 13,608    
CP-400-CA Rigid 7,500 3,402 30,000 13,608    
XA-T-150-AF Rigid 50 22.67 15,000 6,803    
DB-010EJ1 Weld-On 2,000 907 10,000 4,536 20,000 9,072
DB-020FK1 Weld-On 4,000 1,814 20,000 9,072 40,000 18,144 offers a variety of heavy duty couplers for both over the road and industrial/aviation ground support towing applications. These heavy duty couplers are available in several different styles, including pin couplers, pin and clevis couplers, ball and hitch, and the e-Hitch Series couplers.

Over the Road Couplers vs. Industrial and Aviation/Ground Support couplers

Tow couplers engineered for over-the-road applications typically have great tow capacities than those designed for industrial and aviation/ground support towing. In addition, over-the-road tow couplers have a secondary locking device for safety, making them street legal for highways and roads. Tow couplers for industrial applications and aviation/ground support towing do not feature this secondary locking device, and are not for use over-the-road.

Coupler Styles

Our couplers come in an assortment of styles for you to choose from. These styles range from standard couplers with bottom or top release latches to pin and clevis style couplers for extreme duty towing and even ball and hitch styles for a high degree of articulation. The e-Hitch excels at applications in industrial material handling or ground support towing applications.

Couplers Reviews

Out of 5 reviews, the average customer rating for Couplers: 5 out of 5.

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