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Leaf Spring Bushings

Are your leaf spring bushings worn? Updating your suspension a need quality replacement parts? We carry a complete line of leaf spring bushings for just about any vehicle.

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SKU HB-861

Harris style rubber leaf spring bushing HB-861 is designed for Ford automotive leaf springs.   Details

Typically ships in 3 to 4 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:Harris
  • A-Outer Diameter:1.000 inch
  • B-Length:1.000 inch
  • D-Inner Diameter:0.563 inch
  • C-Length:1.438 inch
  • Vehicle Application:Lincoln, Mercury
  • E-Outer Diameter:1.125 inch
  • Note:For 2 inch wide spring
  • Automann Number:MH1968
  • Ford Number:8M5719
  • MPN: HB-861
SKU RB-268

Freightliner Silent Block Bushing for inboard mount for late models FAS II Airliner.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:12
  • Note:For oversized use RB268OS
  • Flagg Number:RB-268, RB-332, RB268, RB332
  • Freightliner Number:1616412001, 1618035000, 6813250250
  • International Number:3538115C1, W300861
  • Peterbilt Number:52296, 52039
  • MPN: RB268

Rubber leaf spring bushing RB-91 replaces your worn or damaged bushing for better spring performance...   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:1
  • A-Outer Diameter:1.500 inch
  • B-Length:2.500 inch
  • D-Inner Diameter:0.625 inch
  • C-Length:3.125 inch
  • Automann Number:MR206
  • Chrysler Number:2403245
  • Clevite Number:22307, 223070, 223079
  • Dallas Number:RB91
  • Dodge Number:2403245, 2907198, 3492961
  • Flagg Number:RB91
  • MPN: RB-91
SKU RB-134

Rubber leaf spring bushing RB-134 replaces your worn or damaged bushing for better spring performanc...   Details

Typically ships in 3 to 4 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:1
  • A-Outer Diameter:1.500 inch
  • B-Length:3.000 inch
  • D-Inner Diameter:0.623 inch
  • C-Length:3.250 inch
  • Automann Number:MR514
  • Chrysler Number:3638622
  • Clevite Number:229440, 229441, 229449
  • Dallas Number:RB134
  • Dodge Number:3638622
  • Flagg Number:RB134
  • Freightliner Number:R91917, R93914
  • Oshkosh Number:1JD656
  • MPN: RB-134

Rubber leaf spring bushing RB-99 replaces your worn or damaged bushing for better spring performance...   Details

Typically ships in 3 to 4 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:1
  • A-Outer Diameter:1.125 inch
  • B-Length:3.000 inch
  • D-Inner Diameter:0.500 inch
  • C-Length:3.500 inch
  • Automann Number:MR222
  • Chevrolet / GM Number:3890384
  • Clevite Number:113190, 113199
  • Dallas Number:RB99
  • Flagg Number:RB99
  • TRW Number:B307
  • MPN: RB-99

Threaded bushing TB-81 for Kenworth and Peterbilt applications.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Outside Diameter:52.8MM
  • Length:101MM
  • Inner Thread:M33.5 - 4
  • Flagg Number:TB81
  • Kenworth Number:B131002, 52270
  • Note:Use with M5449 spring pin
  • MPN: TB81
SKU RB-270

Rubber leaf spring bushing RB-270 replaces your worn or damaged bushing for better spring performanc...   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • A-Outer Diameter:1.835 inches
  • B-Length:3.00 inches
  • D-Inner Diameter:0.775 inch
  • C-Length:4.220 inches
  • Vehicle Application:Ford
  • Automann Number:MR786
  • Clevite Number:837970
  • Dallas Number:RB270
  • Flagg Number:RB270
  • Ford Number:4C4O5348DA, 4C4Z5348DA
  • Hendrickson Number:51748
  • International Number:2507941C1, 2590289C1, 3533232C1
  • UPC: 889626084379
  • MPN: RB-270

Rubber leaf spring bushing RB-67 replaces your worn or damaged bushing for better spring performance...   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:1
  • A-Outer Diameter:2.000 inch
  • B-Length:2.250 inch
  • D-Inner Diameter:0.563 inch
  • C-Length:2.500 inch
  • Automann Number:MR154
  • Clevite Number:22420, 224200
  • Dallas Number:RB67
  • Dayton Number:RB-67
  • Flagg Number:RB67
  • Ford Number:C1TT5348E, C1TZ5348A, C1TZ5348E
  • MPN: RB-67

Polyurethane silent block bushing MR828UB with pin for Kenworth AG380, Flex Air Models. 2.   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Note:For rubber version use MR828.
  • Automann Number:MR828UB
  • Clevite Number:838310
  • Dallas Number:RB291
  • Dayton Number:RB-291
  • Hendrickson Number:51879
  • Kenworth Number:C136001, C13-6001
  • Meritor Number:R3016094
  • Peterbilt Number:C13-6001
  • UPC: 889626292798
  • MPN: MR828UB
SKU RB-151

Rubber leaf spring bushing RB-151 replaces your worn or damaged bushing for better spring performanc...   Details

Typically ships in 3 to 4 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:1
  • A-Outer Diameter:1.500 inch
  • B-Length:3.063 inch
  • D-Inner Diameter:0.625 inch
  • C-Length:3.500 inch
  • Automann Number:MR548
  • Clevite Number:200110, 235210
  • Dallas Number:RB151
  • Dayton Number:RB-151
  • Flagg Number:RB151
  • Ford Number:D8UZ5781A, D7UA5781AA
  • TRW Number:B343
  • MPN: RB-151
SKU RB-165

Rubber leaf spring bushing RB-165 replaces your worn or damaged bushing for better spring performanc...   Details

Typically ships in 3 to 4 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:1
  • A-Outer Diameter:48mm
  • B-Length:98.5mm
  • D-Inner Diameter:24mm
  • C-Length:100mm
  • Note:Metric
  • Automann Number:MR576
  • Clevite Number:832510
  • Dallas Number:RB165
  • Dayton Number:RB-165
  • Flagg Number:RB165
  • Freightliner Number:ABP/N3271591
  • Gaumers Number:06165
  • Hendrickson Number:37621-001
  • Mack Number:10QK241M
  • PAI Number:807021
  • Westar Number:40-364
  • MPN: RB-165
SKU HB-1103

Harris Style rubber leaf spring bushing HB-1103 is designed to replace your worn Toyota leaf spring ...   Details

Typically ships in 7 to 10 business days.
  • Leaf Spring Bushing Type:Harris
  • A-Outer Diameter:30mm
  • B-Length:46mm
  • D-Inner Diameter:18mm
  • C-Length:52mm
  • Automann Number:MH4493
  • Toyota Number:9038518017
  • UPC: 889626081392
  • MPN: HB-1103

What is a leaf spring bushing?

Leaf spring bushings are used to isolate the leaf spring from the mounting hardware. Leaf spring bushings will be made of steel, rubber, brass, polyurethane, or a combination of materials. Leaf spring bushings are found in the eyes of springs and any other leaves that may mount to rigid sections of the vehicle such as a torque leaf. Suspension systems are designed with bushing types in mind to help prolong the life of the suspension while maintaining vehicle control and passenger comfort. In some cases, durability may take priority over comfort, and a bushing made of a harder material like brass or steel will be used.

Materials used for leaf spring bushings.


Rubber is excellent at absorbing vibration and is the most common bushing type for light-duty vehicles. Rubber bushings will have an inner steel sleeve to prevent wear between the attaching bolts and the rubber and they may be designed with a steel outer sleeve although, some are designed with no outer sleeve. There are many styles of rubber bushing and certain suspension designs with call for specific styles of rubber leaf spring bushing. Rubber bushings have no maintenance, and they will naturally wear over time.


Brass is a softer metal combination of zinc and copper. Brass bushings are softer than the hardened steel spring pins that are used in suspensions, and they are designed to wear before the spring pins. Brass is a dissimilar metal to steel which makes galling less likely and prevents binding between the leaf spring bushing and spring pin. Brass bushings will use greaseable smooth spring pins, and they will require grease to be added as part of a periodic maintenance schedule.


Brass inside and steel on the outside, a bi-metal bushing features a steel outer section, so they are less likely to be damaged when they are pressed into leaf springs. Bi-metal bushings will accept a hardened steel smooth pin, and they will be greaseable. They will require lubrication periodically just as the full brass bushings will.


Steel is typically used for threaded type bushings. Threaded spring pins and threaded type bushings are used on heavy duty applications where the suspension will be put under high side loads. The coarse threads hold the spring centered on the pin; this prevents the leaf springs from shifting side to side on tight turns and putting wear on spring hangers or shackles. Threaded pins and bushing will require even stricter maintenance and greasing as there is more surface area contact between the bushing and the pin and more chance for wear.


Nylon bushings are commonly used in light trailer leaf springs. Nylon is durable, and the material has self-lubricating properties. Nylon leaf spring bushings are inexpensive and can easily be replaced when they are worn out. Nylon spring bushings can normally be installed by hand or with a hammer and will not require a press.


Polyurethane is used as a replacement for rubber when extreme temperatures or chemical exposure may shorten the life of rubber bushing and make them less practical. Polyurethane bushings are typically more durable than their rubber equivalents, but they are stiffer, so more vibration may be transferred to the chassis of the vehicle.

When should you replace leaf spring bushings?

Leaf spring bushings will wear over time. With proper maintenance, greaseable bushings can last the lifetime of the spring. With non-greaseable options like rubber and polyurethane the wear will be out of your control, and at most, you will be able to monitor their condition during routine maintenance. When leaf spring bushings wear they will allow the spring to move within the mounts and the vehicle will be unable to hold proper alignment. On drive axle springs this can present itself as dog tracking, a condition where the rear axle shifts left to right and may push the vehicle out of its lane. On steer axle leaf springs, worn leaf spring bushings can cause the vehicle to pull, or the steering wheel may be off center when going straight down the road. Either of these conditions may cause tire wear and drivability problems, and the bushing should be replaced as soon as possible.

In extreme cases where the bushing wear is ignored additional hardware or even the springs themselves can be damaged. If a bushing wears out completely, the spring bolts or spring pins may wear through the bushing and begin to wear into the eyes of the leaf spring. When this happens, the entire spring will need to be replaced as the structural integrity of the spring is compromised and it is unsafe. If a spring is allowed to shift inside of the spring hangers due to a worn out bushing the spring hangers may be damaged and worn thin. The spring will be rubbing on brackets that were not designed for the extra stress and friction, and a simple repair job may become a major issue before long.

How to measure leaf spring bushings for replacement?

Identifying leaf spring bushing measurements will require an accurate measuring tool like a set of Vernier calipers. Vehicle application will also help narrow down the bushing options. You should begin by identifying the bushing type and the material used. Next, you will take measurements of the bushing itself.

Measure bushing:

  • Inner diameter
  • Outer Diameter
  • Bushing width
  • Inner Sleeve width (Rubber and Polyurethane)

If the bushing is damaged and some measurements are inconclusive, you can take measurements of the hardware and the spring to aid in the identification

  • Spring width
  • Spring eye inner diameter
  • Spring hanger inside width
  • Spring bolt/pin diameter

How do I install new leaf spring bushings?

All leaf spring bushings will install similarly. In most cases, the spring will have to be removed from the vehicle, and it will take a hydraulic press to remove and install leaf spring bushings. Pressing in spring bushings is a task that a professional, or someone with professional experience should attempt.

  1. Remove the original bushings by pressing out of the spring.
  2. Clean the spring eye and remove any burrs or material left from the original bushing.
  3. Press the new bushing into the spring eye paying careful attention to the alignment of the bushing. Do not force the bushing or continue pressing it into the spring eye if it is crooked; this could damage the spring or destroy the bushing.
  4. Stop applying force when the bushing is centered in the spring eye. Some bushings have a flare that should be seated directly against the spring eye.

Leaf spring bushings play an important role in the function of your suspension. Ignoring maintenance and worn out bushings can make for expensive repair bills and may make your vehicle unsafe. At Truckspring.com we have been replacing leaf spring bushings in our shop and providing replacement bushings to our customers for years. If you need help locating replacement bushings for your leaf spring, please reach out to us online or give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 and we will help you find the parts you need to get your vehicle back on the road.

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Out of 57 reviews, the average customer rating for Leaf Spring Bushings: 4.9 out of 5.

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