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Landing Gear Rebuild Kits

Landing Gear Rebuild Kits

Landing gear rebuild kits are the best solution for repairing your landing gear for your heavy duty truck.

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SKU RK-11289

Holland gear box rebuild kit RK-11289 is deisnged for 51000 Standard Series Holland landing gear.   Details

6 In Stock
  • Series51000 Standard
  • MPN: RK-11289
SKU RK-11287

Holland Gear Box Rebuild kit RK-11287 is designed for Mark V Series Holland Landing Gear.   Details

5 In Stock
  • SeriesMark V
  • MPN: RK-11287

Jost landing gear crank rebuilt kit B10285SER. Cast iron, black powder coat.   Details

1 In Stock
  • MPN: B10285SER
SKU RK-11286

Holland Bevel Gear Rebuild kit RK-11286 is designed for Mark V Series Holland Landing Gear.   Details

2 In Stock
  • SeriesMark V
  • MPN: RK-11286
SKU RK-11683

Holland RK-11683 2-speed gear box rebuild kit is designed for Holland ATLAS 65 landing gear.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • SeriesAtlas 65
  • MPN: RK-11683
SKU RK-11285

Holland Gear Box Rebuild kit RK-11285 is designed for 50000 Series Holland Landing Gear.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Series50000 Standard
  • MPN: RK-11285
SKU RK-11443

Holland 2-Speed Gear Box Rebuild kit RK-11443 is designed for Holland ATLAS 55 Landing gear manufac...   Details

3 In Stock
  • SeriesAtlas 55
  • MPN: RK-11443
SKU RK-11489

Holland gear box rebuild kit RK-11489 is deigned for 71000 Standard Series Holland landing gear.   Details

Typically ships in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Series71000 Standard
  • MPN: RK-11489
SKU RK-11074-01

Holland Gear Box Rebuild kit RK-11074-01 is designed for FG4000 Series Holland Landing Gear.   Details

2 In Stock
  • SeriesFG4000 Series
  • UPC: 201010101041
  • MPN: RK-11074-01

Holland replacement collar XB-LG0544 for 50000, 51000, Atlas 55, Atlas 65, FG4000, 4700, 4701 landin...   Details

5 In Stock
  • MPN: XB-LG0544

Landing Gear Rebuild Kits

Landing gear (aka. dolly legs) provide the ability to lift and lower the front of a trailer by hand. Landing gear are used in pairs and can be equipped on everything from light-duty trailers all the way up to semi-trailers that need the stability of a jack pair. There will be a drive leg and driven leg connected with a cross shaft so that both legs raise and lower at the same rate. Using a side-mounted crank handle a person can raise and lower a landing gear set to allow the trailer to be disconnected or connected to the tow vehicle. Some landing gear drive legs will use a two-speed gearbox that can be shifted to a gear ratio that will increase the lifting and lowering speed when the legs are unloaded and then be shifted to lower the cranking effort when the legs are lifting the trailer weight.

Rebuilding worn landing gear can be a major time and money saver. By replacing the most commonly worn items in the gearbox you can restore a set of dolly legs to like-new function in about an hour instead of spending a day cutting off an old set of landing gear and fitting a new set. A landing gear set will have a drive leg with a larger two-speed gearbox and a driven leg with a smaller internal gearbox. The larger gearbox on the drive leg allows it to have two gear reduction options (speeds) to make the down and up travel faster or to make the cranking effort easier.

Over time, the action of lifting and lowering heavy trailers will wear out components in the gear train of the landing gear, this includes the gears in the drive leg and the driven leg. As the gears wear, lifting and lowering may become more difficult and the action may no longer be smooth. If the gears are worn severely enough the leg set may skip causing the trailer to jump or pop when you are changing the height, or you may not be able to adjust the height at all. A leg set with worn gears can be dangerous and very inconvenient.

How do I find the correct landing gear rebuild kit?

Identifying the correct landing gear manufacturer and model for the leg set is important to ensure you get the correct gear kit. Landing gear parts are not universal and gear ratios and component sizes will differ and will not be cross-compatible.

Identifying the manufacturer will be the first step in locating the correct landing gear rebuild kit. There will normally be an identification plate with a manufacturer and model number or a manufacturer's logo. If the landing gear set is older or has been repainted this information may be missing and identifying the landing gear will be accomplished using the physical characteristics of the dolly leg set. This may require some measurements and photographs to be taken to help with our identification.

Common landing gear identification traits are:

  • Internal or external gearbox - Some manufacturers will use an internal gearbox on both the drive and driven leg, and some may use external gearboxes. By first identifying which type of gearbox your landing gear uses you can narrow down the manufacturer.
  • Gearbox Shape – On external gearboxes, the shape will help to identify the model. A triangle shape or oval teardrop shape is the most common shape.
  • Gearbox Shaft count – Multispeed gearboxes will use two or three shafts to transfer the power through the gear train. The ends of the shafts will be easily visible on the sides of the cases.
  • Gearbox Depth – The depth measurement on an external gearbox can assist in narrowing down the model on dolly legs sets with similar construction.
  • Mounting plate shape and hole count – The shape of the mounting plate and the number of holes used to mount the landing gear to the trailer will differ between models and can be used to help differentiate them.
  • Width of reinforcing band -At the bottom of the outer tube there will be a reinforcing band that wraps around the entire leg. The width of this band can be used as an identifying feature.

What is included in a landing gear rebuild kit?

Landing gear rebuild kits will include normal wear items for the specific make and model of the landing gear.

Most commonly the drive leg is rebuilt as it contains the two-speed gearbox and experiences the most wear. Gearbox kits will normally include the cover and gasket as well as all the internal gears and required retaining pins.

Gear kits for the driven leg are also available and will contain the bevel and pinion gears and some will include shafts that are prone to wear and replacement gaskets for the cover that protects the gearset.

Some manufacturers will only provide individual components and will not offer complete gearbox rebuild kits. In these cases, it will be necessary to identify what parts are broken or worn and need to be replaced.

How can I get help identifying my Landing gear set?

By calling us at 1-800-358-4751 or emailing TruckSpring@truckspring.com. We can assist with identifying and providing replacement parts for major landing gear manufacturers like Jost and SAF Holland. We have years of experience installing and servicing trailer components including landing gear.

Landing Gear Rebuild Kits Reviews

Out of 7 reviews, the average customer rating for Landing Gear Rebuild Kits: 5 out of 5.

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