Gabriel Ultra Truck Shock Absorber

SKU GAG63815
Gabriel Ultra Truck Shock Absorber - GAG63815
Gabriel Ultra Truck Shock Absorber - GAG63815
Gabriel Ultra Truck Shock Absorber
Gabriel Ultra Truck Shock Absorber
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Gabriel Ultra truck shock absorber G63815 breathes new life into your vehicles suspension for a quicker response, improved comfort, control and maximum shock performance. G-Force technology provides greater durability and a longer life.

GAG63815 Specifications

  • Collapsed Length (IN):13.17
  • Extended Length (IN):21.95
  • Lower Mount Type:ES17
  • Upper Mount Type:S39
  • Performance:Best
  • Manufacturers Part Number:G63815
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Vehicle Fit

The GAG63815 Gabriel Ultra Truck Shock Absorber is engineered to work with specific vehicles displayed below. Can't find your vehicle, or need assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 or 1-989-755-0561. Browse Gabriel Shock Absorber for all vehicle makes and models.

YearMakeModelVehicle OptionInstallation Notes
2000 Toyota Tundra
Position: Rear
2001 Toyota Tundra
Position: Rear
2002 Toyota Tundra
Position: Rear
2003 Toyota Tundra
Position: Rear
2004 Toyota Tundra
Position: Rear
2005 Toyota Tundra
Position: Rear
2006 Toyota Tundra
Position: Rear

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Product Details

Gabriel Ultra shocks and struts are precision engineered with exclusive G-Force Technology for quicker response, longer life, improved comfort, control and maximum shock performance. So, whether you’re the type of person who wants the ultimate driving experience and demands improved performance and handling, or you’re the type who puts big demands on your vehicle by hauling cargo, there’s no better choice than Ultra shocks and stuts from Gabriel.
  • Leak-proof piston seal and rod guide eliminates oil bypass
  • 1-3/8 inch bore piston (in most applications) with bonded iron construction for durability and longer life
  • Super-finished chromed piston rod provides superior corrosion resistance and enhances sealing properties
  • Infinitely Variable Damping for on-demand control on all road conditions
  • StableSteer valving provides improved tire contact with the road for control, safety, and performance
  • Orifice Control Disk with variable nine-stage valving provides consistent oil flow
  • OE-design single-lip oil seal minimizes friction for optimal sealing


Gabriel is one of the most popular and well recognized shock absorber companies in the world. Gabriel is an American company that manufactures high quality shock and struts that cover over 97% of cars and trucks made in North America.

Gabriel invented the automotive shock absorber in 1907. Gabriel is also invented the first every hydraulic shock and the first air adjustable shock absorber. They have been inventing and expanding with the automotive industry since the beginning.

Today, Gabriel is still a very innovative, independent American company. They continue to be one of the most trusted aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers for light- and heavy-duty shocks and struts. Gabriel goes through great lengths to ensure their new shock and struts are designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s vehicles and their drivers.

Gabriel shock absorbers and struts are backed by more than 100 years of innovation, engineering expertise and constant improvement in ride control products. Gabriel engineers, tests, and validates all of their shock and struts for proper fit, ride and durability to ensure you get the easy installation, high quality and long-lasting performance with every new Gabriel shock and strut. is an authorized warehouse distributor for Gabriel shocks and struts. If you have any questions about Gabriel shocks, feel free to call us at 1-800-358-4751 or 989-755-0561. We have been selling and install Gabriel shocks and struts for years.