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SumoSprings - Airless Airbag Kits
2000 Chevrolet Express 4500 - Cutaway Van
Part#: SSR-206-54
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Product Overview
Engineered for the Following Vehicles:
2000 Chevrolet Express 4500 - Cutaway Van  159 inch Wheel Base
SumoSprings - Airless Airbag Kits
SuperSprings Sumosprings

SumoSprings - The Airless Air Spring

The more you load the more they resist. Sumo Springs reduce sag, bounce, sway and bottoming out with a closed cell polyurethane foam airless air spring.

SumoSprings are designed to maximize the GVWR of the vehicle. Like other helper spring kits, they will not increase the GVWR or the carrying capacity of your truck, but SumoSprings will help maintain your truck’s level attitude, and enhance the ride and handling.

Sumo Springs - Features & Benefits

SumoSprings are manufactured in a proprietary multi-stage hot casting process resulting in a unique closed cell microcellular foams.

sumosprings exploded view - installed
  • Minimal expansion under loading, will work in confined spaces.
  • Compressible to 70% and extendable to 30% of its unloaded height with full memory rebound
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, highly resilient to oils, salts and UV rays.
  • No possibility of a system failure due to leaking air, No air lines or compressors.
  • Closed cell foam won’t rupture and can be punctured without loss of performance
  • Indifferent to weather extremes, can handle temperatures ranging from - 40 degrees to + 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Zero maintenance required ever, fit it and forget it
  • The microcellular foam material delivers a progressive, cushioned load engagement producing a smooth, comfortable ride for the driver.
  • SumoSprings kits have all been designed to be “no-drill” installation.
  • All kits ship fully assembled in the box to facilitate a quick, easy, bolt-on installation.
  • Levels your load and maintains front end alignment for safer driving. Reduces sag, bounce, sway and bottoming out
  • All SumoSprings are made in the USA.
  • All Kits inlcude 2 SumoSprings

SumoSprings - Engineered for Tough Environments

SumoSprings are made of an advanced high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam that is ideal for the tough truck underbody environment. Sumosprings have been tested in extreme conditions ranging from blistering desert summer days with the U.S. Border Patrol to the frigid Canadian winter nights.

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