Lift Kits for Toyota Vehicles

Lift Kits are engineered to fit the latest Tundra, Tacoma, and Sequoia models as well as many other Toyota vehicles. Select your year to find the Readylift Suspension, Inc., Tuff Country, or Rough Country products designed for your specific vehicle.

Find a lift kit to enhance your Toyota’s off road capability and get it ready for larger tires. Start by selecting the year of your model below.

Step 2: Choose the Year of Your Toyota Vehicle

Select your year to find lift kits for your specific vehicle.

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You can also narrow your search by selecting a category:
Rough Country Lift Kits
Discover some of the best Rough Country lift kits to give your vehicle a higher clearance and more aggressive look. Rough country stands behind their lift kits with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on most suspension products and an exclusive warranty guard.
Tuff Country Lift Kits
Outfit your vehicle with a lift kit from Tuff Country. Tuff Country products are not made overseas, but are made in the US and most include a Liftetime Warranty. Tuff Country has been making quality lift kits since 1989.
Ready Lift Lift Kits
Check out lift kits from ReadyLIFT to increase your vehicle’s clearance and off road capability. ReadyLift offers many lift kits that will help maintain your factory ride and they back it up with excellent warranties and customer support.
6 Inch Lift Kits
Discover a six inch lift kit for better vehicle clearance. To get started, select your vehicle make to find just the right lift kit for a seamless application.
5 Inch Lift Kits
Prep your truck for larger tires and increase its off road capability. Start by selecting the make of your vehicle below.
4 Inch Lift Kits
Give your vehicle’s suspension a boost of extra height for better off road capability and room for larger tires. Begin by choosing your make below.
3 Inch Lift Kits
Find 3 inch lift kits to increase your off road capability and allow you to fit larger tires onto your vehicle. Begin by selecting your make below.
2 Inch Lift Kits
Find two inch lift kits to enhance your vehicle’s suspension. To get started, select your vehicle make to find your model.

Look around you at a stoplight, and chances are you’ll spot at least one or two Toyota trucks or SUVs near you. There’s a reason that Toyota is one of the most popular manufacturers for trucks, cars and SUVs, and we’ve got lift kits to fit models as early as 1979 that’ll keep your vehicle as dependable as ever. Whether you’re going on an outdoor excursion in your FJ Cruiser or want to give your Tacoma larger tires, we’ve got a lift kit that will lift the body of your truck, give your suspension better articulation, and protect the undercarriage from debris. Our lift kits from Rough Country, ReadyLIFT and Tuff Country are equipped with all the components you need as well as detailed instructions. You’ll be able to raise your truck as high as six inches and equip with up to 35 inch wheels. Have a question about parts or installation? Our licensed and trained suspension experts can help you with any query at 800-358-4751.