Bilstein B6 - HD Shocks for Light Trucks, SUVs & Vans for 1968 GMC P15/P1500 Van Vehicles

Part#: 24-011730
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1968 GMC P15/P1500 Van BaseIncludes motorhome models.
The Bilstein 24-011730 shock absorber is engineered for: Chevrolet P10 1980-1975, P10 Series 1967-1963, P10 Van 1974-1968, P20 1989-1975, P20 Van 1974-1973, P30 1999-1975, P30 Van 1974-1973, GMC P15 1978-1975, P15/P1500 Van 1974-1967, P25 1978-1975, P25/P2500 Van 1974-1973, P35 1978-1975, P35/P3500 Van 1974-1973, P1500 1980-1979, P2500 1989-1979, P3500 1999-1979, PB15 Series 1966, PB1000 Series 1965-1963, Workhorse P30 2005-2000, P32 2005-1999.

Bilstein B6 - HD Shocks for Light Trucks and SUV

If you’re looking for suspension performance, the Bilstein B6 Series shock absorber is the best solution to improve your Truck or SUV’s ride. Unbelievable control, precise handling, ultimate performance and incredible comfort. You'll soon discover there is, quite literally, nothing like it.

Benefits of Bilstein HD Truck Shocks

  • Monotube gas pressure construction
  • Improved ride and handling
  • Added traction and enhanced stability
  • Increased performance, even when hauling or towing heavy loads.
  • Road-tested and fine-tuned by Bilstein for each vehicle specific application.