Bilstein Shock Absorbers for Lifted Trucks

Bilstein's high gas pressure monotube shocks are designed specifically for lifted pickups, SUVs, and Jeeps. Available for most popular lifted applications, and designed for vehicle applications that have up to 6 inches of lift. If you have a lifted truck, Bilstein shocks are the best way to take it to the next level.

Step 1: Choose Your Vehicle Make

Select your vehicle make, year, and model, to see a list of bilstein shock absorbers for lifted trucks that fit your specific vehicle. Begin by choosing the make of your vehicle below.

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Bilstein Shocks For Lifted Trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps

Bilstein and trucks have always been a winning combination. Bilstein was the first to introduce the incredible performance advantage of monotube gas pressure shocks over 50 years ago, and still leads the way today. From the famous Dakar rally to the incredibly punishing Baja 1000, Bilstein's off-road racing performance is legendary. And every shock built, is filled with the knowledge gained from decades of crossing the finish line first.

Bilstein Shocks for Lifted Trucks Features:

  • Developed specifically for lifted pickups, Jeeps and SUVs
  • Large piston diameter provides superior handling and performance
  • Patented digressive valving instantly reacts to changing surface conditions for maximum comfort and control, on or off road
  • Split compression and rebound valving
  • Tuned for each specific application
  • Available for 2"- 6" suspension lifts
Bilstein lifted truck shocks
You can also narrow your search by selecting a category:
5100 Series Shock Absorbers
Bilstein 5100 Series shock absorbers for lifted trucks. Designed for specific manufacturer lift kits utilizing the stock O.E.M. mounting configuration. The multi-layer zinc finish on the 5100 shocks is the most durable in the industry.
5100 Series - Ride Height Adjustable
Bilstein 5100 Series - Ride Height Adjustable Shock Absorbers for Lifted Trucks. These shocks install like factory replacement shocks and are designed to correct the factory rake. Your vehicles ride height can be changed anywhere between 0-2.5” depending on the application.
5100 Series - Steering Stabilizers
Bilstein 5100 Series Steering Stabilizers for Lifted Trucks employ a gas pressure monotube design that eliminates cavitation and foaming, while providing precise steering damping.
5125 Series - Universal Fit Shocks
Bilstein 5125 Series Universal Fit Shocks for Lifted Trucks. These shocks use self-adjusting deflecting disc valving and high-flow piston reduces harshness while in operation.
BTS System - Toyota Tundra & Ford F-250/F-350
Bilstein BTS System for Toyota Tundra & Ford F-250/F-350. These shocks improve overall handling by increasing suspension and wheel travel.
5160 Series - Stock Mount Remote Reservoir
Bilstein 5160 Series Stock Mount Remote Reservoir for Lifted Trucks. These shocks have a "floating" divided piston which affords the suspension increased travel and shaft movement.
5165 Series - Universal Fit Remote Reservoir Shock
Bilstein 5165 Series Universal Fit Remote Reservoir Shocks for Lifted Trucks. These shocks come equipped with a remote reservoir to dramatically increase shock oil capacity, providing greater heat dissipation and damping sensitivity.
6100 Series - Off Road Recreation and Racing
Bilstein 6100 Series Shock Absorbers for Off-Road Recreation and Racing. These shocks are the most successful shock absorbers in off-road racing history. The 6100 Series have equipped more winning off-road cars and trucks than any other shock.
7100 Series - Standard Body and Remote Reservoir
Bilstein 7100 Series Shock Absorbers for Stock Truck and Limited Buggy Race Applications. Completely owner rebuildable, these shocks come in remote reservoir or standard body with schrader valve fitments.
8125 Series CoilOver
Bilstein 8125 series off road shocks are specifically designed for the serious off-road enthusiast. They are available in multiple lengths for a wide range of custom off-road applications. These shocks use the highest quality components for extreme durability.
9100 Series - Extreme Duty Off-Road Racing Shocks
Bilstein 9100 Series Extreme Duty Dampers for Off-Road Racing. These shocks are available as standard or coilover body, with or without an external bypass.
9200 Series - Bypass Off-Road Shock Absorber
The Bilstein 9200 Series Bypass shocks were developed for the professional off-road racer, and are truly state-of-the-art shock absorbers. They are completely owner rebuildable and are zinc plated for superior resistance to off road conditions.
9300 Series - Black Hawk
Bilstein 9300 Series Black Hawk Shocks for off-road racing applications. With its Radial Bypass Damping™ technology the Black Hawk series is the ultimate off-road racing shock absorber.