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Bilstein Shocks
Bilstein Shocks
Sports cars to family sedans, every passenger car has its own unique ride and handling characteristics. However, when it comes to delivering a premium ride and superior performance, there can be only one choice, BILSTEIN.
Upgrade your shocks to Bilstein, and give your truck a new ride. Unbelievable control, precise handling, ultimate performance, and incredible comfort. On road or off, loaded or unloaded, Bilstein shocks instantly react to the changing road.
Bilstein's high gas pressure monotube shocks are designed specifically for lifted pickups, SUVs, and Jeeps. Available for most popular lifted applications, and designed for vehicle applications that have up to 6 inches of lift.
Tired of the severe jolt from expansion joints, pot holes and other unfortunate road conditions? Upgrade to Bilstein monotube gas pressure shocks, and feel the dramatic improvement in your coach's ride.
Bilstein shock absorbers for muscle car, classic and restoration applications. These shocks improve your ride quality and performance on your street machine’s suspension.
Bilstein Motorsport Shock Absorbers offer the technology and performance necessary to keep serious competitors crossing the finish line first!
Bilstein Shocks

We stock Bilstein shocks for passenger cars, pickups, trucks, SUVs, RVs and Motorhomes. Whether your're on the freeway, city driving, or going off-road, dramatically improve the ride, handling, and control of your vehicle today with Bilstein! Buy Bilstein today, and you'll agree that Bilstein shocks are the best shock absorbers on the market.

For over 40 years Bilstein has been setting the standard in shock absorber performance. Utilizing superior manufacturing process and a commitment to quality control, over 40 percent of Bilstein’s production personnel are involved with quality control to maintain their industry-leading level of shock absorber efficiency and long life performance.

From racing and testing in Formula 1, NASCAR, SCCA, Rally, and Off Road to original equipment on BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota and GM trucks, Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers have proven to be the best.

Passenger Cars

  • From sports cars to family sedans, every passenger car has its own unique ride and handling characteristics. Bilstein shocks and struts provide the necessary damping to react quicker to road conditions without sacrificing ride comfort. Bilstein even manufactures a line of shocks specifically tailored to the needs of street rods, customs and the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s.

Pickups and SUV’s

  • Due to their larger tires, greater overall weight and increased load carrying capability, these vehicles place extra demands on a shock absorber’s damping ability. On road or off, loaded or unloaded, Bilstein shocks instantly react to changing road inputs to maintain a stable, controlled and comfortable ride. From original equipment replacement to lifted or custom off-road applications, Bilstein has the right shock for it.

Motorhomes and RV’s

  • RV suspensions are often designed around old twin tube shock technology causing them to be a real handful to drive. You can dramatically change that by upgrading to Bilstein shocks. Bilstein shock absorbers virtually eliminate the excessive sway and bouncing down the road associated with conventional shocks, making RVs more stable, easier to handle and ride better than ever before. This is why many of the top RV manufacturers have chosen Bilstein shocks as original equipment. For any class of motorhome or fifth wheel tow vehicle, Bilstein shocks are simply the best choice.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, Bilstein has the shock for you. Available for passenger cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s or specialty vehicles like lifted trucks, motorhomes and RV’s. So if you are looking for the ultimate ride, handling and performance from your vehicle, Bilstein shocks are the right choice.

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