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Increase Performance Handling for Ford & Toyota Trucks with Bilstein

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of endurance, superior durability and high performance for your truck, you’re on the right track with the Bilstein BTS Suspension kit. The Bilstein BTS Suspension kit provides a dramatic increase in your vehicle's performance handling characteristics with sport level valving specifically tuned for your vehicle. The Bilstein B12 BTS system provides a firmer ride for better road handling and control. This is the most economical way to vastly improve your truck's performance.

Benefits of Bilstein BTS Performance Suspension Kit

  • Precise responses, excellent driving dynamics and added safety
  • Uniform lowering of approx. 30 mm
  • Coilover springs made from highly durable material
  • Springs and absorbers are road-tested by Bilstein engineers to complement one another perfectly
  • Gas pressure technology
  • Bilstein monotube technology, made in Germany