Sway Bars

Upgrade your factory torsion bar to a Hellwig anti-sway bar, and notice an immediate improvement in the control and stability of your performance car. Easy to install, and made of chrome moly spring steel, upgrade the front sway bar, or add a rear bar.
Increase stability and handling performance of your truck, SUV, van or Motorhome by upgrading your factory torsion bar to a Hellwig sway bar. Add a rear sway bar and notice performance handling improvements when towing, or when carrying a heavy load.
Sway bar links worn out or looking to upgrade the factory sway bar links? We offer extremely durable OEM replacement sway bar end links that are made from a combination of high grade steel and corrosion-resistant components.
Upgrading the sway bars on your lifted truck? Complete the job, with Hellwig adjustable end links. Designed to handle high degrees of articulation, and perform under the toughest conditions, Hellwig end links are adjustable in 3 inch increments.
Super Sway Stops are designed to deliver enhanced stability for your Ford Super Duty or dodge 3/4 or 1 ton pickups with factory contact type auxiliary springs and fitted with air springs.
Does your car, truck or motorhome sway more than it should?  Does it lean, roll, sway or rock side-to-side? Whether you have a muscle car or a weekend family RV, we have a solution for your sway problems.

One of the most effective solutions for your money is a sway bar. We offer sway bars from Hellwig Products. Hellwig sway bars are made in the USA and have been since 1946. They are designed and tested specifically for your vehicle and most can be installed with simple hand tools.

Do you already have a sway bar and wonder if a Hellwig bar is worth the switch? The first thing to check is the diameter of the bar. Hellwig sway bars feature larger than stock diameters and precision engineered components to optimize handling and reduce body roll.

Our sway control systems enable your truck, SUV, vans, motorhome and high performance car drivers to handle wind, passing trucks, winding roads and everyday driving with more confidence, control and stability.