Sway Bars for Performance and Muscle Cars

Upgrade your factory torsion bar to a Hellwig anti-sway bar, and notice an immediate improvement in the control and stability of your performance car. Easy to install, and made of chrome moly spring steel, upgrade the front sway bar, or add a rear bar.

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Hellwig Sway Bars for Performance Muscle Cars

Hellwig Sway Bars

Give your muscle car the performance handling it deserves, and upgrade the stock sway bar with a Hellwig anti-sway bar. Install a Hellwig sway bar, and you'll notice an immediate improvement in the control and stability of your performance car when you take your first corner. With it's simple bolt-on design, installation can be done with common hand tools (some kits may require drilling), and is an easy add-on for do-it-yourselfers, and professionals alike.

Hellwig sway bars are larger in diameter than OEM sway bars, giving you greater resistance to body roll when cornering or turning. Upgrade your factory installed front sway bar, or optimize the overall handling of your muscle car by adding a REAR sway bar. Gain confidence, control, and vehicle stability on winding roads, power turns, and cool cornering.

Hellwig sway bars are heat formed and treated for high durablity and performance. These sway bars include integral high durometer polyurethane bushings, heavy duty zinc plated hardware, forged end link landings, and powder coated components. Featuring an attractive, Hammertone custom finish, Hellwig sway bars are manufacturered to provide years of trouble free service.

Hellwig Sway Bar - Features & Benefits

Hellwig sway bar
  • Adjustable sway bars, for the performance enthusiast
  • Flattens the vehicle when turning, reducing body roll, giving you better vehicle control
  • Improves cornering traction for safer driving and better turning
  • Evenly distributes vehicle weight
  • Hellwig sway bars are engineered for your specific performance car application
  • Easy bolt-on installation with simple hand tools
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Heat Treated high quality 4140 chrome moly spring steel to improve strength, toughness, and hardness.  The heat treating improves the tensile strength, effectively doubling that of untreated steel alloy.

Hellwig Motorsports Tubular Sway Bars

Hellwig Motorsports Tubular Sway Bars feature Hellwig's latest designs and utilizes high strength tubular DOM steel to maximize performance, but with up to half the weight of a solid bar.

Hellwig quality shows in the details such as end treatments where the sway bar is tapered from round to flat to eliminate stress risers. Also, the ends are radiused for better clearance and a clean appearance. All bends are done on computer-controlled benders to provide consistent bends in a sway bar that fits right every time.

Hellwig Solid Sway Bars

Hellwig Motorsports Solid Sway Bars are made from heat treated chromolly steel. Featuring an average tensile strength of 180,000 psi, Hellwig's solid sway bars are unmatched in strength and durability.

All of Hellwig's solid sway bars feature forged ends – never welded - with Hellwig’s proprietary end treatment to maximize strength. For over 40 years Hellwig Motorsports solid sway bars have been the leader in strength, durability, and performance.

Popular Sway Bars for Sports Cars

Part #: HEW5712 Hellwig 5712 Front Sway Bar, Hellwig Front Anti-Sway Bar - HEW5712
Hellwig Sway Bar; 1-1/8 inch Sway Bar Diameter; Easy Bolt On Installation; FRONT Sway Bar
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Part #: HEW55905 Hellwig 55905 Front Sway Bar, Hellwig Front Anti-Sway Bar - HEW55905
Hellwig Sway Bar; 1-1/8 inch Sway Bar Diameter; Easy Bolt On Installation; FRONT Sway Bar
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