Firestone Air Bags and Replacement Air Springs

Improve your vehicle's ride. Add a Firestone air spring kits and air bags level your truck, reduce/eliminate vehicle sag and sway, and give you an overall smoother, safer ride. Available for vehicles with coil spring and leaf spring suspensions.
Firestone air springs are the preferred choice of the vehicle enthusiast who demand quality and ride performance. View air springs by bag style, and choose from standard air springs that can handle up to 100 psi, or heavy duty air springs up to 150 PSI.
Firestone Airride springs provide excellent vehicle stability and ideal passenger comfort on commercial bus applications. Choose from Single convoluted , double convoluted, and reversible sleeve bus air springs and air bags.
Today’s truck drivers demand the comfort and load control air springs provide, and a large majority of tractor trailers are converting to air suspension to greatly reduce cargo damage and vehicle maintenance. Specify Firestone air bags, and get the best!
Does the front end sag on your heavy vehicle or do you experience steering problems when carrying a heavy load? Firestone LoadShare Air Springs are designed to help level the front of your heavy vehicle.

Firestone Air Spring Identification Tips

Step 1: Use Site Search to find part number stamped on the Top Plate

Firestone Air Bag Part Number on Top Plate

The easiest and fastest way to identify Firestone air springs is by the part number stamped on the top plate. If this is not present, look for the bellows number stamped on the rubber. The bellows number is normally molded directly underneath the Firestone logo.

Enter the last four digits of the part number into the search box on our site. If you do not know the Firestone part number or bellows number, you may enter and search using other parts numbers such as: Goodyear Part Number, Goodyear Bellows Number, Triangle Part Number, Triangle Bellows Number, Manufacturers number (Hendrickson, Neway, etc.)

Step 2: Measure the Air Bag and Compare the Dimensions

Measuring a Firestone Air Bag

Measure and compare dimensions. The cross sectional view of the Airide spring shows dimensional information in inches on uninflated diameter, maximum height, and collapsed height. Measure the bead plate diameter and molded (uninflated) diameter of the rubber bellows (please note that the molded diameter can grow slightly with years of service). Then measure from the bottom of the piston to the top of the bead plate while the part is uninflated and extended.

Step 3: Identify the Top and Bottom Plates on the Air Spring

Top and Bottom plate of an air spring

Identify the top (bead plate) and bottom (piston) of the air spring. The same rubber bellows is used with many different combinations of bead plates and pistons, so be sure to check closely. Compare the bead plate and piston with the pictures from the “Cross Section View”, “Bead Plate Top View” and “Piston Bottom. You can view the images of the top plates and pistons by clicking on the “more images” button on the air spring product page. The piston can be further verified by reading the identification numbers inside the pistonand comparing these with those shown in the “Piston Bottom View”.

Air Spring Bellows Number is NOT the Part Number

The bellows number (number 1T15M-6 in step 1 ) is the number of the rubber that is used on the air spring and is not the actual part number used to order an air spring. The same bellows number can be used on multiple air springs. It is very helpful in narrowing down the search, but is not the actual part number. The part number (assembly number) is a combination of the top plate, bellows and piston numbers and will typically look like W01-358-9082 is step 1.

Firestone Hardware Key

Firestone Air Bag Hardware Key

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