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Gauges and Switches
Single gauge control panels and gauges are used to work with a pair of air springs. They include a single gauge with one needle for monitoring or inflating and deflating just the front or the rear of your air bags.
Dual gauge control panels and gauges are used to work with two individual air bags or two pair of air bags. Most include a single gauge with two needles for monitoring or inflating and deflating two air bags individually.
Inflate and default all four air springs individually with a quad control panel. Quad control panels are excellent for motorhome applications.
Need to replace your existing switch in your control panel or need a switch for a new air bag setup? We have switches for pneumatic and electric control panels from Air Lift, Firestone and Viair.
Gauges and Switches

Control panels and gauges and switches allow you to inflate, deflate, and monitor air spring air pressure from the comfort of your driver's seat.

Air suspension control panels are available in single, dual, or quad configurations that determine the level of control you have over your air suspension:

  • Single control panel - controls one pair of air springs
  • Dual control panel - controls 2 air springs individually, or 2 pair of air springs
  • Quad control panel - controls 4 air springs individually

Control panels are available with either pneumatic controls or electric controls.

  • Pneumatic control panels are used in systems that utilize tanks.
  • Electric control panels do NOT require a tank.
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