Air Compressor Kits and Components

Air Compressor Kits
Air compressor kits from Air Lift, Firestone, Hellwig and Viair. Air Compressor kits are the easiest way to maintain, inflate and deflate air from your air springs. Onboard Air Systems are available to fit any air source need you have.
Air Compressors
Air Compressors from Viair and Firestone are used by auto manufacturers, 4x4 off-road, sport air suspension, low riders, and more. We offer a variety of electric air compressors for numerous applications and uses.
OEM Air Compressors
Do you have factory air suspension on your car, truck or SUV and the air compressor is burned out or failed? Why pay high dealer prices when you can purchase a high quality OEM replacement air compressor that is designed specifically for your vehicle. You can fix your vehicle properly and have money left in your pocket with an OEM replacement air compressor. Our OEM replacement air compressors are already assembled and ready to bolt into place.
Gauges and Switches
Select from single, dual or quad control panels and gauges. Get control of your air bags with either pneumatic or electric control panels, gauges and switches.
Air Tanks
Air tanks are designed for both industrial and automotive applications, and are perfect for air suspension systems and air springs found on today's trucks, suvs, and motorhomes. Better yet, power your air tools with an air tank.
Air Fittings
Need to replace an air fitting? Working on a custom project and need to make some modifications? We have various shapes and sizes of air line fittings for all of your air suspension projects.
Air Filters
Need to replace the air filter on your air compressor? has filter elements and assemblies to help keep your air compressor running like new.
Air Compressor Accessories
We stock air compressor accessories including air compressor nozzles, pressure gauges, air compressor regulators, compressor mounting brackets, tire inflation guns, blow guns and more.
Air Hose and Air Line Tubing
We stock air line tubing by the foot so you can order exactly the amount you need. We offer 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch d.o.t. approved air line tubing in multiple colors.
Leader Hoses
Need a new or replacement leader hose for your air compressor, has quality leader hoses from Viair. Heavy duty rubber hoses feature a braided Stainless Steel outer jacket with in 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 inch male or female swivel connectors.
Pressure Switches
A pressure switch will control at what pressure the air compressor turns on and off. We offer standard, sealed, or pressure switches with built-in relays.

We have a complete line of air suspension parts for just about every application on the road. We stock air suspension parts for cars, SUV’s, pickup trucks, vans, semi-trucks, trailers, busses and motorhomes.

Have a leak in your air line and only need a couple of feet? Need to replace and air fitting on your air bag kit?  We stock replacement parts so you are back up and running in no time.

Not only do we stock and warehouse air suspension parts, we install everything we sell. Browse below, feel free to contact us at 1-800-358-4751, or stop by our retail and warehouse facility in Saginaw, MI.   

Most Popular Air Compressor Kits & Accessories

Part #: 451029 1/8 inch Air Line (Per foot) - BLACK - 451029
1/8 inch D.O.T. approved Black air line tubing. Made in the USA. Price per foot.
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Part #: FIR3032 Firestone Inflation Valve - 1/4 inch - FIR3032
Firestone Inflation valve 3032, also referred to as a Shrader valve is designed for air springs, air bags, and other air inflation components that use 1/4 inch air line. Used in all Firestone, Hellwig and Air Lift kits use 1/4 inch air line tubing.
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Part #: FIR3025 Firestone Union Tee Air Fitting - 1/4 Inch Tubing - FIR3025
Air line union tee fitting with 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 inch push-to-connect air line connections. Easy to use push-to-connect fitting makes for quick and simple air line connection.
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Part #: FIR3128 Firestone Male 90 Degree Elbow Swivel Air Fitting for 1/4 inch tubing, 1/8 NPT - FIR3128
Firestone 90 Degree Male Elbow Fitting 3128 has one threated 1/8 NPT fitting and one push-to-connect fitting for 1/4 inch airline. 90 degree fitting makes it easy to fit into tight spaces. Easy to use push-to-connect fitting makes for quick and simple air line connection.
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Part #: FIR3103 Firestone Male 90 Degree Elbow Swivel Air Fitting for 3/8 inch tubing, 1/4 NPT - FIR3103
Firestone Push-to-connect 90 Degree Male Elbow Fitting 3103 is designed to connect to a 3/8 inch airline. One threaded male 1/4 inch NPT fitting provides the option for connecting to an air tank or other component.
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Part #: 451030 1/4 inch Air Line (Per foot) - 451030
1/4 inch D.O.T. approved air line tubing. Made in the USA. Price per foot. Available in red or black. 1/4 inch air line is used in all Firestone, Air Lift and Hellwig air spring kits.
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Part #: 81-1034-250B 3/4 inch Air Line (Per foot) - Black - 81-1034-250B
Grote 3/4 inch Nylon Air Brake Line is designed to operate at up to 150 psi in air brake systems. The UV and ozone resistant nylon material resists gasoline, diesel fuel and other road chemicals and meets or exceeds DOT requirements for use with compression fittings. Tubing is priced by the foot. Black in color.
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Part #: AIL72000 Air Lift WirelessAIR - AIL72000
Wireless hand held unit for convenient operation. Controls two air springs independently and automatically maintains set pressures. Compact digital remote the size of garage door opener with memory buttons for frequently used settings.
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Part #: AIL25870 Air Lift WirelessONE - AIL25870
Wireless One uses a key fob to control the air pressure in your air bags. Controls both air springs at the same time using a standard duty compressor.
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Part #: 92837 Viair Compression Fitting - 1/4 inch Male - 92837
The Viair 92837 1/4 inch NPT male compression fitting is designed to fit 1/4 inch airline. Brass construction for a virtually leak-free connection to your tank port.
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