Timbren Suspension Kits are easy to install, and require no maintenance. Made of Rubber, and mounted between the truck chassis and the axle, a set of Timbrens work with the existing suspension to protect it from overloading, bottoming out, and sway.

Timbren SES Kits - Level your Truck

Does the rear of your truck sag when connecting your 5th wheel or boat trailer? When you hook up your snow plow does the front of your plow truck dip down a little farther than you would like? Timbren offers high quality suspension leveling kits for the front and rear of almost every truck on the road.

As you can see in the above video, Timbren suspension enhancement system (SES) kits are designed to work when your truck is loaded and won’t change the way your truck handles when it isn't. They are a direct replacement of your existing suspension bump stop and help support loads once the weight is applied. They work in conjunction with the existing suspension, to improve your ride and to protect the vehicle against the effects of overloading.

Timbren rubber springs are mounted between the truck frame and the axle, acting as a bump stop to improve the ride of your truck and to protect springs against overloading. Best of all, they're air-less, which means that you don’t need any additional parts to get your vehicle on the road with enhanced suspension performance.

Timbren Suspension Enhancement Kit Benefits

  • Helps eliminate spring sag and improves stability
  • Maintenance and trouble free - No air lines
  • No special tools or skills are required to install your Timbren kit
  • Requires no alteration to your present suspension - Uses existing holes in frame
  • Each kit is complete with all the necessary parts; instructions for easy installation
  • Timbren products have added stability to trucks, vans and RVs for over 40 years
  • Used by municipal and state highway departments throughout the U.S.
  • Improves your vehicle's ride and protects against the effects of overloading
  • Lifetime guarantee

Timbren Ride Control products enhance a vehicle's empty ride quality, while providing protection against overloading, road shock, bottoming out, sway and broken springs. Timbren Front axle kits prevent front end nose diving. Together, these features provide a smooth, level ride, even with heavy loads.

Most Popular Timbren Suspension Kits

Part #: GMFK25S Timbren GMFK25S Suspension Enhancement System - GMFK25S
Timbren kit GMFK25S fits front applications for GMC and Chevrolet trucks and SUVs, including the Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade and Avalanche. Front Timbren kits are an easy way to add support to the front of your suspension. Designed specifically to eliminate front end sag from snow plows and other heavy front-mounted equipment. Simple bolt-on installation makes for a quick install!
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Part #: GMFK15A Timbren Kit - GM Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Express  and Savana, Front - GMFK15A
Timbren kit GMFK15A fits front applications for the GM Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Express and Savana. Front Timbren kits are an easy way to add extra support to the front of your suspension. Designed specifically to help eliminate front end sag and
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Part #: FR1504D Timbren Kit - 2009-2014 Ford F-150, Rear 4WD - FR1504D
Timbren kit FR1504D fits rear applications for the 4WD Ford F-150. Timbren kits are easy to install, are maintenance free and come with a lifetime warranty. Timbren springs deliver both good ride quality and improved load handling without affecting your ride.
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Part #: FF350SDC Timbren Kit - Ford F-250, F-350, Front 4WD - FF350SDC
Timbren kit FF350SDC fits front applications for the 4WD Ford F-250 and F-350. Front Timbren kits are an easy way to add extra support to the front of your suspension. Designed specifically to help eliminate front end sag and provide load support, a fron
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Part #: NRNVHD Timbren Kit - 2012-2015 Nissan NV2500 and NV3500, Rear 2WD - NRNVHD
Timbren kit NRNVHD fits rear applications for the 2WD Nissan NV2500 and NV3500. Timbren kits are easy to install, are maintenance free and come with a lifetime warranty. Timbren springs deliver both good ride quality and improved load handling without aff
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Timbren Kits Solve the following Suspension Problems

Suspension Sag:

Heavy loads cause the front or rear suspension to deflect lower than desired. Powerful, durable hollow rubber Timbren springs help carry the heaviest loads easily. Road shock is absorbed, reducing wear and tear on suspensions. The Timbren load booster acts as bump stop, to eliminate bottoming out on bumps.

Body Roll:

If your vehicle leans on corners or curves, progressive rate Timbren suspension kits can improve weight distribution to all 4 corners of the vehicle. This helps keep the vehicle level, improves steering and reduces brake and tire wear.

Rough Ride:

You feel every bump in the road and every expansion joint. Rubber bump stops in each Timbren kit are designed to soak up road shock and bumps. The result is a smooth stable rubber cushion ride.

Trailer Sway:

Eliminate wallowing along the highway, drifting in crosswinds or when passing heavy trucks. For more driver and passenger comfort, Timbren suspension enhancement systems sense vehicle body movement and automatically increase roll stability.

Typical Uses for Timbren Kits

At TruckSpring.com we have experience selling and installing Timbren kits for a wide variety of customers. Whether you're a weekend camper looking to support your trailer or landscaping company with a fleet of snow plow trucks, we can help find the correct kit for your truck, SUV or motorhome.

Timbren Front Kit

Snow Removal Equipment:

Whether you use a pickup to clear a small driveway or a class 8 highway truck with a wing blade, Timbren has a Suspension Enhancement System designed to provide a safe and level ride for plowing snow in the toughest of environments. These high performance suspension kits are spec'd on most state, county and provincial transport equipment for snow plowing. Many snowplows are also equipped with very high center of gravity salt spreaders carrying heavy loads that induce sway. The rear Timbren Kit will improve roll stiffness and absorb road shock.

Towing Trailers:

Whether you are towing a horse trailer, RV or full size 54 foot highway trailer, a Timbren Overload Booster Kit installed on your tow vehicle will provide you with peace of mind because you'll know that your suspension can handle the extra stress. The enjoyment of a safe, stable ride without the expected sag from the weight of the trailer makes the addition of the Timbren Suspension Enhancement System an easy decision to make.

Timbren Rear Kit

Recreational Towing and Hauling:

Remember the last time you were driving 'white knuckled' through the mountains, wondering if your RV and tow vehicle were going to make it through the next hairpin turn? Rest easy with the Timbren suspension enhancement system on your vehicle. Not only will this product improve roll stability and reduce sway on top heavy loads, it will also improve vehicle dynamics and high speed maneuverability without comprising ride quality. Timbren's kits provide peace of mind for users of vans, pickups, SUV's, Class A, B, C recreational vehicles.

Towing and Wrecker Companies:

Timbren kits have been helping the wrecker industry since their beginning. From a ¾ ton truck with a sneaker unit, to a full size class 8 wrecker, Timbren's muscle provides the capacity needed to haul anything. The compact severe service Timbren package allows drivers to maintain a safe even ride without the front of the vehicle pointing to the sky. By shifting the weight to the front axle and maintaining a level ride, a Timbren Kit will keep you moving, and you will never again have to leave a potential tow at the side of the road!

Emergency Vehicles:

Emergency vehicles often need an improvement in vehicle dynamics and high speed maneuverability without compromising ride quality. Timbren's suspension enhancement system provides excellent stability while offering a smooth ride with any loading condition. Ambulances, fire trucks, and service vehicles all benefit from the extra safety and capacity provided by a set of Timbrens.


From hauling hay through a field, to high load off road applications, the Timbren suspension enhancement system will protect your suspension, and will improve the performance of your all of your farm trucks. For leaf spring, torsion bar, air ride and other types of suspensions the suspension enhancement system provides stability, maintains ride height, and improves the vehicle dynamics for both on and off road applications. Timbren also provides custom applications for other agricultural equipment including bailers and sprayers.

Timbren Kits - Typical Applications

  • Snow Plows and Snow Removal Equipment
  • Towing Trailers - landscape trailers, horse trailers, etc.
  • Recreational Vehicles - RVs, motorhomes, campers
  • Towing & Wreckers
  • Emergency Vehicles - Ambulances, Fire trucks and service vehicles
  • Agricultural Vehicles

Why Buy Timbren Kits from TruckSpring.com

We have been installing and shipping Timbren kits for years and have experience with all makes and models of trucks, motorhomes and SUV's. We offer Free Shipping on all Timbren kits throughout the contiguous United States and ship worldwide via USPS or UPS. We stock a full inventory of Timbren and most kits ship the same day. Low price guarantee. We will beat any competitors price on all Timbren kits. Do you have a fleet of trucks? Feel free to contact us at 1-800-358-4751 for a quote.

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