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Air Bag Suspension Kits are engineered for specific vehicle makes and models. Listed below are the makes and models for our most popular kits.

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Ride on Air Lift's air springs for 60 days. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the improvement in road comfort and load handling. Air bag suspension upgrades are available for both coil spring and leaf spring suspensions.
Improve your vehicle's ride. Add a Firestone Air Spring Kit to level your truck, reduce/eliminate vehicle sag and sway, and give you an overall smoother, safer ride. Available for vehicles with coil spring and leaf spring suspensions.
Hellwig air spring kits offer better handling and control when your vehicle is under heavily loaded conditions. Hellwig air bags mount between the frame and the suspension of your truck, providing load support through the use of adjustable air pressure.
Do you have you have a lifted truck and want to add an air bag kit? We offer air spring spacers that allow you to install a standard kit with your lifted vehicle. We stock air bag spacer kits for trucks that have been lifted from 2 inches up to 6 inches.
Buy genuine Air Lift and Firestone replacement air bags at Replacement air bags for Air Lift 1000, Ride Control, and Load Lifter 5000 air spring kits, as well as Firestone Coil Rite, Sport-Rite, and Ride-Rite suspension kits.

How does an Air Bag Suspension Kit compare to a Timbren Kit

The biggest different between an air bag suspension kit and a Timbren Kit is that the Timbren Kit does not use air. Air is used by air bag suspension kits to inflate/deflate the air bags, and adjust or 'tune' the vehicle ride height to the current load. A Timbren kit is not 'adjustable', and is commonly referred to as a 'fixed' load support system. There are many competing products in the fixed load support category, so a better question, actually, is Air or No Air?

Air Suspension Kit

Typical Air Spring Suspension Kit
  • Price: Usually more expensive than a 'fixed' load support kit
  • Adjustable: air pressure can be adjusted to inflate or deflate suspension air bags to desired ride height
  • Side to Side leveling: can raise one side of the vehicle more than the other - might be important if you have a motorhome with a water tank on one side.
  • Front to back leveling: can adjust the front air bags separate from the rear
  • Time to Install: more difficult to install than a fixed load support system. Need to run air lines, and depending on options, may need to install dash panel gauges, and an on-board air compressor.
  • Maintenance: although not common, air leaks in air lines, and holes in air bags can occur. Replacement air bags are readily available, and not difficult to install.
  • Minimum Air Pressure: all air bag suspension systems require a minimum of 5-10 psi to be in the bags. Not maintaining pressure is a major cause of air spring failure.
  • Products: Firestone Coil Rite, Firestone Sport Rite, Firestone Ride Rite, Air Lift 1000, Air Lift Ride Control, Air Lift Load Lifter 5000, Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate, Hellwig Air Bag Kits, Hellwig Power Lift

Fixed Load Support (No Air) Timbren Kit

  • Price: usually a more economical solution than an air spring suspension
  • Installation: Most kits can be installed in about an hour, and can be done with simple hand tools
  • Adjustability: these suspension kits are progressive, and stiffen up when a load is placed on them, you cannot fine tune the ride height to the exact desired height as an air bag kit.
  • Maintenance: no maintenance required - great for fleets
  • Products: Firestone Work Rite, Air Lift Air Cell, Timbren Suspension Enhancement Kit, SumoSprings

If you would like more information, check out the article, "Air or No Air? Which suspension kit is better?"

How Much Air Should I add to my Air Bag Suspension?

Each manufacturer and product line will have a different requirement when it comes to maximum air pressure, but here is a brief guide of the most common air spring kits. Check out the article, Air Bag Air Pressure for more information.

  • Air Lift 1000 kits – 35 to 100 lbs. maximum PSI (Varies with application)
  • Firestone Coil-Rite Kits – 35 to 90 lbs. maximum PSI (Varies with application)
  • Air Lift Ride Control kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
  • Firestone Sport-Rite kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
  • Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
  • Firestone Ride-Rite Kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI
  • Hellwig Air Bag Kits – 100 lbs. maximum PSI

Benefits of an Air Bag Suspension

  • Stability & Safety: keep your vehicle level and eliminate sway
  • Bottoming Out: the air cushion provided by the spring, softens and lessens the contact between the frame and the axle
  • Ride Improvement: adjust the air pressure to compensate for the load
  • Reduce Suspension Fatigue: keep leaf springs from sagging under constant load
  • Headlight Aim: level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming

Air Bag Suspension Upgrades & Accessories

Our Most Popular Air Bag Suspension Kits

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