Air Lift Air Bags

Air Lift air springs and air bag kits are designed to handle the heaviest loads that you tow or haul. Air Lift suspension kits will you give you added safety and improved ride comfort. Air Lift is confident that you will be satisfied with their product, it backs them up with a no questions asked 60 day ride satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

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Select your vehicle make, year, and model, to see a list of air lift air bags that fit your specific vehicle. Begin by choosing the make of your vehicle below.

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Safely Tow Heavy Loads with the Comfort of Air Lift Air Springs

Tow your trailer and haul your heavy loads with safety and comfort with Air Lift air springs. Air Lift air springs provide extra support to your suspension by allowing you to add air when hauling a heavy load and deflate when you are not towing or empty. Simply add air to Air Lift air springs and you instantly have greater safety and comfort when towing.

Air Lift Air Springs Benefits

Air Lift Air Springs vs. Fixed Load Support

Why choose Air Lift air springs over other types of helper springs or overload springs like Hellwig, Timbren, or SuperSprings? We get this question a lot at Truckspring. First, consider the benefits of air springs and the problems they solve. Air Lift air spring kits ensure that the weight on your vehicle is property distributed to all four tires - this helps stabilize your vehicle, and provides a smoother, safer ride. Also, air springs are adjustable, providing the number one benefit over other suspension load support products. You can add air when you need the extra support and deflate when you want a softer ride. Other load support products are typically fixed and cannot be adjusted like an air spring kit. It's a nice option to be able to fine tune your ride when you hook up your boat trailer or camper to the exact firmness you want. Returning home from a camping trip with an RV that doesn't have as much water in the tanks as when you left? Simply take some of the air out of your air springs and soften up the ride for your return trip home.

About Air Lift Air Bags and Air Lift Company - A Michigian Company!

Air Lift Air Springs or Firestone Air Bags?

Why choose Air Lift Air Spring Kits over another brand like Firestone Air Spring Kits? We have been selling both Firestone and Air Lift kits for years. Both work well and it often comes down to preference, but Air Lift does have some advantages over other air helper spring manufacturers.

Air Lift - Industry Best Warranty

Air Lift Ride Control Lifetime Warranty

Air Lift offers an industry best warranty on their air spring kits: a limited lifetime warranty on everything in the box. Not just the air spring; they offer a warranty on everything from the air springs and mounting brackets to the nuts and bolts. At TruckSpring, we have years of experience working with Air Lift Company. Like us, they are a Michigan based company, and are only a 1-1/2 hour drive away. We know firsthand how they operate, and have a good working relationship with Air Lift. We have never had a warranty problem that the Air Lift Company did not handle promptly and professionally. With years of experience installing Air Lift air spring kits, we don't contact Air Lift with technical questions very often, but when we do, they provide us with the information we need to solve a problem.

Air Lift 60 day Ride Satisfaction Guarantee

Air Lift Ride Control Lifetime Warranty

Air Lift's 60 day ride satisfaction guarantee is not offered by any other air helper spring company. It's just like it sounds. Ride on the air springs for 60 days and if you’re not happy with them, return them for credit. They are confident in their product and offering a ride satisfaction guarantee takes the worry out of wondering if you will like the ride.

Why Buy From TruckSpring

  • Fast Shipping - We stock Air Lift kits and most ship same day.
  • Inventory & Forecasting - Air Lift does an excellent job of forecasting and shipping our stock orders and they are only 1-1/2 hours from us so we seldom run into stocking issues.
  • Tech Support - we have years of experience working directly with Air Lift. We install Air lift kits and air compressors and run 2 shifts so we have someone available to help you until 11:00 pm EST during the week and 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

If you have any questions about any Air Lift air spring kits, feel free to contact us at 1-800-358-4751 or +1-989-755-0561.

You can also narrow your search by selecting a category:
Air Lift 1000
Easy to Install, and designed for front or rear coil spring suspensions, Air Lift 1000 Air Spring kits provide up to 1,000 lbs of leveling support to passenger cars, RVs, SUVs, and trucks.
Air Lift Ride Control
Air Lift Ride Control Air Bag Kits provide up to 2,000 lbs of leveling support for light duty hauling and towing. Add additional load support without changing the vehicle's smooth factory ride.
Air Lift Load Lifter 5000
Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 air spring kits add serious muscle to your leaf spring suspension. Designed for heavy duty hauling and towing, the Load Lifter 5000 Air Helper Spring Kit provides up to 5,000 lbs of leveling support.
Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate
Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 Ultimate Series air springs provide the safest, most durable, maintenance-free suspension available for towing or loaded vehicles. Utilizes an internal jounce bumper to absorb shock and prevents the vehicle from bottoming out.
Air Lift Replacement Air Bags is your source for Air Lift replacement parts. As an authorized Air Lift distributor, we stock Air Lift air spring kits and replacement parts. Browse around online, and shop using our secure online catalog, or give us a call @ 1-800-358-4751 for replacement air springs and bellows for Air Lift 1000, Air Lift Ride Control, and Load Lifter 5000.

Air Bag Suspension Upgrades & Accessories

Our Most Popular Air Compressor Kits

Part #: AIL25870 Air Lift WirelessONE - AIL25870
Wireless One uses a key fob to control the air pressure in your air bags. Controls both air springs at the same time using a standard duty compressor.
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Part #: AIL72000 Air Lift WirelessAIR - AIL72000
Wireless hand held unit for convenient operation. Controls two air springs independently and automatically maintains set pressures. Compact digital remote the size of garage door opener with memory buttons for frequently used settings.
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Part #: FIR2158 Firestone Level Command II Air Compressor System - Single Gauge - FIR2158
Firestone Level Command II Air Compressor Kit 2158 provides equal inflation of your air bags with a standard duty compressor. The Level Command II is ideal for filling your Coil-Rite, Ride-Rite, and Sport-Rite Air Springs. The single switch and gauge design allows for easy adjustment for towing or hauling centered loads.
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Part #: AIL25592 Air Lift Load Controller II Air Compressor Kit - AIL25592
Light duty onboard compressor system for light duty or occasional use. Includes low pressure sensor for automatic pressure control. Light duty, single control compressor kit.
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Part #: AIL25850 Air Lift Load Controller with Standard Duty Compressor – Single Path Gauge - AIL25850
Load Controller with single control and standard duty compressor provides equal inflation of both air bags.
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