Firestone Air Springs

Improve your vehicle's ride. Add a Firestone Air Spring Kit to level your truck, reduce/eliminate vehicle sag and sway, and give you an overall smoother, safer ride. Available for vehicles with coil spring and leaf spring suspensions.

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As you add weight when towing heavy loads, you suddenly realize that your truck’s headlights are pointing up into the trees as your suspension works to compensate for the extra mass. Maybe you’ve also noticed that your vehicle tends to sway as you drive it, or your suspension has been wearing down quickly due to continuous hauling. Or, you use your suspension frequently for hauling and want to extend its life as long as possible, preventing fatigue and damage that occurs down the road without making a drastic change to the overall appearance and feel of your truck.

An air spring kit from Firestone will help to not only level your truck but also improve the overall quality of the handling, reducing both swaying and sagging to give you a better ride while helping to correct unevenness in your truck’s body. Also known as helper springs or air bags, these springs work in tandem with your existing suspension system to optimize stability and load capacity. Each air spring kit comes with easy installation instructions.

Firestone offers a variety of different options to address your specific concerns or needs. From the sleeve style Sport Rite to the Level Rite kits designed with the Silverado, Sierra and RAM truck in mind, you’ll find just what you need. Air springs, such as the Coil Rite, have adjustable air pressure, giving you as much or as little air as you need when you need it. It’s a perfect solution for when you drive with a heavy load, and it won’t impede performance when you’re driving without one.

If you’re just looking to replace your current air bags, Firestone offers replacement air bags that can take the place of worn out air bags or supplement your current ones for a better ride. Be sure to check out air compressors and components for even easier maintenance and control over how much or how little air you’re getting.


With over 65 years of research and development, Firestone leads the way in air spring components and accessories. They’re one of our most trusted brands with a name that carries a legacy of quality craftsmanship. We’ve been installing Firestone air springs for years and can work with almost any truck or heavy duty vehicle. Feel free to order online to call us to speak with one of our suspension specialists at 1-800-358-4751.

You can also narrow your search by selecting a category:
Firestone Coil Rite
Firestone Coil-Rite air springs are designed for coil spring suspensions. You can alter the performance of your coil spring by simply adding air pressure when needed. Coil-Rite kits are an inexpensive way to level your truck, van and motorhome when towing or hauling heavy loads.
Firestone Sport-Rite
Firestone Sport-Rite air spring kits will support up to 3,000 lbs. and are designed for many ½ pickups and vans. The sleeve style air springs allow fitment where other style air springs will not work. Sport-Rite kits are great leveling out your truck when towing smaller boats or campers.
Firestone Ride-Rite
Firestone Ride-Rite air spring kits have up to a 5,000 lbs. load support capacity and are designed for the heavy haulers. If you are looking for an air spring kit to haul your 5th wheel with your Ford F-350 Super duty or you Chevy Silverado 3500, Firestone Ride-Rite is what you will need.
Firestone Level-Rite
Firestone Level-Rite suspension kits are designed to level the front end of certain Silverado, Sierra and RAM pickup trucks. With Level-Rite you get the best of both worlds, a Firestone air spring with a high performance a Bilstein shock absorber. They are great for snow plows, heavy front mounted winches, grill guards or slide in campers.

Our Most Popular Air Compressor Kits

Part #: AIL25870 Air Lift WirelessONE - AIL25870
Wireless One uses a key fob to control the air pressure in your air bags. Controls both air springs at the same time using a standard duty compressor.
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Part #: AIL72000 Air Lift WirelessAIR - AIL72000
Wireless hand held unit for convenient operation. Controls two air springs independently and automatically maintains set pressures. Compact digital remote the size of garage door opener with memory buttons for frequently used settings.
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Part #: FIR2158 Firestone Level Command II Air Compressor System - Single Gauge - FIR2158
Firestone Level Command II Air Compressor Kit 2158 provides equal inflation of your air bags with a standard duty compressor. The Level Command II is ideal for filling your Coil-Rite, Ride-Rite, and Sport-Rite Air Springs. The single switch and gauge design allows for easy adjustment for towing or hauling centered loads.
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Part #: AIL25592 Air Lift Load Controller II Air Compressor Kit - AIL25592
Light duty onboard compressor system for light duty or occasional use. Includes low pressure sensor for automatic pressure control. Light duty, single control compressor kit.
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Part #: AIL25850 Air Lift Load Controller with Standard Duty Compressor – Single Path Gauge - AIL25850
Load Controller with single control and standard duty compressor provides equal inflation of both air bags.
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