Firestone Air Springs for Scion Vehicles

Firestone Air Springs

Firestone Air Springs are engineered to fit the latest iQ, and xB models as well as many other Scion vehicles. Select your year to find the Firestone products designed for your specific vehicle.

Step 2: Choose the Year of Your Scion Vehicle

Select your year to find firestone air springs for your specific vehicle.

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Our Most Popular Air Compressor Kits

Part #: AIL25870 Air Lift WirelessONE - AIL25870
Wireless One uses a key fob to control the air pressure in your air bags. Controls both air springs at the same time using a standard duty compressor.
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Part #: AIL72000 Air Lift WirelessAIR - AIL72000
Wireless hand held unit for convenient operation. Controls two air springs independently and automatically maintains set pressures. Compact digital remote the size of garage door opener with memory buttons for frequently used settings.
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Part #: FIR2158 Firestone Level Command II Air Compressor System - Single Gauge - FIR2158
Firestone Level Command II Air Compressor Kit 2158 provides equal inflation of your air bags with a standard duty compressor. The Level Command II is ideal for filling your Coil-Rite, Ride-Rite, and Sport-Rite Air Springs. The single switch and gauge design allows for easy adjustment for towing or hauling centered loads.
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Part #: AIL25592 Air Lift Load Controller II Air Compressor Kit - AIL25592
Light duty onboard compressor system for light duty or occasional use. Includes low pressure sensor for automatic pressure control. Light duty, single control compressor kit.
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Part #: AIL25850 Air Lift Load Controller with Standard Duty Compressor – Single Path Gauge - AIL25850
Load Controller with single control and standard duty compressor provides equal inflation of both air bags.
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Upgrades & Accessories for Firestone Air Spring Kits