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Snow Plow and Salt Spreader Support
Snow Plow and Salt Spreader Support
Timbren Suspension kits are highly recommended by professionals and governments for all snow removal equipment to help get the job done. They provide extra capacity for all your snow removal equipment and help protect your suspension from wear and tear.
AirCell's closed-cell urethane foam improves the ride, compared to factory suspension, by providing a cushion of air to protect the front of your vehicle from big bumps and front end sag when plowing. Air Cell is an economically priced support system.
Firestone has designed a fully-protected, reversible sleeve air spring and paired it with a high-performance Bilstein monotube shock absorber for perfectly matched performance characteristics over the entire operation spectrum when using your snow plow.
Work-Rite springs are made of a base polymer developed specifically for the automotive industry with low temperature flexibility and a high repeated compression resistance which makes them great for snow equipment, plow trucks and salt spreaders.
SumoSprings are the “airless airbag” designed to prevent your plow truck from sagging and improve your ride! SumoSprings are a variable rate spring with load capacities of up to 3,000 pounds that eliminate the unforgiving banging on your front end.
Snow Plow and Salt Spreader Support

Do you have a plow truck and the front end sags from the snow plow or the rear squats down from a load of salt or the weight of your spreader? At TruckSpring.com, we have a variety of solutions for adding extra support to your snow and ice removal equipment. 

Most of the suspension upgrades we offer come with a lifetime warranty, are easy to install and will save you money in the long run by protecting your truck from the constant beatings of hard winter of plowing snow.  They don’t replace your existing suspension, rather work in conjunction with it and provide additional support only when needed. 

At TruckSpring.com, we have years of experience installing and working with suspension kits and upgrades for plow trucks and salt spreaders. Do you have a Boss, Myer or Fisher Snow plow?  We can help you find the correct suspension solution for your truck. Whether you have a one truck landscaping business or are a maintenance manger for a fleet of highway snow removal trucks, give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 - we're suspension experts. 

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