Fifth Wheel Hitches

A fifth wheel hitch provides that critical link between your truck and trailer. Designed for carrying heavy loads, the attachment point in the bed of the truck allows the truck to carry significantly greater amount of weight over a bumper mounted system. The design prevents the trailer from having any steering effect on the tow vehicle, and is what gives fifth wheel trailers such good road manners. Wind gusts and road irregularities have little or no effect on tow-vehicle stability.

Many fifth wheel hitches are mounted so they tilt fore and aft, but having only the fore-and-aft pivot restricts side-to-side movement. 4 way pivoting 5th wheel hitches from Reese, Pro Series or Draw-Tite allow the pinbox to move in any direction with respect to the pickup, while still maintaining a tight mechanical connection. A 4 way pivot head makes it easier to hitch or unhitch the trailer on uneven ground.

5th wheel hitches ranging from 15,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. capacity for Ford, GM, Dodge and Toyota trucks are available in a fixed or slider style made by quality manufactures like Reese, Pro Series and Draw-Tite.

Slider style fifth wheel hitches allow the hitch to be moved fore or aft to better accommodate short bed trucks and reduce trailer-to-cab collisions during sharp turns. When maneuvering tight turns such as backing up a slider unit unlocks and slides towards the rear of the truck, providing room for proper clearance at the cab. It then unlocks and slides forward for regular towing.

Without Slider With Slider
   Without Slider              With Slider

Whether you choose a removable fifth wheel hitch system that use permanently mounted rails in the truck bed or an underbed style of hitch mount that provides uninhibited use of your truck bed once the hitch is removed, has the 5th wheel mount, hitch or accessory for your truck.

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