Towing Mirrors

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Towing mirrors help eliminate blind spots and give you increased visibility while hauling your camper, boat or trailer. We carry everything from extendable towing mirrors to stick on hotspot mirrors.

Towing Mirrors
Custom Towing Mirrors slide over your vehicle's existing mirror to give you added vision while towing. These mirrors are application-specific to provide the perfect fit for your vehicle. Slide them on when towing and off when not!
Extendable towing mirrors replace your existing mirrors and extend for up to an extra 4 1/2 inches to give you the extra visibility you need.
Extend your view up to 17 inches from your vehicle with a mirror that mounts to you door, fender or camper.
Towing mirrors that attach by clip or suction cup for universal applications.
Eliminate blind spots by giving your mirrors a wider viewing angle with clamp on or stick on hotspot mirrors.
Replace your broken or damaged mirror head with these universal OEM style West Coast replacement heads. Available in different styles.

Eliminate Blind Spots with Towing Mirrors

Blind spots cause accidents every day on the roadways all over the world. These types of accidents can be greatly reduced by the use of towing mirrors and “hotspot” mirrors to reduce blind spots.

Typically, the larger your vehicle is the greater amount and size of blind spots you’ll encounter. Towing a boat or trailer can dramatically increase your blind spots. Towing mirrors are a simple and cost effective solution to reducing and eliminating blind spots.

Towing mirrors come in a variety of styles, sizes and prices. At, we offer everything from custom vehicle specific tow mirrors that replace your existing mirrors to inexpensive stick on hotspot mirrors.

Considering the benefit they provide, tow mirrors are an inexpensive solution to blind spots and will increase your safety and let you relax and enjoy the road. They require no special tools and typical can be installed in minutes.

If you are looking for added visibility while hauling your boat, 5th wheel trailer or a big work load, is your source for your towing mirrors.