Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Heavy Duty Truck Parts

We are warehouse distributors for brake, driveline, exhaust, electrical, steering, fifth wheels, landing gear, leaf springs, suspension parts and more for heavy duty trucks, trailers and busses. Call 1-800-358-4751 for assistance.

Truck Body Parts
Need to replace the hood springs, hood cables or latches on your heavy duty truck? TruckSpring.com has what you need. Quality replacement parts from Automann and Atro will get your truck back in shape and ready for the road.
Brake and Wheel Parts
If you looking for brake parts for heavy duty trucks and trailers, we've got you covered. We stock a complete line of brake parts for class 6, 7, 8 semi-trucks, trailers and busses. From brake drums, shoes, camshafts, seals, air tanks, chambers and more.
Coupling Products
On or off-road, we have a coupling product to fit your application. We offer a complete line of coupling products including pintle hooks, couplers, drawbars, pintle mounts, tow hooks, shackles and more.
Driveline Products
Looking to repair or modify your driveshaft? Have a bad end yoke or slip yoke? On the farm and your pto shaft broke? At Michigan Truck Spring we stock a complete line of driveline products for light duty pickups, agricultural applications and semi-trucks.
Exhaust Parts
Need a new exhaust pipe, stack or muffler for your class 6,7 or 8 truck? Do you have an exhaust clamp that needs replacing? We stock exhaust pipes, stacks, mufflers, tubing and parts to get you back on the road.
Electrical & Lighting
We carry a full line of electrical components for heavy duty trucks and trailers. Have an LED light out and looking for a replacement? We stock clearance, stop, turn, tail lights, switches, mounting accessories and more.
Fifth Wheels and Components
We stock fifth wheels wheels that have earned a reputation of exceptional durability, reliability, and continue to raise the bar on fifth wheel performance standards, while lowering the total cost-of-ownership.
Trailer Landing Gear and Replacement Parts
Are you having landing gear problems on your trailer? We stock both Jost International and Holland landing gear and repair parts. Need a new crank handle for your landing gear? Stop by our Michigan parts department or have one shipped same day.
Truck and Trailer Leaf Springs and Hardware
At Michigan Truck Spring we obviously have a deep history in truck and trailer springs and all the parts associated with them. Since our beginning in 1926 as Michigan Truck Spring and Bumper, we have over 84 years of experience in distributing springs.
Steering Components for Trucks
Having problems with the front end of your truck? Have a control arm or a ball joint that is worn out? In the market for a new steering gear box? We stock steering parts for light, medium and heavy duty trucks.
Truck and Trailer Suspension Parts
Installing suspension parts in our service department and having parts department counter specialist with suspension parts installation experience gives us the ability to quickly identify the proper solutions and parts needed for your suspension needs.
Want to give your commercial truck or trailer a modern updated look and save fuel and weight? Then change your standard steel wheels with quality forged aluminum wheels. A lighter aluminum wheel means greater fuel savings, extra payload capability, longer tire and brake life and forged strength. Available in popular sizes and machined or polished finished for just the right look.
Parts Delivery and Shipping
We offer free truck and trailer parts delivery in many parts of Michigan including, Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, Detroit, Lansing, Port Huron, Flint, Traverse City, Kalkaska and more. Not in the area, contact us at 1-800-358-4751 for a shipping quote.
Service Department
Our service department in Saginaw, MI runs two shifts so your down time is limited. We have 14 bays and can service everything from pickups to the big rigs. Our certified mechanics offer a variety of services for all types of trucks, trailers and busses.

At Michigan Truck Spring we stock a complete line of truck, bus, trailer and RV parts from major manufacturers at competitive prices. We supply brake, drivetrain, steering and suspension parts for a wide variety of class 6, 7, and 8 trucks and trailers from trusted brands that meet OEM specifications.

We are a warehouse distributor which allows us to offer high quality heavy duty truck parts at competitive prices. We ship parts worldwide.

Call us today at 1-800-358-4751 or 989-755-0561 to order Heavy Duty Truck Parts, or to schedule an appointment with our service department.

Popular Truck Parts for Commercial Trucks and Trailers

Part #: SLN912 Lock Nut 9/16 inch - 12 - SLN912
Lock Nut. Grade C, 9/16 inch 12 TPI threads.
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Part #: C916412 Leaf Spring Bolt - 9/16 x 4.5 Inch - C916412
Leaf Spring Bolt for Dodge, GM and Ford. 4.5 inch length, 9/16 inch - 12 threads. 1.378 inch thread length. Grade 8 Plain. Uses SLN912 lock nut.
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Part #: SLN1011 Lock Nut 5/8 inch - SLN1011
5/8 inch Lock Nut.
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Part #: W01-358-9448 Firestone Reversible Sleeve Air Spring - W01-358-9448
Genuine Firestone replacement air spring W01-358-9448. Firestone air bag 9448 is designed to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble free service.
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Part #: PL1049 Chalmers Torque Rod Bushing - PL1049
Torque Rod Bushing. Fits Chalmers 700 trailer suspension, 800/1000 truck suspension.
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Part #: GS-RL3519DA30 Type 30 Chamber - GS-RL3519DA30
Type 30 Brake Chamber.
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Part #: LNC18MM Ford Lock Nut - M18 - 2.5 Pitch - LNC18MM
Ford 27mm Lock Nut. Grade 10.9 with M18-2.5 threads.
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Part #: M1755 Leaf Spring Shackle Kit - Rear of Rear - M1755
Automann Leaf Spring Shackle Kit for Rear of Rear applications.
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Part #: W01-358-7001 Firestone Single Convoluted Bus Air Spring, GILLIG - W01-358-7001
Firestone AirRide bus air spring W01-358-7001. Firestone air bag 7001 is designed to provide excellent vehicle stability and ideal passenger comfort.
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Part #: W02-358-7012 Firestone Sleeve Style Air Spring - W02-358-7012
Genuine Firestone replacement air spring W02-358-7012. Firestone air bag 7012 is designed to provide years and thousands of miles of trouble free service.
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