Ball Mounts and Drawbars

Class I Drawbars
Class I drawbar kits include a 1-1/4 inch drawbar, pin and clip and are rated up to 2,000 lbs weigh carrying and a 200 lbs. Tongue weight.
Class II Drawbars
Class II drawbar kits include a 1-1/4 inch drawbar, pin and clip and are rated up to 3,500 lbs weigh carrying and a 300 lbs. Tongue weight.
Class III / IV Ball Mounts
Class III and IV ball mounts are the most commonly used in towing today and are for use with 2 inch square trailer hitches. Upgrade your old ball mount with a new cushioned ball mount and protect your vehicle’s driveline and trailer contents.
Class V Ball Mounts
Class V ball mounts are designed for the heavy haulers. Class V ball mounts are ideal for a variety of marine, agricultural and recreational trailers and towing uses.
Adjustable Ball Mounts
Do you tow more than one trailer? Adjustable ball mounts are perfect if you tow multiple trailers with varying coupler heights. Adjustable ball mounts will save you time and eliminate the need for carrying multiple trailer hitch mounts.
Specialty Ball Mounts
Do you have a one trailer with a 2 inch hitch ball and another trailer with a 2-5/16 or 1-7/8 inch trailer ball? Select a ball mount with 2 or 3 trailer balls so you can easily change from one trailer or towing application to another.
Trailer Hitch Receiver Adapters
Receiver adapters convert a standard 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch opening to a 2 inch trailer hitch opening or a 2 inch receiver hitch opening to a 1-1/4 inch receiver opening in no time. Trailer hitch adapters are ideal for bike racks and cargo carriers.
Trailer Hitch Extensions
Do your propane tanks or trailer hit when making tight turns? Add a trailer hitch receiver extension and solve your problem. Trailer hitch extensions work with standard 2 inch ball mounts and are great for hitch mounted accessories.
Trailer Hitch Accessories
Want to connect your trailer hitch on the first attempt? Want to protect your bumper from your trailer when backing up? Check out our trailer hitch accessories that solve some common towing problems with low cost and easy to use solutions.

We stock a complete line of ball mounts and drawbars for all of your towing needs. The ball mount is a very important component in your towing setup and selecting the correct one is important.

There are several important factors to you will need to consider when determining which ball mount is right for your towing setup. These include your vehicle type, towing capacity, and of course, trailer and load size. Ball mounts are classified by the amount of weight they can safely carry.

We carry only the highest quality ball mounts from Reese, Draw-tite, Hidden Hitch and Tow Ready. All of our mounts come with a limited lifetime warranty.