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Replacement Leaf Springs

Replacement Leaf Springs for Cars, Trucks, SUV's and Vans

replacement leaf springs

Leaf springs are one of the many suspension parts we specialize in. Since 1926 we have been selling and installing leaf springs for every type of truck, SUV, trailer and motorhome you can imagine. Your leaf springs are a very important part of your suspension and the ride quality you experience.

Over time, the steel in your leaf springs can fatigue or crack. This will cause you vehicle to sag lower than the original designed ride height. Worn leaf springs can also cause your truck to lean to one side. Replace your old leaf springs and get back your ride height and weight capacity. We stock OEM quality leaf springs from various manufacturers.

Suspension Problems Solved By Replacing Leaf Springs

Suspension Sag

Leaf springs will eventually begin to sag over time, which will obviously cause your truck to do the same. Replacing them is often one of the most effective ways to get your ride height back to where it belongs.

Rough Ride

You feel every bump in the road and every expansion joint. Worn out leaf springs could be causing you to bottom out or may be putting a majority of the load onto other parts of the vehicles suspension that weren't designed to handle that much weight. New leaf springs will get your vehicle back to the factory ride height and closer to the factory ride you had when it was new.

Leaning to One Side

A broken or worn out leaf springs on only one side will cause your vehicle to lean to that side. A leaning truck not only handles and rides bad, but is also very unsafe. Replacing your broken leaf springs will get your truck back to a safe and level ride height.

Should I Replace Only One Leaf Spring?

It is highly recommended to replace both leaf springs at the same time. Replacing only one leaf spring will cause your vehicle to lean to one side.

Example... You have a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado and the left leaf spring has broke or cracked. It's leaning to the left and you decide to only replace the broken left side. Over time your leaf springs will fatigue and lose some of their arch. It you only replace the left side, the right side spring will have less arch than the new spring and you will therefore now lean to the right. In this example, a 2001 spring, now 10 years old, will have less arch than the new spring and you should definitely replace both springs.

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