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Have a worn, cracked or broken leaf spring on your truck or trailer? Do your leaf springs sag when you tow your boat? We stock OEM quality replacement leaf springs and mounting hardware for cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, and semi-trucks. TruckSpring.com is your source for quality leaf springs. Need help finding a pair of leaf springs, give us a call at 1-800-358-4751.

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SKU TH-58X24

Grade 8 – Threaded Rod, 5/8 inch diameter, 24 inches long. Threaded on each end.   Details

20+ In Stock as of September 17, 2020 20:50 PM EST.
  • Rod Length:24"
  • Diameter (A):5/8"
  • Thread Type:Fine
  • MPN: 58X24
SKU TH-58X28

Grade 8 – Threaded Rod, 5/8 inch diameter, 28 inches long. Threaded on each end.   Details

20+ In Stock as of September 17, 2020 20:50 PM EST.
  • Rod Length:28"
  • Diameter (A):5/8"
  • Thread Type:Fine
  • MPN: 58X28
SKU TH-58X30

Grade 8 – Threaded Rod, 5/8 inch diameter, 30 inches long. Threaded on each end.   Details

20+ In Stock as of September 17, 2020 20:50 PM EST.
  • Rod Length:30"
  • Diameter (A):5/8"
  • Thread Type:Fine
  • MPN: 58X30
SKU TH-58X34

Grade 8 – Threaded Rod, 5/8 inch diameter, 34 inches long. Threaded on each end.   Details

20+ In Stock as of September 17, 2020 20:50 PM EST.
  • Rod Length:34"
  • Diameter (A):5/8"
  • Thread Type:Fine
  • MPN: 58X34
SKU 22-613

GM OEM replacement leaf spring 22-613 will help restore your original factory ride height.   Details

1 In Stock as of September 17, 2020 8:32 PM EST.
  • SRI Number:22-613
  • OEM Number:14032945
  • Width:2-1/2 Inches
  • Length (A): 26 Inches
  • Length (B):26 Inches
  • Arc (C):7-1/2 Inches
  • Number of Leaves:5
  • Pack Thickness (D):1-7/8 Inches
  • Capacity:1,950 lbs.
  • Front Bushing:Included / RB-117
  • Rear Bushing:Included / RB-117
  • Location:Rear
  • Spring Construction:1st Stage 1/323 3/291, 2nd Stage 1/675
  • Note:Generic image, product may vary from image shown.
  • MPN: 22-613
SKU 34-1405

Dodge Durango OEM replacement leaf spring 34-1405 will help restore your original factory ride height.   Details

20+ In Stock as of September 17, 2020 20:36 PM EST.
  • SRI Number:34-1405
  • OEM Number:52106325AF
  • Width:2-1/2 Inches
  • Length (A): 24 Inches
  • Length (B):32 Inches
  • Arc (C):7-1/2 Inches
  • Number of Leaves:5
  • Pack Thickness (D):1-5/8 Inches
  • Capacity:1,800 lbs.
  • Front Bushing:Included / RB-257
  • Rear Bushing:Included / RB-257
  • Location:Rear
  • Spring Construction:5/307
  • MPN: 34-1405
SKU 34-1451

Dodge Pickup OEM replacement leaf spring 34-1451 will help restore your original factory ride height.   Details

20+ In Stock as of September 17, 2020 20:36 PM EST.
  • SRI Number:34-1451
  • OEM Number:52113141AI
  • Width:2-1/2 Inches
  • Length (A): 31-1/4 Inches
  • Length (B):32 Inches
  • Arc (C):7-1/2 Inches
  • Number of Leaves:4
  • Pack Thickness (D):1-15/16 Inches
  • Capacity:1,700 lbs.
  • Front Bushing:Included / RB-272
  • Rear Bushing:Included / RB-271
  • Location:Rear
  • Spring Construction:1st Stage 1/380 2/360 2nd Stage 1/662
  • Note:Dowel Pin
  • MPN: 34-1451
SKU 34-1455

Dodge Pickup OEM replacement leaf spring 34-1455 will help restore your original factory ride height.   Details

11 In Stock as of September 17, 2020 8:36 PM EST.
  • SRI Number:34-1455
  • OEM Number:52113514AE
  • Width:3 Inches
  • Length (A): 30-1/2 Inches
  • Length (B):30-1/2 Inches
  • Arc (C):6-1/4 Inches
  • Number of Leaves:5
  • Pack Thickness (D):3-9/16 Inches
  • Capacity:2,600 lbs.
  • Front Bushing:Included / RB-273
  • Rear Bushing:Included / RB-273
  • Location:Rear
  • Spring Construction:1st Stage 3/380 1/360 2nd Stage 1/812, 2 Pads/590
  • MPN: 34-1455
SKU 34-1501

Dodge Dakota OEM replacement leaf spring 34-1501 will help restore your original factory ride height.   Details

10 In Stock as of September 17, 2020 8:36 PM EST.
  • SRI Number:34-1501
  • OEM Number:52855121AG
  • Width:2-1/2 Inches
  • Length (A): 24 Inches
  • Length (B):30-13/16 Inches
  • Arc (C):7-1/8 Inches
  • Number of Leaves:5
  • Pack Thickness (D):1-15/16 Inches
  • Capacity:2,200 lbs.
  • Front Bushing:Included / RB-272
  • Rear Bushing:Included / RB-240
  • Location:Rear
  • Spring Construction:1st Stage 2/291 2/276 2nd Stage 1/499
  • MPN: 34-1501
SKU 34-768

Dodge Pickup OEM replacement leaf spring 34-768 will help restore your original factory ride height.   Details

2 In Stock as of September 17, 2020 8:36 PM EST.
  • SRI Number:34-768
  • OEM Number:3828910
  • Width:2-1/2 Inches
  • Length (A): 24 Inches
  • Length (B):24 Inches
  • Arc (C):1-3/8 Inches
  • Number of Leaves:3
  • Pack Thickness (D):1-3/8 Inches
  • Capacity:1,750 lbs.
  • Front Bushing:Included / RB-57
  • Rear Bushing:Included / RB-57
  • Location:Front
  • Spring Construction:2/473 1/447
  • MPN: 34-768
SKU M1915

U-bolt top plate M1915 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks, narrow frame stamped type. Used with 3 inch wide springs with 3.625 inch axle.   Details

2 In Stock as of September 17, 2020 8:58 PM EST.
  • Application:Ford
  • Ford Number:3C3Z5798AA, 3C3Z-5798-AA, F81Z5798AA, F81Z-5798-AA
  • MPN: M1915
SKU M22586

U-bolt bottom plate for GM pickups and SUV's. Fits Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Blazer Suburban, Tahoe and GMC Yukon and C/K15 pickups.   Details

2 In Stock as of September 17, 2020 8:58 PM EST.
  • Application:Chevrolet
  • Batco Number:GMC
  • GMC Number:15592586
  • UPC: 889626341748
  • MPN: M22586

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs have been around since the days of horse-drawn buggies; they are still in use today because they are a simple and very reliable suspension system. A leaf spring suspension can provide many years of trouble-free use, but like any part of a machine, they will wear over time and will require maintenance or replacement. Trucks, vans, trailers, and Class 8 trucks are all still using leaf springs to haul the heavy loads that are needed to get the job done.

What is a leaf spring?

A leaf spring is composed of one or more long steel plates called leaves. When clamped together, we refer to it as a leaf spring "stack." The steel alloy which is used to make a leaf spring has been tempered to allow the spring to flex without deforming. In a spring stack, a center bolt will clamp the entire assembly together and center the spring in an axle assembly. Leaf springs may be flat or curved like a bow. The curve in a leaf spring is called the "arch." The arch of a leaf spring will control the vehicle ride height and will decrease as the spring ages. Leaf springs for light-duty trucks have eyes on each end, which will accept a bolt that passes through a bushing. Typically the bushing will be made of steel, sleeved with rubber, or high-performance polyurethane. The bushing keeps the suspension components isolated from the chassis, and helps prevent wear. Heavier applications may use smooth greaseable pins and brass bushings. Some springs may use an overload leaf that sits at the bottom of the pack. The overload leaf is much thicker and does not follow the arch of the leaves above it. They are similar in design and function to helper springs. This overload spring is meant to engage when your vehicle is heavily loaded and prevent damage to the spring. Adding overload springs does not increase the gross vehicle weight rating. You must still follow the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer, as overloading a vehicle can cause significant damage and should be avoided.

Leaf Spring Video Tutorial

Video demonstration on how to measure and identify leaf springs for cars and trucks. How to Measure Leaf Springs

Why do leaf springs fail?

Leaf springs are always working. Even as the vehicle sits in the driveway, your leaf springs are supporting weight and when the vehicle is moving down the road they are working even harder. A vehicle that is used for work and constantly hauls weight puts a great demand on the leaf springs and they will wear as the years and miles add up. For more detailed information please check out our article on leaf spring failure.

Normal wear over time. As a leaf spring wears, it will lose arch. This natural process is a result of the material becoming fatigued. As the arch falls, so will the ride height or your truck. Over time the ride height in the rear of your truck will slowly begin to match the front and may end up sitting lower. In some cases, a leaf spring will wear on one side first, causing your vehicle to lean to the weak side.

Broken leaves. The steel may fatigue to a point where a leaf will crack. If this happens, you will lose the strength of that leaf as it can no longer support the weight. A broken leaf increases stress on the functioning leaves and accelerates the need to replace the spring. We have found that it is more cost-effective to replace the entire spring assembly if one leaf cracks as the others are fatigued and typically crack soon after.

Overloading. Carrying weight past your suspensions rated capacity can cause premature wear or possibly damage the leaf springs. This can break leaves and deform the spring eyes. If a vehicle is severely overloaded the arch may not recover and the vehicle will sit low after it is unloaded. Overloading your suspension will greatly reduce the life span of your leaf springs and other components.

Corrosion. Rust may weaken springs if it becomes severe enough. Pitting of the steel will weaken the material and create an area of high stress which will increase the chance of a leaf breaking. Rust between leaves will spread the leaves apart and lower the weight capacity of the spring.

When should I replace my springs?

There is not an exact time frame for when springs should be replaced. The vehicle usage and the environment that the vehicle is in will factor into the life of the springs. Springs should be replaced when they can no longer carry the weight that is required to use the vehicle safely. Leaf springs will give you an indication that they have failed or will soon fail. Sometimes this is subtle and sometimes this is obvious.

Below is a list of symptoms to look and listen for on your vehicle when springs are worn or broken.

truck springs
  • Leaning. Not level side-to-side.
  • Sagging. Rear sitting lower than the front of the vehicle.
  • Weakness. Light loads causing the vehicle to sag. Bottoming out when loaded.
  • Harsh ride. Springs may be sagging so much that they are bottomed out.
  • Nose-diving. Front sits lower than it used to. Front falls under heavy braking, possibly bottoming out.
  • Vehicle wanders. Harder to keep your vehicle in one lane.
  • Dog tracking. The rear of your vehicle does not stay in line with the front. You can see your rear tire in your side mirror.
  • Noise. Clunking or banging when going over bumps.

Inspecting springs to find issues

If your vehicle is showing any of the issues listed previously it may be time to crawl under and look at your springs or to get it to your favorite mechanic for an inspection. Here is a list of items to look for that may mean it is time for replacement springs. You can find more information here on leaf spring troubleshooting.

truck springs

Broken Spring

This may be a subtle crack in one leaf, or it may be obvious if a leaf is hanging out from the side of the pack. In some cases, a broken leaf may swing out and contact a tire or a fuel tank causing a puncture. Under extreme circumstances, an entire pack may break, leaving you stranded. When looking for a crack look for a dark line perpendicular to the direction of the leaves. A cracked or broken spring will put additional stress on the other leaves and may cause further breakage. With a broken leaf spring, your truck or trailer may lean or sag, and you may notice noise coming from the spring. A truck or trailer with a broken main leaf may wander or experience "dog-tracking."

Shifted Axle

Loose U-bolts may cause the center bolt to break by putting additional stress on it. This allows the axle to shift from front to back and may cause a wandering or dog-tracking.

Fanned Out Leaves

The spring leaves are kept in line by a combination of the center bolt and U-bolts. If the U-bolts are loose, the leaves in the spring can fan out instead of staying lined up in a neat stack. Leaf springs not aligned properly, do not evenly support the load weight across the leaves, causing the spring to weaken, which may cause the vehicle to lean or sag.

Worn Leaf Spring Bushings

Prying on the spring eye should produce little to no movement. The bushings help to isolate the springs from the frame of the vehicle and limit the forward to back movement. When the rubber wears out, the bushings no longer limit the forward to back movement resulting in wandering or dog-tracking. In severe cases, the rubber may be completely worn away, causing loud clunking noises and damaging the spring.

Splayed Out Spring Leaves

This is caused by rust that has worked its way between the spring leaves. Similar to the effect of loose u-bolts, leaves that are not properly aligned will weaken the spring by limiting the contact between the leaves in the stack and not allowing the load to be transferred through the spring effectively. As a result, leaf spring clips may break, and the springs may squeak or make other noises. As is common with any weak leaf spring, the truck or trailer may lean or sag.

Weak/Worn Spring

Springs will fatigue over time. With no other indication of failure, the spring may lose its arch. On an unloaded vehicle, the truck may be sitting on the bump stop or the spring may be laying on the overload spring. With little or no support from the leaf spring suspension, the ride will be rough with little to no suspension movement. The vehicle will sag or lean.

Worn/Broken Spring Shackle

Check the spring shackle at the rear of each spring. The shackles attach the spring to the frame of the truck and may have a bushing. The leaf spring shackles can rust and will sometimes break, and the bushings will wear out. Broken shackles make a lot of noise, and it's possible that they may break through the bed of your truck. A truck with a broken leaf spring shackle will lean heavily to the side with the broken shackle.

Loose U-bolts

U-bolts hold the whole package together. The clamping force of U-bolts hold the spring pack to the axle and keep the leaf spring in place. If U-bolts are rusted and the material is thinning they should be replaced. Loose U-bolts can cause major problems and should be replaced and torqued to spec.

Replacing Leaf springs

When it comes time to replace your leaf springs there are some additional items to consider. Replacing some additional hardware and other suspension components can make the job much easier and give you the best result for your effort.


Leaf Spring U-Bolts should always be changed when replacing spring. Re-using these can be dangerous as they may not hold the torque necessary to keep everything secure. If upgrading to a Heavy-Duty spring pack a longer U-bolt set will be needed to allow enough thread to secure the thicker spring pack to the axle. U-bolts hold your springs to the axle and keep the entire assembly aligned, skimping here is risking a dangerous situation.


Spring Eye Bolts & Hardware

In some cases, it may be necessary to cut the leaf spring bolts to remove them.

  • Rust and corrosion may seize the bolt to the bushing sleeve preventing you from removing the bolt
  • Leaf springs on some trucks are installed before the fuel tank. In this situation, the fuel tank may be in the way of removing the spring eye bolts. On new vehicles, you may choose to remove the fuel tank to remove the spring eye bolts. On older trucks, it is typically easier to cut the spring bolt and replace it in the opposite direction with the nut to the inside of the frame.

Spring Shackles

Leaf spring shackles sit at the rear of the spring and act as the pivot point as the spring flexes during normal use. The shackles are a stamped steel with a rubber bushing. They can be prone to rust and the bushing will wear out over time as any rubber product will. For a relatively low cost, the shackle can be completely replaced instead of putting forth the extra effort to save an old shackle which may be weak or worn out.

Leaf Spring Shackle

Shock Absorbers

Good shock absorbers can help extend the life of a leaf spring. By limiting the oscillation (bounce) that the spring experiences the spring works less and will fatigue more slowly. If you are replacing original springs that have worn or broken there is a good chance that the shocks are also original and may have played a part in the demise of your springs. If you are freshening up the springs, it makes perfect sense to freshen the shocks to complete the work on the suspension. We use Bilstein shocks in our service department and recommend spending the few extra dollars for the superior quality compared to other replacement shocks.

Upgrading to HD springs

When it comes time to replace your leaf springs there is an opportunity to upgrade to a spring pack rated for higher weight capacity. If the stock weight capacity springs were not up to the tasks that your truck faced, you might want to consider an HD spring pack. There are some pros and cons to consider when making this decision.

When moving to an HD spring never exceed the vehicles GVWR. The springs will allow you to carry weight with less sag, but they will not allow you to carry more weight than the vehicle's GVWR. The weight ratings of your truck are a combination of engine, brakes, transmission, cooling systems, suspension, and axles. Not just the suspension alone!

Pros of HD Leaf Springs

  • Haul weight with less sag
  • Sway is reduced when the vehicle is loaded
  • Ride height of the truck may change

Cons of HD Leaf Springs

  • The truck will ride rougher, especially when unloaded
  • Spring price will be higher. More leaf spring steel = more cost
  • May change the ride height of the truck


If you are unable to find the answers to your questions here or on our website, please don't hesitate to call us at 1 800-358-4751

Our replacement leaf springs are sold individually. A quantity of 2 would need to be ordered to replace both sides.

Yes, replacing springs in pairs is always advised. This will prevent a lean which can occur when one spring is newer than the other. Also, it is generally easier to replace both at the same time since you will already have your vehicle lifted and the tools at hand.

Our leaf springs do not include hardware. Most mounting hardware is available to order separately, including U-bolts. Some springs have hardware kits available.

In most cases the leaf spring bushings will be included. Some springs do not include bushings due to differences in spring eye bolt sizes or manufacturers specification. Details on the bushings can be found under the specifications of each spring. It will list whether they are included and if they are not the notes will give details on the bushings that are needed.

We use many spring manufacturers, some of which are in North America as well as overseas. All of our leaf springs are subjected to the same testing and are produced to the same specifications as the original spring manufacturer for the vehicle. They are all made with 5160 Steel, heat treated and shot peened. All of our springs carry the same warranty. Springs with the -USA designation are made in the USA at Dayton Parts.

Yes, all of our leaf springs carry a 1 year limited warranty. This covers defects in material or workmanship. It will not cover wear and tear, damage, or corrosion. Modification, incorrect install, and re-using U-bolts will void the warranty. Full details for the spring warranty can be found at the bottom of each leaf spring page.

No, you should never re-use u-bolts. Due to the way the material stretches when torqued, the u-bolts may break when re-used. Re-using your old u-bolts voids the warranty on your new leaf springs and can be unsafe.

Spring capacity is the manufacturers maximum load rating of one spring measured at the axle. This is the maximum weight that the spring is designed to support. The rating is per spring.

Yes, in most cases you can upgrade to a heavier OEM spring or even to an aftermarket HD designated spring that will be stronger than any offered originally on your vehicle. A heavier leaf spring will have more support and allow you to carry a heaver load without sagging, but will stiffen the ride when you are not loaded. We typically recommend heavier springs for commercial customers or people that are hauling frequently. If you are not frequently towing or hauling heavy loads, we recommend a helper spring or an air bag suspension kit to compensate for the occasional heavy loads.

Maybe. HD springs are normally produced with a lower arch to more closely match the ride height of a stock vehicle. If the capacity jump is large enough, it may increase the ride height due to the additional pack thickness and the more limited spring deflection. This is normally limited to a difference of around 1”-1.5”.

Your factory springs will wear over time with the normal use of the vehicle. Spring wear may present itself as a broken leaf, where one piece of steel breaks from fatigue. Wear also shows as sagging, where the ride height of your vehicle sinks or leans to one side. If your vehicle is sagging or has a broken leaf it is time to change the springs.

At Truckspring.com we have been installing, repairing and selling leaf springs for a long time. With a huge selection of Light, Medium, and Heavy-duty leaf springs for Cars, Trucks, and Trailers we will have the parts and the know-how to get you back on the road. If you have questions regarding leaf springs or if you need advice about replacing your springs give us a call at 1-800-358-4751 and we will be glad to help.

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