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Hellwig Sway Bars

Hellwig Sway Bars

Hellwig sway bars on some of the best in the world and they are made here in America. They offer fast, easy installation with a lifetime warranty.

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You demand a lot out of your vehicle, and you know how important reliable and effective sway control is to safe and stable driving. Whether you own a truck, RV or SUV, a vintage muscle car, or any other vehicle that requires high-performance characteristics, quality sway bars designed and manufactured to meet your particular vehicle and needs are the key to even weight distribution, improved traction in cornering, reducing body roll, increased safety, and a smoother, more comfortable ride. And when it comes to great sway control for any vehicle and under any conditions, Hellwig sway bars are the industry leader, recognized the world over for excellence and dependability.

What Do Sway Bars Do?

What Do Sway Bars Do?

Sway bars work by transferring the pressure exerted on the inner part of the wheels by the axles, using a torsion effect, thus more evenly distributing the weight of the vehicle to all four wheels simultaneously, essentially stiffening the suspension. This reduces body roll, especially in turns, and helps to keep the vehicle more level with the road surface, which greatly improves overall handling characteristics. And as an added benefit, they also improve the life of your tires.

Vehicles come equipped with sway bars from the factory of course, but the problem is that most stock suspensions, including sway bars, sacrifice handling performance for a smoother and softer ride and often they’re just not up to handling modern towing and load requirements, as well as the needs of vehicles built for speed. If you want truly high-performance handling characteristics, you probably need to upgrade to a heavier-duty sway bar system that’s designed for the vehicle and the type of driving you do, and a Hellwig sway bar kit is the easiest way to do that. They are the simplest, as well as the most affordable way to customize your vehicle for the maximum of cornering and overall handling performance.

sway bar & air bag support


Both air bags and sway bars greatly improve the handling and safety of your vehicle in loaded conditions but in entirely different ways. Air bags level the load improving suspension longevity, braking performance and handling. Sway bars tighten the roll stiffness preventing sway and corners or windy conditions. By installing both air support and sway bars, these suspensions compliment each other and create the best possible conditions for moving your load.

Why Hellwig Sway Bars?

As stated above, Hellwig is the recognized and respected industry leader in sway bars. They’ve been a California-based, family-owned business for almost seven decades, so you know they have the experience, the know-how, and the reputation to back their products up.

Every Hellwig sway bar is manufactured from super-durable and tough heat-treated ASTM4140 steel in their own manufacturing facility in California, and all their sway bars include integral-forged end-link landings, high-durometer polyurethane bushings, and zinc-plated and powder-coated components. In other words, they’re made tough and built to last, and you can rely on them for the hardest use. In addition, they also feature a special finish, called Hammertone, that is not only attractive, but retains lubrication much longer than other finishes.

Hellwig Sway Bar
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Hellwig sway bar systems are made to be easy to install, only needing to be be bolted on to your vehicle with common hand tools, although some custom kits may require minor drilling. You can easily install them yourself, or have a professional service center do it. Hellwig sway bar kits are available in either tubular or solid designs.

A Hellwig Solution For Every Vehicle

Hellwig Sway Bar

No matter if you have a truck or RV, including off-road and lowered trucks, a muscle car, or a vehicle that requires a customized, load specific system, Hellwig has the sway bar kit for you.

For more information on Hellwig high-performance sway bar kits, contact Michigan Truck Spring today at 989-755-0561 or toll-free at 800-358-4751 and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best Hellwig sway bar kit for your vehicle.

Hellwig Sway Bars Reviews

Out of 46 reviews, the average customer rating for Hellwig Sway Bars: 4.8 out of 5.

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