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Air Bag Suspension Kits

Suspension Air Bags for Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

We carry a complete line of air bag suspension kits from Air Lift and Firestone. Browse through the brands below, or choose your vehicle make/year/model to compare all the suspension kits that fit your vehicle. Scroll down to find out more about suspension air bags and to read the reviews, or view all the suspension air bag kits we sell. Not sure an air bag kit will solve your towing problem or questions about your specific vehicle? Call 1-800-358-4751, open until 11pm EST.

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Truck and SUV owners have a number of different options if they want to improve their hauling performance, and it takes effort and careful calculation on the part of the owner to decide which products will work best for their car, truck or recreational vehicle.

An air bag suspension (sometimes called air springs or just air suspension) may take more time to install and cost a little more than other helper springs, but it's worth it for drivers who want improved performance and handling while hauling and towing.

An airbag suspension is designed to keep your vehicle from bottoming out when you're carrying a heavy load, but more than that, it gives the driver more control when the vehicle is under its maximum amount of stress and pressure. It cuts down on the amount of sway when towing, and can be adjusted based on how many pounds you're towing.

How Do Airbag Suspensions Improve Driver Safety?

Airbags help keep your vehicle level which results in safer ride conditions. A level truck gives you better handling and braking when you are loaded. The headlights will stay at their proper level, as opposed to aiming at the clouds. Hauling and towing can be a dangerous job — especially if the stability of the vehicle is threatened. Even one small bump can be enough to throw a driver off track (or the trailer.) When drivers want to give themselves every advantage on the road, air springs are one of the most reliable ways to improve safety when accounting for the extra weight.

What Is an Air Bag Suspension? And How Does It Help

They can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the air pressure in the airbag to compensate for weight. They originated years ago, on semi-trailers and buses and are currently very popular in the camping, boat and recreational vehicle communities. You can also find them on cars and lowered vehicles. Air bag suspensions use air to help support your existing truck leaf springs or coil springs and level your vehicle back to stock height when a load is placed on the vehicle. Depending on your vehicle they will mount on top of your leaf springs, on the axle or inside of your coils.

When you drive a truck with nothing in it, the chassis and the axle stay where they are. When your truck hits a certain weight, though, the body and the axle will start to compress toward each other. Loading your truck up to its maximum weight is perfectly acceptable, but it's not necessarily advisable if you don't have any additional support. The more rides you have at full capacity, the more likely it is your vehicle will need repairs far sooner than you ever anticipated.

Without Air Bags

truck without suspension air bags

With Air Bags

truck with air bags installed

How do you Inflate the Air Bags?

All the airbag suspension products that we offer can be inflated with an external air hose like you would a tire. They include inflation valves that connect to the airline and then to the bags. If you only tow a few times a year, this is a cost-effective solution. If you are regularly hauling heavy loads or towing a camper or boat, we recommend using an on-board air compressor system. Not only do they make it easy to inflate and deflate the air pressure, but they can also save your air springs. Air springs require minimum air pressure at all times, typically 5-10 psi depending on the specific part number to prevent them from damage. We have found that customers that do not have on-board air have a higher rate of air spring failure due to running them without the minimum pressure. With air at your figure tips and the ability to monitor the pressure at all times, you will have fewer problems and don’t have to worry about finding a gas station that has air.

Do You Need Air Springs?

You may not need air springs at all. Whether or not you need them depends on how you intend to use the vehicle. If you do not haul or tow, then your vehicle can handle itself without any help. If you use your truck bed often, but for relatively minor loads, then you can consider other types of helper springs instead. Hellwig helper springs are generally less expensive, but they don't offer the same versatility as air springs. There's a more manual adjustment needed on the part of the hauler when you need to level out the truck, and the precision isn't normally as good. We recommend air springs when you haul loads and need a product that can quickly adjust to the distribution of weight. Those with commercial hauling responsibilities often need to get to and from sites quickly, and airbags save time. Kits with auto-leveling systems trigger the air compressor as soon as a weight change is detected. Some airbag suspensions can handle up to 7,500 pounds, which can increase both the life of your vehicle and its resale value. Airbag suspension kits are generally more expensive than other types of helper springs, but their benefits are unquestionable for drivers who test the limits of their truck or SUV regularly.

When Should Air Bag Kits Be Used?

One of the biggest benefits of an air suspension is that it's adjustable, allowing you to change the air pressure and pinpoint the exact ride that you want for your hauling or towing conditions. If you're carrying thousands of pounds of dirt and you need your truck to stay level, air suspension provides all the support it needs to keep the truck level. Drivers with air suspensions often say they feel like they're gliding over bumps — even when their beds are loaded, or they have a trailer behind them. Some air suspension kits can adjust the vehicle leveling from front to back and from side to side, allowing you to level your vehicle when the weight you are hauling is uneven. Side to side and front to back leveling is ideal for leveling a motorhome that has a full water tank on the passenger side, or a pickup truck hauling a piece of furniture. Air suspension can give you the 'lift' you need on one side, so the back of the bed can stay entirely level despite the irregular distribution of pressure. Airbags should be used when you need additional load support and want to adjust your truck's suspension to compensate for extra weight.

ford truck towing a fifth-wheel trailer

How Do I Choose A Product?

Michigan Truck Spring offers a full line of air suspension products and can help you decide which one is best for your hauling needs. Air Lift, for example, offers the buyer a full 60 days to try out the air springs with a no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. Air Lift's products also come with a lifetime warranty. Firestone is a brand you know and trust and boasts easy installation and simple operation, which is a huge plus for drivers. Firestone kits not only reduce sway, but are as easy to use as a tire pump.

Ultimately, the product you choose is based on the type of truck or SUV you own, and your hauling priorities. Whether you have recreational or commercial towing needs, Michigan Truck Spring can help you choose and provide technical support for an air suspension kit.

Looking for the support of air bags, but don’t want to worry about air? Be sure to check out SumoSprings, the airless air bag option.

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Air Lift Air Bags
Air Lift air springs and air bag kits are designed to handle the heaviest loads that you tow or haul. Air Lift suspension kits will you give you added safety and improved ride comfort. Air Lift is confident that you will be satisfied with their product, it backs them up with a no questions asked 60 day ride satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Firestone Air Bags
Firestone Air Springs Kits are specifically designed to fit on your vehicle and will provide numerous benefits when towing or hauling a heavy load. Many of the kits are no drill applications which makes for an easy installation. If you are looking to reduce sway, level the rear of your truck and make for a safer ride all around, look no further than Firestone air springs. Firestone air bag kits can be adjusted for varying loads and are as easy to operate as inflating a tire.

Air Springs for Semi Trucks and Trailers
Looking for air springs for your commercial truck or trailer? We stock a huge inventory of Firestone air springs for semi trucks, trailers and buses, as well as brands like Airtech, Connect, and Vibracoustic.

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