Air Bag Spacers for Lifted Trucks With Suspension Air Bags
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Lifted Air Bag Spacers

Lifted Air Bag Spacers

Use Your Air Bags with Your Lifted Truck Suspension

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort just because you’ve added some ride height to your truck or SUV. You can use your air bags with your lifted suspension by adding Air Bag Spacers. Air Bag Spacers are made for lifted trucks that use air bags as part of their suspension. These spacers remove the slack between the air bag and the axle. This allows the driver to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride even with a lifted truck or SUV.

The required height of the spacer may vary from the ride height added to your vehicle by your lifted suspension kit. This is because many lift kits lift the front of the vehicle more than the rear. To avoid problems, make sure that spacer is within 1 inch of the rear lift height.

Air Bag Spacers may not necessarily be required if your air bags are mounted on top of the leaf spring. This is because when you add lift with a block, the added space is between the bottom of the leaf spring and the axle.

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how to measure air bag spacer for lifted trucks

Determine the correct spacer for your lifted vehicle

Lift spacers can be used with most Firestone Ride-Rite, Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 and Hellwig Air Bag Kits . The lift spacer needs to be the same length as the amount of lift applied to the axle on which the Air Spring is being installed. Note that a six inch lift does not mean you need a six inch lift spacer!

Most six inch lifts only have four inches of lift in the rear to level out the truck. This holds true for the shorter lift kits as well.


air bag spacer
Distance Between Brackets Lift Spacer Height Lift Spacer Number
6.5"-7.5" 1.25" 2536
7.5"-8.5" 2" 2366
8.5"-9.5" 3" 2367
9.5"-10.5" 4" 2370
11.5"-12.5" 6" 2374


Some kits / brackets may require drilling. Use the bracket as a template to mark and drill the holes.

Lift Kit Number Make/Model Number
2" 2506 Tundra 07-17 / Firestone Ride Rite Kit 2445
3" 2507 Tundra 07-17 / Firestone Ride Rite Kit 2445

If you have any questions concerning which parts are correct for your application, call the suspension experts toll-free at 1-800-358-4751.

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