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Steering Components

Steering Components

Has adding ride height to your vehicle caused it to become difficult to steer? Does your lifted truck or SUV bounce and dart around when you hit a bump or pothole? Adding a pitman arm or steering block to your steering linkage could solve these problems.

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Is Your Lifted Truck Difficult to Steer?

Steering Components for suspension lifted vehicles.

Understeering - A Common Problem for Lifted Trucks

If you have to do a lot of extra steering to get around a corner or turn, Your lifted truck or SUV could be suffering from the effects of understeering.

Understeer is a common problem associated with lifted vehicles with 4 inches or more of ride height. Understeering causes your vehicle to have an increased turning radius which can make your vehicle difficult to control.

Bump Steer

Do you have to constantly correct your steering on bumpy roads? Another problem commonly associated with lifted vehicles is bump steer. Bump steer occurs when a lifted vehicle hits a hard bump and it causes the vehicle to jump or dodge to the side.

Issues like understeer and bump steer are caused by problems with the geometry of a vehicle’s steering components. These problems are often caused by adding lift to your vehicle’s suspension. Restore the proper geometry of your steering components by adding a pitman arm, steering arm and/or steering blocks to your steering linkage.

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