Hellwig Air Bags for Common Towing Problems
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Hellwig Air Bags

Hellwig Air Bags

Hellwig air spring kits offer better handling and control when your vehicle is under heavily loaded conditions. Hellwig air bags mount between the frame and the suspension of your truck, providing load support through the use of adjustable air pressure.

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Hellwig Air Suspension Kits - For A Better Towing Experience

Transfer your vehicle's load from the leaf spring or coil spring suspension to a Hellwig air helper spring, and take advantage of your vehicle's full towing capacity. Most factory installed leaf spring and coil spring suspensions don't perform well under normal loaded conditions, and have a tendency to sag, causing vehicle instability and poor driver control. Correct these common problems with a Hellwig air spring kit or Hellwig PowerLift air suspension kit.

Features & Benefits

Hellwig air spring kits offer better handling and control when your vehicle is under heavily loaded conditions. Hellwig air bags mount between the frame and the suspension of your truck, providing load support through the use of adjustable air pressure.

  • Keep the vehicle level
  • Reduces Body Roll
  • Improves Side-to-Side Load Control
  • Reduces suspension fatigue
  • Reduces Body Roll
  • Up to 5,000 pounds of leveling capacity. (never exceed mfg's GVWR)
  • Includes heavy duty brackets with lifetime warranty
  • Air Bags with longer stroke for softer ride
  • 2 year warranty on air springs
hellwig air bags


Both Airbags and sway bars greatly improve the handling and safety of your vehicle in loaded conditions but in entirely different ways. Air bags level the load improving suspension longevity, braking performance and handling. Sway bars tighten the roll stiffness preventing sway on corners or windy conditions. By installing both air support and sway bars, these suspension components compliment each other and create the best possible conditions for moving your load.

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Hellwig Big Wig Heavy Duty Load Control

Hellwig recently introduced a new line-up air helper springs, the Big Wig. The provide better handling while under loaded conditions. They include air bags with a 2,800 lbs. capacity and they require half the amount of air which results in a softer and smoother ride. The Big Wig kits include an air spring that offers increased ride quality that will take the load off of your leaf springs and put in on the air bags.

Hellwig PowerLift Air Bag Suspension

About Hellwig Powerlift

Hellwig Power Lift™ is the industry leader in rear suspension upgrades for all General Motors SUVs with rear coil springs, including Suburban, Tahoe, Avalanche, and new Dodge 1500 vehicles, and many other full-size, coil-sprung GM SUVs.

Clever engineering allows this unit to be bolted directly onto the chassis of GM trucks and SUVs, replacing the steel coil springs, which often provide a rough, jarring ride, with soft and stable riding air springs. Featuring Hellwig Air Bags, which soften both loaded and unloaded configurations with their large volume of cushioning air.

The Hellwig Power Lift™ kit delivers better handling, stability, control, and reduced bottoming under heavy loads, along with automatic load leveling, and a smoother ride when unloaded.

  • Designed to bolt directly onto any truck or SUV chassis with rear coil springs.
  • Replaces stiff steel coil springs with soft and stable riding air springs.
  • Features Hellwig Air Bags for excellent ride quality.
  • Softens ride in any typical condition, loaded or unloaded.
  • Increases stability, control, and safety.
  • Reduces bottoming and wear and tear on chassis and suspension.
  • Capable of automatically leveling even the heaviest loads.
  • Industry leader in suspension upgrades.
  • All bracketry is covered by the unique Hellwig Lifetime Warranty.
hellwig air springs

Specifically Designed For Your Vehicle

Power Lift Air Springs are made to to provide you with easy load adjustment, longer suspension life, simple installation, and years of hard use. These air-assisted helper kits provide superior load-leveling capability using compressed air applied to the Hellwig Air Springs mounted between the frame and suspension. Each kit is designed to greatly increase the load carrying capacity of your specific vehicle up to its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Available options include a standard manual air spring fill using a remote air compressor, inside-cab controls, or automatic load leveling

Fast And Easy Power Lift™ Installation

A simple bolt-on design allows for Power Lift™ kits to be easily installed with just basic hand tools, although some kits may require some drilling. Install it yourself or have your local service professional do it. All Hellwig Air Spring kits include heavy-duty, double-convoluted springs, powder-coated and zinc-plated components, fill valves, air lines, and installation instructions

Installing a Hellwig Air Bag Kit

Hellwig air bag kits come complete with all parts needed for easy installation. Each kit includes 2 air springs, mounting brackets, air line, instructions and air valves for manual air bag inflation. Most of the air bag suspension kits from Hellwig simply bolt into place and can be installed in your garage in a few hours. A few of the kits do require drilling, you can download the instructions on our site to see what it takes to install your specific kit. They do not require any special tools and are not technically difficult to install.

Hellwig Air Bags Reviews

Out of 16 reviews, the average customer rating for Hellwig Air Bags: 4.1 out of 5.

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