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Sway Bars

Sway Bars

For your money, one of the best aftermarket suspension investment you can make. An immediate improvement will be felt when you drive through the first corner with an aftermarket sway bar installed.

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A sway bar isn't technically a bar, but a torsional spring. It's made of metal and attached to either the front or back wheels. The torsion spring will go across the width of the wheels to ensure the vehicle stays even in all-road conditions. Sway bars can be either hollow or solid, with the solid bars more commonly seen in heavier vehicles. It works with the rest of the suspension system to give the driver total confidence — even when the truck bed is packed or they have to embark down a bumpy road.

Every driver knows how important it is to have stability when they're on the road. In certain vehicles, a suspension system gets an assist from a sway bar to better anchor the vehicle. Sway bars are used for general driving and in special situations in a variety of vehicles.

Why Use a Sway Bar?

Drivers should use a sway bar when they feel uneven on the road with their current suspension system. They're perfect if you've noticed any type of tilt when you turn. However, you need to be careful about increasing the level of stiffness too much. Stiff suspensions can magnify the force of every bump, and can make general handling more difficult. Drivers need to identify exactly how they want to improve their handling and performance before they select an anti-sway bar. For example, off-roaders and racers would likely benefit from a spline sway bar because they can be adjusted for better flexibility on the ground.

What Does a Sway Bar Do?

The sway bar is meant to strengthen the standard suspension system. Struts, leaf springs, steering, tire strength: they all work to keep your vehicle on the road. These components are vital when you take a tight curve too quickly or meet a hidden pothole. However, they may not provide the amount of protection necessary to prevent body roll on tight corners. The anti-sway bar goes above and beyond to stabilize the vehicle and improves overall handling at the same time.

Sway bars don't actually do anything until the vehicle meets some type of twisting force. The most common scenario is when you turn, but drivers report better control even when driving on smooth, even road. Should the vehicle lose its balance, the sway bar has to twist in order for one side of the vehicle to rise or fall. But the sway bar is specially designed to resist that twisting motion. If the vehicle starts to lean to one side or the other, the sway bar is made to right the body back to its original level (meaning that one side won't be higher than the other during any part of the drive.

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Sway bars also improve weight distribution across the tires. When you have more weight on the outside tires when taking a turn, you can take the curves faster without sacrificing your safety. There are even sway bars that can receive commands from the suspension system and actively adjust based on the needs of the vehicle. (It should be noted though that few vehicles come with such an advanced suspension system.) Finally, anti-sway bars can reduce the amount of wear and tear you put on your vehicle. The more level it stays on the road, the less work your tire, engine, and brakes have to do. It's also less likely to suffer any damage to the underside.

Installing Sway Bars

Installing sway bars is not difficult and is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to improve the performance of your car, truck or recreational vehicle. If you are replacing a stock sway bar with a larger diameter bar the install is quick. If you do not have an existing sway bar, the kits we sell will have everything needed for the install. The process will take a little longer than swapping out a stock one, but it is still something that can be done by most do-it-yourselfers. The amount of time to install will also vary with if it is a front or rear sway bar. The time required for installation is typically around 1-3 hours and will vary with your experience, tools and jacks. The install can be done in your garage or driveway with floor jacks and a pair of jack stands. Sway bars are designed specifically for your vehicle, which results in an excellent fitting product with reduced install time. After installing your sway bar, you will immediately notice a reduction in body roll and sway.


Sway bars can be used in a variety of applications. Their versatility makes them excellent for use in trucks, SUVs, and RVs.

General Driving

Sway bars help during general driving because they give the car a stiffer suspension system that can handle the unexpected. Drivers get better precision with their steering and more control when turning.


Just like drag racing, spline sway bars are typically recommended for those who off-road. Too much stiffness over rocks, bumps, and dips can become extremely distracting and annoying for the driver, but a spline sway bar can make it easier to stay on track no matter how far off the beaten path you go.

Lifted Trucks

Lifted trucks also call for an adjustable sway bar for a variety of road conditions. With the right adjustable sway bar, a lifted truck can be driven practically anywhere.


Anti-sway bars can be particularly helpful when towing a heavy trailer. A weight distribution hitch should always be used when the trailer is half the weight of the vehicle or more. In this case, the bar will push the full weight of the trailer to the rear axle, which increases the stability of both trailer and vehicle. The more roll the towing vehicle experiences (regardless of weight), the more likely it is to put both the vehicle and trailer in danger of tipping.


It's not easy to control an RV under the best of circumstances. It takes a lot of work to control it, especially when it hits a curvy road. Instead of the driver fully shouldering that burden, a sway bar takes the pressure off by controlling the vehicle's stability. The less sway you have, the easier it is to maneuver through tight spots or around other vehicles. In addition to making it easier for the driver, an anti-sway bar also protects the vehicle from damage. The more sway your RV experiences, the more likely it is to threaten the actual structure or to spring a leak.


Racers need to choose sway bars that will increase their stiffness when turning, yet still allow flexibility for more agile moves. Typically, a spline sway bar will work best for drag racing because it's adjustable and can better adapt to the speed and steering. When you're cornering, you want a lower roll rate in the rear wheels and a spline sway bar can make it happen.


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