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Helper Springs

Helper Springs Eliminate Sagging/Overloaded Leaf Springs

We carry a complete line of helper springs, whether you're looking for traditional steel helper springs from Hellwig and Supersprings, or suspension bump stops from Air Lift, Timbren, and Supersprings. Browse through the brands below, or choose your vehicle make/year/model to compare all the helper springs that fit your vehicle. Scroll down to find out more about how helper springs can improve your towing and hauling experience and read customer reviews, or view all the helper springs we sell. Not sure whether a Timbren kit or Sumospring airless air bag will solve your towing problem or questions about your specific vehicle? Call 1-800-358-4751, open until 11pm EST.

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What Are Helper Springs?

Helper springs are an aftermarket product that can be attached to your suspension to take the pressure off the original springs that came with your vehicle. They work by keeping the back of your truck as level as possible by creating a stiffness that can stand up to whatever you can put in the back. There are several types of helper springs, and which one you choose is dependent on your vehicle and the way you use it to haul your larger loads.

What Does a Helper Spring Do?

First and foremost, helper springs keep the back of your vehicle level. Even the most heavy-duty of truck beds have a tendency to sag when they're loaded up with gear, and this will noticeably affect your truck's stability.

You may see that not only does your vehicle dip down in the back, leaving you open for damage should you go over a large bump or hit a particularly nasty pothole, but that you no longer feel as in control as you once did with your steering.

The handling, brakes, and steering can all be compromised when your truck is under this type of pressure, which not only puts the driver at risk, but also other cars on the road. Your tires will start to show wear much faster, and may start to form uneven patterns of baldness. At the very least, it means the vehicle has to work much harder just to function, and you will start to see the strain of the weight add up when it comes to repair bills and maintenance costs.

truck without helper springs

Looking To Level Your Load With The Use Of Air?

air bags

We carry air bag suspensions from the leaders in the industry like Firestone Air Bags and Air Lift Air Bags. Air helper springs allow you to adjust the pressure to compensate for different payload conditions. This allows you to fine tune your suspension to achieve the ride you want.

Leaf Spring Helpers

Do your leaf springs need some extra support? Leaf spring helpers bolt on top of your spring pack and prevent sagging springs. They are a bolt on installation and most kits can be installed in your garage in about an hour. They are a cost-effective way to level your truck and bring your springs back to life.

Hellwig Leaf Spring Helpers

Made in the USA and include a powder coated finish for long life a good appearance your pickup truck deserves. Hellwig Helper Springs have been around for decades and have a great reputation for eliminating sagging leaf springs and preventing your vehicle from bottoming out when towing your trailer. They are used on everything from weekend campers to military vehicles.

hellwig helper springs


SuperSprings are also a leaf spring helper but they use a patented roller system. They will automatically activate when your boat trailer is hooked up or a load is put in your pickup truck bed. The roller system ensures that your ride in not impacted when they are not in use. They sit on top of your leaf springs and prevent sag, reduce sway and help eliminate bottoming out. They are made in the U.S.A. from high grade, shot peened steel.

suspension air bags

Rubber and Polyurethane Helper Springs

This type of spring mounts in the place of your factory bump stop. They are typically taller and are designed to work with your suspension to support more weight. They are one of the easiest suspension upgrades to install and are typically less expensive than alternative solutions.

Timbren SES

Timbren SES (suspension enhancement system) kits are one of the easiest to install, and require no maintenance. They are made of rubber and most kits are hollow on the inside so they have some give. Timbren springs work with your existing suspension to eliminate sagging leaf springs and to protect your truck from overloading, bottoming out, and body sway. This about air bags, check out Timbren vs Air Bags for more information

suspension air bags


Also referred to as Airless Air bags, SumoSprings suspension systems for trucks, vans and motorhomes will level your load with an advanced high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam spring. These spring helpers require no air and once you install them you can forget about them. They are made in the USA and include a lifetime warranty!

suspension air bags

Coil Spring Helpers

Have coil springs and need some extra capacity? Coil spring helpers level vehicles that have a coil spring suspension. If your coil springs are not doing the job and you don’t want to install new heavy-duty coil springs, we recommend checking out these solutions.

Coil SumoSprings

These coil spring helpers can give you to 800 lbs. of additional capacity. One of the concerns with upgrading your coil springs is having to remove them. These do not require removal of the spring and simply slide into place. They are easy to install and are made in the USA. If you are coils are sagging, we recommend considering Coil SumoSprings.

sumosprings coil spring helpers

When Should I Use a Helper Spring?

You should consider adding a set of helper springs if you notice any of the following conditions when you are towing a trailer, or hauling a heavy load:

  • The tow vehicle is not level with the trailer
  • Your rear truck springs sag
  • Your truck does not ride level
  • The headlights on your vehicle no longer light up the road in front of you
  • You feel extra sway when changing lanes, or turning corners. Your steering feels "loose"


If you are unable to find the answers to your questions here or on our website, please don't hesitate to call us at 1 800-358-4751

No, helper springs are not designed to lift your truck, but they are designed to level out the back of your truck. A leaf spring helper appears to lift the truck because it eliminates the sag commonly seen when a truck is loaded to its full capacity, but it's really only keeping the truck at the level it would be if there was less weight in the back. They will help maintain stock ride height but not go over it. If you are looking for a lifted truck, we recommend a lift kit or leveling kit.

The GVWR is set in stone by the maker of your vehicle, and no amount of helper springs will change this. However, a helper spring can decrease sag by up to 2 inches or more in a vehicle. By leveling out the vehicle, all the components in your truck are working far less to carry a lot more. This means that your vehicle will function as if it was carrying a lot less than it is. They will help you to tow up to GVWR, but no aftermarket products can increase the GVWR.

No, almost all of them are considered an install and forget products. Once you install them, there is nothing further you need to do. It is always recommended to check on them occasionally, and verify your bolts are tight, but other than that they are maintenance free. Air helper springs require that you maintain a minimum air pressure.

Yes, it is very common to use them with sway bars. We have numerous customers with heavy trailers or motorhomes that use both products to eliminate sway.

This will depend on which kit you are wanting to use and how your truck is lifted. Some of the manufacturers offer additional spacers or taller springs to compensate for the lift. Feel free to call us at 1-800-358-4751 and we can see what is available for your specific lift.

How difficult they are to install will depend on which part you choose and the type of vehicle you have. Installing helper springs is typically something that can be done in your garage over the period of a few hours and do not require professional installation. Some of the kits can be installed in much less time, but your experience, type of jacks, etc. you have will influence the time needed. We list the installation instructions on our website and recommend reviewing them to see what the installation requires.

Truck leaf springs are a critical part of your suspension and if they are shot, we recommend replacing them. Helper springs are designed to work alongside a suspension that is in good working condition.

A leaf spring helper or coil spring helper will not raise your truck, so the factory shocks will work just fine. If your shock absorbers are worn, now would be a good time to replace them. We recommend Bilstein shocks for anyone that tows or hauls, they are top of the line and worth the few extra dollars over budget shocks.

You can also narrow your search by selecting a category:
Coil SumoSprings
Does the front of your truck sag with the weight of your snow plow or winch, or your rear suspension when adding a tow hitch? Coil SumoSprings are the answer. Simply slide between the turns of coil springs to upgrade your front or rear suspension.

Firestone Work-Rite
Firestone’s load assist springs are made of injection-molded, microcellular urethane. Work-Rite is a maintenance-free suspension solution, designed to absorb road shock and help level your load when towing or hauling heavy loads.

Hellwig Helper Springs
We offer a complete line of steel helper springs from Hellwig. They offer simple bolt-on installation and a lifetime warranty. If your towing a small utility trailer or hauling a heavy boat, Hellwig steel helpers springs will help level your truck or suv.

SumoSprings - Airless Airbag Kits
SumoSprings is the world’s first and only "airless airbag" suspension system for trucks and vans. Level your load with an advanced high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam SumoSpring. These truck helper springs require no air and once you install them you can forget about them.

SuperSprings are patented self-adjusting suspension stabilizers engineered for vehicles with a leaf spring rear suspension. SuperSprings provide users extra load capacity and better vehicle handling and control, without significantly hardening the ride.

Timbren SES Bump Stops
Timbren SES (suspension enhancement system) Kits are easy to install, and require no maintenance. Made of rubber, the timbren bump stop is mounted between the truck chassis and the axle. Timbrens work with the existing suspension to eliminate sagging leaf springs and to protect it from suspension overload, bottoming out, and vehicle body sway.

Timbren Active Off Road Bumpstops
Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops are designed for off-road enthusiasts and features a progressive-rate spring designed to give you greater control over your off-road trucks suspensions travel. The Active Off-Road Bumpstops replace your hard stops with a progressive-rate spring that will absorb energy when bottoming-out to give you a smooth, predictable ride even under the most demanding conditions.

Helper Springs Reviews

Out of 340 reviews, the average customer rating for Helper Springs: 4.7 out of 5.

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