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Lift Kits

Lift Kits

Give your truck some lift with a suspension lift kit. Want to add larger tires or looking to stand out from the pack? Browse our high quality, vehicle specific lift kits and step out with the big dogs. We carry high quality lift kits from top brands like Rough Country, Ready Lift and Tuff Country.

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Want Larger Tires?
Lift Your Truck 2 to 6 Inches with a Suspension Lift Kit

truck suspension lift kit

Suspension lift kits are designed to lift your truck anywhere from 2 inches up to 6 inches. The increase in height will increase the amount of clearance you have from your fender which allows for larger tires.

Installing a Lift Kit can be a challenge. There are many ways to lift your truck, suv or jeep. What is included in a lift kit and how it lifts your vehicle will obviously depend on what type of suspension you currently have. Suspension lift kits often use arched leaf springs, taller coil springs, block lifts and add-a-leafs.

As todays trucks and SUV suspension become more complex, so do the lift kits. The best advice we have when considering purchasing a lift kit is to read through the lift kit instructions so you can see exactly what is involved when installing. Some kits can be done at home by someone with basic mechanical knowledge. Other lift kits may require a long weekend and someone who has logged some time under the hood. Another option that many people prefer is to have the kit professionally installed by a garage that has experience installing lift kits.


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Most lift kits give you the option to purchase extended shocks but they are not required. Ex. Tuff Country lift kits that require taller shocks will show the option to buy them on our website, but they are not required as you may want to go with a set of Bilstein shocks for lifted trucks.

This is typically a concern for taller lift kits and is usually noted in the instructions or product comments. By raising your vehicle you may need a longer drive shaft to compensate for the lift.

That typically is a matter of personal preference and what is available for your truck. How big of tires do you want? How much do I want to change my center of gravity? How much do I want to spend on a lift kit? These are all questions to ask. Last by not least, be sure to check your state laws for maximum lift size and tire size.

This will vary considerably with the amount of lift and how the truck is lifted. The common change for all lift kits and trucks is that by raising the vehicle you are raising the center of gravity. Raising your trucks center of gravity will not allow it to turn the way it did without a lift. This is not a problem for most people, but something you always have to be aware of.

Many people raise their truck just to add larger tires. How large of tires you add and the tire tread will also have an impact on how your truck handles. So, if you want a lift kit just for looks, you have to remember that the truck will handle differently with the changes that you make. The increased sophistication in vehicle suspensions, such as Independent front suspension, has also changed how a vehicle with a lift kit will handle. If you are installing a suspension lift kit on a new vehicle many of them will maintain a ride very similar to the factory.

You can also narrow your search by selecting a category:
Rough Country Lift Kits
Discover some of the best Rough Country lift kits to give your vehicle a higher clearance and more aggressive look. Rough country stands behind their lift kits with a lifetime replacement warranty on most suspension products and exclusive warranty guard protection.

Tuff Country Lift Kits
Outfit your vehicle with a lift kit from Tuff Country. Tuff Country products are not made overseas, but are made in the US and most include a Liftetime Warranty. Tuff Country has been making quality lift kits since 1989.

Lift Kits by ReadyLIFT
Check out lift kits from ReadyLIFT to increase your vehicle’s clearance and off road capability. ReadyLift offers many lift kits that will help maintain your factory ride and they back it up with excellent warranties and customer support.

Six Inch Lift Kits
Discover a six inch lift kit for better vehicle clearance and larger tires. All of our 6 inch lift kits are made specifically for your truck for easier installation and better suspension performance.

5 Inch Lift Kits
Prep your truck for larger tires and increase its off road capability with added clearance. 5 inch lift kits provide a very popular stance for your truck. Many of these kit do not requires modification to the stock drivetrain or exhaust.

4 Inch Lift Kits
Give your vehicle’s suspension a boost of extra height for better off road capability and room for larger tires. Many of our 4 inch lift kits are very affordable and simple to install with no drilling installation.

3 Inch Lift Kits
Find 3 inch lift kits to increase your off road capability with added ground clearance and give yourself the option to fit larger tires onto your vehicle. 3 Inch lift kits are typically easier to install and maintain your trucks stock geometry.

Two Inch Lift Kits
Find two inch lift kits to enhance your vehicle’s suspension. 2 inch lift kits are typically done with lift blocks and lifted leaf springs. They give you just enough lift to separate you from the pack.

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