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Coil SumoSprings

Coil SumoSprings

Does the front of your truck sag with the weight of your snow plow or winch, or your rear suspension when adding a tow hitch? Coil SumoSprings are the answer. Simply slide between the turns of coil springs to upgrade your front or rear suspension.

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Coil SumoSprings will enhance the front suspension when fitting a snow plow, winch or replacement bumper and your rear suspension when adding a tow hitch. Additionally they reduce side-to-side body roll and front end dip caused by sharp cornering or sudden braking.

  • Fit it and forget it philosophy.
  • No disassembly of OE for installation.
  • Up to 800 lbs. additional load capacity.
  • Progressive spring rate.
  • Full memory rebound.
  • Extremely durable.
  • All Coil SumoSprings are made in the USA.
  • Puncture proof.
  • Maintenence free.
  • Up to 80% compression.
  • Front & rear fits for vehicles with coil spring suspensions.
  • Simple installation. Minutes versus hours to completion!
coil sumo spring


Coil SumoSprings slide between the turns of the factory coil springs supplying load leveling strength and a reduction in sway. They're a suspension support system for coil spring applications that utilize microcellular urethane jounces.

Frequently Asked Questions

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They are sold in pairs. One kit will do 2 coil springs. They include everything needed to install and do not require any special tools.
The manufacturer, SuperSprings, does not provide a specific weight capacity for each vehicle. During their testing, they have found they have increased the capacity of coil springs by fifteen to thirty percent depending on the application.
Coil SumoSprings will not change the ride height of your vehicle. They will give your coil springs extra support and prevent your vehicle from sagging when a load is applied, but they will not raise the height of your vehicle above stock ride height.
You will not need to have your vehicle re-aligned after installing these coil helpers. They will not impact the caster, camber or toe.

They are both designed to help support your coil springs and improve the ride by leveling your vehicle. Which is better will depend your personal preferences, your vehicle and how much you are planning to tow, haul or support.

The main advantage coil SumoSprings have over suspension air bags is you can install and forget them. There are no air lines or air pressure to worry about. Once you install them, you are done. They are easier to install and are great for lighter loads and tongue weights.

Coil air bags like Firestone Coil-Rite and Air Lift 1000 are preferred by a lot of our customers because you can adjust the air pressure: increase while towing and decrease when not. They are rated with a 1,000 lbs. capacity and will give you more flexibility.

These helper springs are commonly used with weight distribution hitches. They will assist your suspension and work well in conjunction with a weight distribution hitch.
They can be used with a Timbren kit and will not interfere with it. We have not run into many situations where a timbren suspension enhancement kit will not provide enough load support, but you can use both. If you have installed a timbren kit and it is not enough, you may want to check the condition of your coil springs, and the rest of your suspension, to verify everything is in good working condition.
coil sumo spring load support


Whether you are adding weight to your mini van, sedan, or truck (be it a snow plow, bike rack, or camping equipment), Coil SumoSprings are a great way to add capacity to your vehicle. They are also a great way to add reinforcement to your worn out coil springs. Coil helper springs will improve your suspension to give it the lift you need while increasing driver control by reducing sway and providing tighter handling. Proven to improve the capacity of coil springs by 15% to 30%, they are a simple and budget friendly option to upgrade your truck's suspension.

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