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Firestone Work-Rite

Firestone Work-Rite

Firestone’s load assist springs are made of injection-molded, microcellular urethane. Work-Rite is a maintenance-free suspension solution, designed to absorb road shock and help level your load when towing or hauling heavy loads.

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Firestone Work-Rite Helper Springs

Firestone Work-Rite load assist springs help level your vehicle when hauling a heavy load or towing a trailer, and won't compromise your ride when empty.

Made from injection-molded microcellular urethane, the Work-Rite springs do not use air so there is no air pressure to monitor. Unlike Firestone Air Spring kits, Firestone Work-Rite kits do not use air. They are very similar to Timbren Kits and SumoSprings in that they provide load support without the use of air pressure. They are designed for light duty trucks, vans and SUV's, and use the existing holes in your frame for a quick and easy, no drill installation.  Most kits can be installed with basic hand tools in 30-40 minutes and are vehicle specific for prefect fit and alignment.

Improve your ride, increase stability and reduce sway with a Firestone Work Rite helper spring kit.

Work-rite helper springs

Work-Rite kits are designed to eliminate spring sag, increase your trucks stability and prevent the suspension from bottoming out. The kits do not require air pressure to monitor, so the kits work well for companies and constant-load applications where a maintenance-free solution is desired or employees may not monitor the air pressure.

Work-Rite Suspension Kits - Features & Benefits

  • Assist Factory Suspension - Work-Rite load assist springs are installed to the vehicle's frame and axle to help your factory suspension. The factory suspension is NOT modified.
  • Reduces Suspension Fatigue - Work Rite helps keep your leaf springs from sagging when hauling a heavy load, or towing a trailer.
  • Prevents Bottoming Out - Work Rite creates a protective cushion for your factory suspension, and softens contact between the axle and vehicle frame.
  • Easy to Install - Most Firestone Work-Rite suspension kits do not require drilling, and can be installed with simple hand tools in under an hour.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - All Work-Rite kits are covered by Firestone's limited lifetime warranty and are maintenance free. - Authorized Firestone Dealer

Truck Spring Support

At Michigan Truck Spring / we have been installing and selling Firestone Work-Rite kits for years. We have trained staff and certified mechanics that will offer free technical support to our customers. If you have any questions about Work-Rite kits or other helper spring products, feel free to call us at 1-800-358-4751.

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