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Helper Springs for Lexus

Helper Springs

Helper Springs are engineered to fit the latest LX570, and GX460 models as well as many other Lexus vehicles. Select your year to find the Supersprings or Timbren products designed for your specific vehicle.

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SumoSprings - Airless Airbag Kits
SumoSprings is the world’s first and only "airless airbag" suspension system for trucks and vans. Level your load with an advanced high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam SumoSpring. These truck helper springs require no air and once you install them you can forget about them.

Timbren SES Bump Stops
Timbren SES (suspension enhancement system) Kits are easy to install, and require no maintenance. Made of rubber, the timbren bump stop is mounted between the truck chassis and the axle. Timbrens work with the existing suspension to eliminate sagging leaf springs and to protect it from suspension overload, bottoming out, and vehicle body sway.

Timbren Active Off Road Bumpstops
Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops are designed for off-road enthusiasts and features a progressive-rate spring designed to give you greater control over your off-road trucks suspensions travel. The Active Off-Road Bumpstops replace your hard stops with a progressive-rate spring that will absorb energy when bottoming-out to give you a smooth, predictable ride even under the most demanding conditions.

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Out of 340 reviews, the average customer rating for Helper Springs: 4.7 out of 5.

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